We’re Back! How Did we Spend the Holidays?

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We’re back! Happy New Year everyone! Did you miss us? Of course you did. I’m sure you’re all wondering what we both did these past two weeks, so we decided to make a post about it while also announcing that we’re back from blogging oblivion. Here’s how we spent our holiday hiatus! But first:



~ The first thing I want to talk about is, of course, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens! I went to see it with my best friend Stephanie on opening weekend and we LOVED it! I won’t go into spoilers but I will say this: AJLDKFJDF THE FEELS and BB8 IS THE BEST THING EVER. So yeah. It was fun. Kinda. We went AGAIN the week after that, on the 26th and it was even better the second time.

~ I spent the holidays with family, of course. I went out for dinner with my mom and stepdad on Christmas Day, having spent Christmas Eve at home with my boyfriend. New Year’s Eve was spent at home again while on the 1st day of the new year, we both went to the big family party of my mom’s side of the family like every year. It was SO good to see everyone again, especially my transgender niece, who came with her boyfriend and fully dressed as a girl for the first time. She was so very nervous but I did see how happy she was now, so that made me in turn insanely happy to. So YAY. Good times! There was also food and of course cake, which I ate some of in your honor, Cait. (I know you’re reading this!)

~ As per usual on my break, my brain didn’t listen. I was listening to a song one day after having said that I was done with writing for the year, and guess what happened? I got a new story idea! It has a lot of death and destruction and there’s also cake, superpowers and sarcasm and romance (duhh). If I have to compare it to other books, I can pitch it as Steelheart + Vicious meets Six of Crows. Sort of. Probably not as good though. I do have titles and can already tell you that it’ll be a Duology. These two are not really on Goodreads yet, but I will let you know asap. Here are the titles:

Of Fire And Shadows (Eclypse #1)
Of Wind And Darkness (Eclypse #2)

I also brought snippets as a New Year’s present for you all. Aren’t I nice??

Snippet #1:

OFAS Snippet 1

Snippet #2

OFAS Snippet 4

Snippet #3

OFAS Snippet 3

And Snippet #4:

OFAS Snippet 2

Of course the only reason I share these is so you can praise me because I need encouragement. You will be rewarded with lots of digital cake and hugs and kisses. Not necessarily in that order.

~ I also decided to try something this year and I opened up Beta Reading Services. I have no clue if this will go well (or at all really) but hey, trying won’t hurt anyone, right?

~ I decided to sign up for Reading Challenges outside of the Goodreads one this year! Hurray me! Here are the ones I signed up for. I’ll be sure to update you all on how I’m doing once a month. I made shelves on GoodReads for each challenge. Some of them have book on them already so I know which books I really want/have to read this year for that particular challenge. I also pledged to read 100 books for the Goodreads Reading Challenge. Only 100, I should say, because I hope to do lots more writing this year.

Contemporary Romance ChallengeGR Shelf


2016 Debut Author ChallengeGR Shelf


2016 Prequel & Sequel ChallengeGR Shelf


2016 (Fairytale) Retelling ChallengeGR Shelf


2016 LGBTQIA Books Reading ChallengeGR Shelf


2016 New Release ChallengeGR Shelf


~ Backlist Books Reading ChallengeGR Shelf


That’s it for me! There also might be some potentially BIG NEWS for me personally very soon. Well, big news… Not really. But I may have reached a HUGE personal blogging milestone, which I’m very very excited about and I want to share it with all of you, but I’m going to wait until it’s confirmed. Also there may be big things ahead for the blog in general, but I’ll keep you all posted and I will tell all when I can!

Now I’m handing over the microphone to Rachel!


Well, I wish I had something interesting or mind-blowing to share with you – how I spent my Christmas holidays building time travel machines, reading thousands of the TBR books calling to me or discovering the secrets of the universe. But unless you count rewatching the entire eight seasons of Big Bang Theory four times (back-to-back – did I mention that I have an alarming Big Bang Theory obsession?) then my holidays were pretty dull. I read, I caught up on shows TV shows, I watched movies, I shopped at the Boxing Day sales (which weren’t that crazy, surprisingly) and went on day trips to the museum (for the fifty thousandth time), a million different libraries around the city (can you tell I needed something to do?) & op-shopping. I haven’t even been to the movies these holidays – which is shocking if you know me at all. I’m dying to see the new Star Wars movie! It’s (almost) literally killing me.


