Unhauling Books

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Book hauls are always little reasons to celebrate. Whether it’s from a trip to the library, the bookstore, or from the publisher, it’s like receiving a gift. However, as I’ve discovered, there is also a great feeling of unhauling books. What’s an unhaul? It’s where you unload books from your shelves.

I’d been looking at my bookshelf and the spillover of books accumulating in my house. And I really do mean that. Bookstore trips happened a lot. ARCs were obtained. The bookshelf is full, so books have piled up in the corners of my room and living room. It was all fun before–look at all these sweet titles!

Until I realized it wasn’t anymore. It was overwhelming and tiring for my family and I to look at. It was a hard realization, but it was time to accept that I had to get rid of some books. I’ve donated ARCs and paperbacks to little free libraries and hardcovers to some of the local branches in the library system I work for. I feel so much better since I’ve done unhauls.

If you’ve been thinking of unhauling but aren’t sure where to start, Youtuber Books and Lala did a video with some great prompts, which is linked here. I started my unhauling Q and A before I watched it, but I was happy to see we were on the same page. I’ll also include some titles that I’ve unhauled.

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Yes, we’re going there.


How long has the book been on your shelf? Do you see yourself reading it soon?

While you may not be in the mood for a certain book once you get it, if it’s been on the shelf for more than a few years (in my case, as many as ten), consider donating it. Don’t let a pretty cover sway you either! (I found this easier said than done). 🙂


Are you still interested in reading the book?

This might seem obvious, but I was surprised by how many books I had that I had lost interest in. If you’re not invested in reading it, consider letting it go. Someone might be out there who will love it.


If the book is part of a series, do you see yourself finishing it?

Nothing disappoints more than a series not living up to expectations, or worse, buying the whole series and then realizing you’re not feeling it.


Book subscription box not your cup of tea?

I was pretty good at figuring out which books were going to be in which box, but in some cases, it wasn’t something I was interested in. Or, in the case of Roseblood, bad reviews killed my interest. Hence, no more subscriptions, and only single purchases when I’m 100% stoked for the book.



Did you dislike, hate, or dnf the book?

Some readers keep books whether they loved or hated them, and that’s fine. For me, I had to unhaul.


What are your thoughts on book unhauls? Do you unhaul? If you do, what are some of your methods for unhauling? 




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10 responses to “Unhauling Books

    • Leah

      I’ve caught myself trying to put books back on my shelf, LOL. But yes, there’s something very fulfilling about unhauling books. 🙂

    • Leah

      I’ve been doing gradual unhauls over the year; it’s been going well but sometimes I do let the books sit in my car because I forget to take them where they need to go! 🙂

  1. Louise

    I’ve been meaning to unhaul some of my books for a while now, but I keep forgetting to because I’m so lazy 😂 I’ve got so many books that I just bought on a whim a long time ago and I’m just not interested in, and I’ve also kept a few that I’ve DNFed. It makes more sense to unhaul them than to keep them.

    Louise recently posted: My Spooky October Watchlist 👻
    • Leah

      I like to think that unhauling books means room for more books. 🙂 Unhauling has proven to be very therapeutic, too.

    • Leah

      That’s a good strategy to have. I’ve been very good this year at only buying books I’m really excited for. It’s helped a lot.

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