{Top Ten Tuesday} To All the Underrated Books I’ve Loved Before

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

Back when I obsessively bought and hoarded books, I’d either read it immediately upon buying or, when the mood would strike me, finally read it after a few years. On the rare occasion, after finishing said book,  I’d wonder why it took me so long to read it. Then I’d wonder why no one else was talking about this book. Cait at Paper Fury said it best: You never know when and why a book is going fly under the radar, but when you find the good one, it’s the best feeling.

Today’s Top Ten is an ode to some underrated YA books I’ve read and really enjoyed. This list would be at least 40 books long, but I narrowed it down to 10 that are truly special to me. They have pretty low numbers of ratings and/or reviews on Goodreads–most have less than 10,000 ratings and less than 2,000 reviews– as of my writing this. I know I’m not the only one who loves these, but sometimes it feels like I am. If I most though, then I will.

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(me to these books)


Teeth— 3,040 ratings; 666 reviews

Nevermore–26,668 ratings; 2,551 reviews

Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies–1,314 ratings; 318 reviews

Letters to the Lost–10,407 ratings; 1,946 reviews

Words in Deep Blue–13,459 ratings; 2,838 reviews

The Names They Gave Us–5,075 ratings; 1,081 reviews

Midnight at the Electric— 2,976 ratings; 371 reviews

The Secret of a Heart Note–1,831 ratings; 451 reviews

Places No One Knows–2,423 ratings; 507 reviews

The Waters and the Wild–1,073 ratings; 166 reviews


What are some of your favorite underrated/hidden gem books?



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21 responses to “{Top Ten Tuesday} To All the Underrated Books I’ve Loved Before

  1. You would be correct: I haven’t read any of those! I have seen a teeny tiny bit of buzz for Teeth and Words in Deep Blue, but the rest I don’t think I’ve ever even heard of. Most of my favorite books end up being hyped ones anyways, but it can be kind of fun to find a book you adore that no one else seems to know about. I say fun, but then it can also be frustrating because you don’t understand why no one else is reading it when it’s SO GOOD. I don’t see nearly enough hype for All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill, which is an excellent time travel book, or Far From the Tree by Robin Benway, which was beautiful and heartwrenching but never seemed to catch the attention of any book bloggers.

    Kate @ The Magic Violinist recently posted: The Happy Tag
    • Leah

      I’ve definitely wondered why most of these books are not being talked about more. I have Far From the Tree on my shelf after hearing buzz and its winning the National Book Award.

  2. I love so many of these books, but when I think of the number of ratings the books on your list have compared to my hidden gems, mine look like the ninja-stealth hidden gems. >_<

    Words in Deep Blue sits on my favorites shelf, and I think Cath Crowley is my Australian Jenn Bennett. Also loved all Lord's and Kemmerer's books, which I have read. They are auto-reads for me now.

    Sam@WLABB recently posted: Top Ten Tuesday: Hidden Gems
    • Leah

      I was working on hidden gems, but it morphed into underrated books. XD

      Words in Deep Blue is a special read, it’s due for a re-read. I admit I have only read The Names They Gave Us and LttL and MTWCT from Kemmerer. I have to remedy that.

  3. Nathan

    I LOVED Secret of a Heart Note. It is underrated?! Midnight at the Electric and Names they Gave Us look like really good books. I didn’t know they were underrated.

    • Leah

      Right? Secret of a Heart Note got so much love around the blogosphere and Goodreads…but not much happened after. I feel like Midnight at the Electric and Names They Gave Us are very underrated.

    • Leah

      I never heard much about Midnight at the Electric until I saw it on the YA order sheet at work. That book stayed with me for a few days after I read it.

      Hope you like Words in Deep Blue and Teeth!

  4. Greg

    Midnight at the Electric I remember being super curious about, with that cool cover. Nevr did read it. Glad to hear it was good! And Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies is another one I remember seeing around, but yeah I never heard that much about it in terms of how good it was?

    • Leah

      Midnight at the Electric really resonated with me. If you like multi POV novels which expand generations, this is a good one. Rocks Fall is one that people either really liked or hated–I’m definitely in the former.

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