Welcome to Quite The Novel Idea!!

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Welcome to Quite the Novel Idea!


I know what you’re thinking. WHAT IS THIS? WHERE AM I? IS THIS THE TWILIGHT ZONE OR SOMETHING? WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE BEE? AND WHERE’S MY CAKE? Am I close? Probably. First of all, relax. Take a chill-pill. This is not the Twilight Zone. Or maybe it is. Who knows really? But I’ll explain where you are exactly in a bit. Second of all, I have your cake right here. *hands cake* Are we good now? You all relaxed and enjoying that cake? Good. Now let us explain what’s happening here. Sit tight, cause there’s a lot to talk about.

Let me say this first: you are not on the wrong blog. Either you were looking for Reading With ABC or Istyria book blog and while, yes, this blog has a different name so technically it’s not either of those, it actually is. If you’ve been following either of our blogs, you may or may not have seen this coming. I bet you didn’t. I found my awesome co-blogger not too long ago, so why would I change blogs all of a sudden? Well, what you don’t know is that I’ve been wanting to revamp my blog big time for a while now. But the problem always was that I didn’t know how. Also, I didn’t have any money to do it. That also put a little bump in the road. So yeah. How did this happen then? The answer to that is simple. Liza!

Liza e-mailed me two or three weeks ago with a crazy plan. A plan we touched upon briefly back when I was looking for a co-blogger. Merge our two blogs together. It’d mean a new name. Re-branding both of our blogs big time. Back then we didn’t think it’d be a good idea so we put it aside. But then I got this e-mail from Liza not all that long ago where she asked if I wanted to do this. She didn’t want to blog on her own anymore and I want more time to work on my writing and I wanted do the revamp thing. So her e-mail came as a gift from the heavens, really. Rachel and I both agreed and we started working on this lovely blog with a design made by the awesome Aentee. And here we are! YAAAY!

So what’s changing? Nothing really. We’re still the same, but in a new home. There might be few slight changes when it comes to our features, but for you guys nothing will change. Nothing that I can think about right now at least. Now I’m going to hand the mic over to Liza! Also, there’s a giveaway at the end of this post to celebrate. Yes, it’s international. No, you may not skip to the end of the post. We will know.

Liza, you’re up! *Throws mic*


Hi there gorgeous readers! I hope you missed me because I missed you a whole lot! So… now that you heard the big news from Bee, let me tell you my side of things.

I have been blogging about books since May of 2011, which means that it’s almost been five years for me. During that time my blogging life has had ups and downs. I blogged through studying for a graduate certificate, with a co-blogger, with guest reviewers… until recently I felt like I was running out of steam. Back when Bee was looking for a co-blogger I had this crazy idea that Bee and I would make a perfect partnership, but I was afraid of merging our blogs and doing the re-branding necessary of such an endeavor. Bee found the incredible Rachel as a co-blogger and I thought that they’ll never want me now… Finally, I decided to ask. The worst that could happen was that they said no, right? So I send the email and crossed my fingers (don’t tell them that I hardly slept, ‘kay?) I’m so happy that they though my crazy idea had some merit!

Now, not only do we get a pretty blog as a new home, but we have each other to rely on. I’m sure that blogging will be a blast now and a much less stressful endeavor for all of us. We are all amazing people (really, we are ;)) and if you’ve ever visited either of our blogs before, you already know that. We have similar tastes, we read a lot of YA and some MG, NA and adult books too.

Be sure to visit our “About” pages to learn more about us and feel free to comment below since we love comments. One curious fact: I’m originally from Puerto Rico, but live in the USA, Bee is from Belgium and Rachel from Australia; which means we are in three different times zones and still make it work!

I hope that you like what you see, we worked really hard to make a final product that we are proud of. I also want to thank Aentee for the amazing design and Ashley for all the help merging the blogs and for answering all the silly questions we had throughout the process. These ladies rock!

Stick around to hear from Rachel. No, you may not skip to the end people, so keep on reading. Honestly, it will interesting and besides you’ve come this far already.

You’re up Rach!


Thanks Liza!