My holidays weren’t anything extravagant. For Christmas, I spent the day with my mum’s family. In the morning, we have a big ‘street’ brunch  – it’s hosted at my Granny’s house & family, friends and neighbours all come over – it’s really nice, but a lot of people! It was way too hot to be outside this year (as normal) but we coped ’cause what else could we do? Our immediately family stays all day, including for tea. It’s always nice to chill out and just have a nice day together with the fam. We’re pretty tight knit group anyway, but this year our little group has expanded a bit and it was… different. I’m not complaining, but yeah, there were a lot of firsts this year and it was interesting. New Years was a disaster, but I’m not even going to fo into that… How were everyone else’s holidays? I hope you’re having a fabulous time. Is anyone else as pumped about this year as I am!?

I’ve also spent a lot of time thinking about 2016 in my break. This year is going to be my last year of high school, and I’m a little terrified – if I’m being honest. I have no real career path, I have no real ambition occupation-wise so I’m completely winging next year and hoping my good grades will get me into a uni course that will magically be both promising career-wise and I’ll enjoy… sigh. But moving on, this year I want to be my year. I’ve worked out like a million resolutions that I want to accomplish (my bookish ones will be coming soon)  to try and be happier, more organised and just generally more content with both my online/blogging life & my ‘in real life’ life.  I’m curious, do you guys set resolutions? I don’t usually, but I feel like this is going to work out well this year.

But some mini announcements:

I’ve finally decided that this is the year I will  finally become a writer. Well, it depends on your definition of that term I guess. I have about twenty solid plotlines planned out in about a hundred notebooks and I’ve started all of them, but I’ve been too scared to ever work on them properly. But by the end of 2016 I want to fully plan out at least one of my stories. I know, a year to plan? It sounds ridiculous, but I don’t want to set the bar too high since it is my senior year… and I’m still not sure which idea to start with. I might get you guys to vote so I don’t have to make a decision…

I will be trying to participate in a few challenges & readathons throughout the year – nothing drastic, but I talk more about that in my 2016 goals & resolutions post (coming soon). Oh, and you already know that Bee & I are participate in Erica and Lisa & Becca’s Clean Slate Readathon. I’ve made a pretty decent start to the year ( I think!) and have already read three books, two of which I quite enjoyed.


Liars and Losers Like Us | Remembrance

I’m also going to be cutting down my social medias next year. I know that’s terrible, but at the moment I’m struggling to balance my attention across all the different medias. I think I’ll permanently be cutting out Instagram and maybe… Twitter? Gah, I feel bad even saying that! It’s just that Goodreads and commenting back & forth on blogs takes up most of my time – with schoolwork, piano, work. It’s the lamest excuse, but we’ll have to see. I’m considering it at the moment. Have any of you done a social media break before? Let me know if you have, and what you thought.

Question of the Day: How were your holidays? And how has your reading/blogging year been so far – any resolutions, challenges, goals set into motion?




Bee (born as Bieke) is 26 years old and from Belgium. (No she won't send waffles.) She's a strange, nerdy and anxious creature floating around somewhere on the ace spectrum. Oh, and she also writes books as Nelly B. Jones. Or tries to anyway. You can also find her on Novel Ink.

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13 responses to “We’re Back! How Did we Spend the Holidays?

  1. It sounds like you had a really great holiday, Bieke! And I’m so happy for your niece, that she felt comfortable to share everything with her family 🙂
    You are participating in a lot of challenges this year, good for you! I’m glad you’ve signed up for the New Release challenge, I hope we’ll both find some gems that are released this year.

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews recently posted: Review and Giveaway : Anything For You – Kristan Higgins
  2. Welcome Back guys!! Missed you both!! I went to see Star Wars to Bee and it was AMAZING!!! I get needing a break from social media Rachel, everything is definitely tough to keep up with!! Don’t even worry about it! We will all still love you!!

  3. Yay welcome back guys! Bieke it sounds like you had a lovely Christmas, I absolutely loved The Force Awakens as well. Good luck with all of your reading challenges!

    Rachel, if you are finding it hard to balance social media, of course take a break to recentre and focus again! Not many people have things ever worked out 100%, so you can always see where graduating takes you. There are so many options available, you’ll figure it out!

    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence recently posted: Chatterbox: Staying True to Your Heart… and Your Ratings

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