{Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge} A Project or Hobby of Mine Inspired by a Book

Posted July 8, 2020 by Leah in Memes & Features, Weekly Wednesday Blogging Challenge / 16 Comments

Welcome to the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge hosted by Long and Short Reviews, which gives bloggers the opportunity to connect with each other.

Hello! This is quite the interesting topic. I couldn’t think of anything at first but then I had a realization that went something along the lines of, “Well, Leah, what about that book idea you worked on?”And I was overjoyed because I absolutely can talk about it–in vague detail. 🙂

Here goes.

A very rough first draft exists of a retelling of a story I was obsessed with as a kid, one of that holds a special place in my heart still. My retelling isn’t this story’s main plot, but rather a small subplot that has haunted me for most of my life. What actually inspired me to write about this was a conversation that happened on this blog, which led me to revisit the story, which led me to some discussions and comments about this story online. One particular comment caught my attention, nudging my brain, then haunted me as well. There was only one thing I could do to channel the voices that were whispering to me about it.

I picked up a pen and notebook (I write in longhand because it keeps me honest) in November of 2018 and finished it in April of 2019. There was a lot of tears because 1) the subject matter is tough, and 2) this is one of only two times I have finished a full first draft and 3) I HATE the way it ended but it feels like the right ending.

I’m vague on details because it still needs A LOT of research. And because even though this is a story close to my heart, I haven’t picked it up in several months. COVID-19 had not been great on my mental health, I hadn’t felt like writing for a while. So, the idea is still there, but right now I’m working on a project about my experiences growing up biracial. I do plan on going back to the story. I can’t let it haunt me for no reason.



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16 responses to “{Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge} A Project or Hobby of Mine Inspired by a Book

  1. Isn’t it amazing what triggers creativity? Huge congratulations on finishing the draft. That’s the biggest hurdle overcome. All the best with the story’s future!

  2. Mary Morgan

    How interesting, Leah! I believe this virus thingy (felt like using this word) had many writers at a standstill. I recall in March how I just froze and didn’t want to write. Ultimately, I returned to the writing cave. All the best! Enjoyed your post.

    • Leah

      Thank you, Mary. That’s very true—I’ve seen people post they we’re having trouble focusing on reading and other hobbies too. It’s a stressful time.

  3. That sounds both tricky and kind of cool. I wish you the best of luck with it.

    And yeah, COVID has knocked a lot of creative people for a loop – hard to write, hard to stay focused, hard to finish. It’s as if living through a pandemic is stressful or something.

    My answer is here.

  4. Nathan

    I try a little writing (with currently no audience larger than myself) to keep my mental health good. It is stress relief, of a sort. If I allowed a larger audience…maybe I’ll get there someday. Good luck with your writing projects and tell us if any are published.

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