Well, hello everyone! Are you guys in awe like I am at the moment? When Bee forwarded me Liza’s email with the brilliant idea of merging our two blogs, I knew that it was exactly what we needed. I’ve been blogging since about 2013/2014. It started with my itty bitty little Blogger blog (Rachel’s Reading Corner – what an original name right? *cough, splutter* I’m still mortified about it!).  Last year in September, I started blogging with Bee at Istyria and I really started to find my groove. Starting the new year all together, here on Quite the Novel Idea, has been a dream come true.

2016 is going to be a big year so all of us – and an incredibly busy one. One of the biggest perks about having co-bloggers is the shared workload, so now that there is three of us to share the workload, we are all going to be able to be able to manage our blogging and IRL lives so much more easily! Personally, I am going into my final year of high school so I know that it is going to be a little intense at times (read: pretty much all the time). Having Liza and Bee there to help out will be a charm… and I’ll be there to lend a hand when Liza and Bee are busy too! It’s the perfect solution.

On top of that, Bee, Liza and I get along very well! Bee there’s to keep us in line and organised (in the best possible way!), and Liza is such a fantastic support system. It’s going to be such a treat to work together and I can already tell that this is going to be such a wonderful experience.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t much of a help with the technicalities of the merge (I’m literally the most helpless thing when it comes to the actual technical blogging part of blogging). I think my most valuable input was coming up with our name! But I look forward to seeing everything that we get up to.

And now it time for what you really want to read about  – don’t deny it, we know!

The giveaway to celebrate our ‘birthday’!


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Bee, Liza & Leah

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80 responses to “Welcome to Quite The Novel Idea!!

  1. Alecia

    Loving your new design! The colours are beautiful and my favourite and the layout is beautiful. So easy to read and navigate!

  2. Summer

    Congratulations on your new blog! I think the design is really pretty, though what appeals to me most is that it’s not just YA, you’re including, middle-grade, and adult, too, I really like to read a little of everything, it keeps things fresh for me, so it’s always great when I find a blog that meshes with the way I read.

  3. Oh my days why am I always so LATE to catch up on everything?! I spent ages looking for these blogs on bloglovin to check them out and couldn’t find them. So I left it for a week, sure my bloglovin was glitching and then still couldn’t find them. In the end I typed Istyria into the search engine and it rerouted me. There was Quite The Novel Idea in my bloglovin. Gah, I can be slow. But congrats nonetheless! I love the sound of this blog and can’t wait to follow it :3

    Olivia Roach recently posted: Nails Extravaganza - Suit Up!
  4. Ha, Nick and I figured this out in like two months and have been looking forward to seeing the new design! It looks fantastic, love the colors and I hope you guys the best in your new home!

  5. Gorgeous new home, ladies!! So pretty – I love the new design. I’m excited for you all and can’t wait to see what goodies you have in store for us. I hope you have tons of bookish fun and time together 🙂

  6. Congratulations, ladies!! This is so, so wonderful! First, the design is GORGEOUS! Aentee is just a genius- I will probably be itching for a redesign by the summer, and there’s no question where I’ll be turning 😀 It’s so great that you’ll all be able to share the work, and enjoy having each other to blog with! So, so happy for all three of you, and best of luck together- though I know it is going to be amazing!

    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight recently posted: Welcome to My Lair
    • Thanks, Shannon! It’s been such a great experience so far. We really click and it’s working well. We cannot believe how gorgeous Aentee’s design is. We’re so happy with how it turned out. And I think there’s a bit of a redesigning plague hitting the blogging world at the moment… which is all kinds of fantastic!

  7. THIS IS SO PRETTY. I’ve been wondering about what the “big changes” were going to be ever since Bieke started teasing us about it(!), but I honestly didn’t expect this. I’m excited, though! Should give you lots of motivation to try out new things. THE LAY-OUT THOUGH. So gorgeous.

    Good luck with the new project!

  8. I don’t mean to brag … but I totally saw this coming! I’d make a great detectI’ve. Congrats, ladies! The new home is gorgeous. 🙂
    Good luck with everything and I hope this will give you all some extra time and make blogging fun for you.

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