{Top Ten Tuesday} The Changing of the Literary Guard

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Happy Tuesday, everyone! Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

People change, and if you’re bookish, chances are your reading habits have changed as well. Mine certainly have; here are some of the ways.

Book blogging!

What a weird and wonderful thing to always dreaming of blogging about the stuff I read to actually doing it. My journey here at QtNI began several years ago as a contributor. Now it’s just me. I’ve learned a lot and there’s still a lot to learn (one day I’ll actually sign up for a blog tour), talked to a lot of fellow readers, and had many bookish adventures. I’m trying to up my posting and thank you for tuning in when I do.

Rediscovering adult fiction Image result for don't i know you from somewhere gif

From my late teens to mid 20s, I was all about adult fiction, especially literary fiction. When I discovered YA, it was as if a spark had been lit. I discovered the rich worlds that could be created for young people. Then I got kind of burnt out by it, and I’d sprinkle in adult fiction again into my reading habits. I didn’t realize how much I’d missed it, and I’ve slowly been reading a good balance of YA and middle grade and adult fiction. YA’s always going to be a must read genre though.

From fantasy to historical realityImage result for reality gif

Fantasy worlds for the win! But did you know that my second favorite genre is historical fiction? I love it, and with my reconnecting to adult fiction, I’m discovering so many good historical novels that slipped under my radar. This year, I’ve found Before We Were Yours, The Silence of the Girls, and The Hunger.

Thriller (books, I mean)

Related image

Thrillers are fairly new to me but I’m reading more of them. Sometimes I can quickly guess where the plot’s going, other times I’m left reeling. Most of the thrillers I’ve read have been entertaining and I’ll keep reading more.

To break up or not to break up with a long series?Image result for break up gif

I don’t have the patience to commit a long series anymore. The Vampire Academy series is probably going to remain unfinished at four books read. I don’t even think I’ll ever read A Game of Thrones. Come to think of it, there are trilogies I haven’t even completed yet. Dare I break up with anything past three books? Depends on the series. (Book 4 of The Diviners series will be mine!)

Resisting the lure of the pretty cover

Related image

I mentioned before that there were times when I’d buy a book because PRETTY, only for the contents to be AWFUL. I’ve done pretty well over the past few years of not buying books based on their cover alone. Although, I might have succumbed once or twice this year. Better than before though.

Graphic novels are pretty awesome!

Image result for comic book gif

I’ve been sprinkling graphic novels and comics into my reading habits, and this year I’ve read more graphic novels compared to previous years. I gravitate to the fantastical series (can’t avoid a long series in some graphic novels), but I recently read Pumpkinheads and They Called Us Enemy, and those were excellent.

Social media slows me down

Related image

Do you remember life before social media? I’m finding it hard to. Social media has eaten up so much of the time I could be using to be more productive, not only for reading, but for anything else. I’ve taken to putting my phone on airplane mode and trying to minimize my time at the computer, but then my mind’s quick to start thinking of random things to look up. How else are we going to know how tall California redwoods grow, right?

What have been some changes in your reading routines/habits?



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33 responses to “{Top Ten Tuesday} The Changing of the Literary Guard

  1. Real talk, I’m glad you’re around!!! I love your blog and hearing your bookish thoughts. You’re one of the blogs that I frequently check so I love that you led into this post with book blogging. That being said (!) resisting pretty book covers is SO HARD and I’m always making googly eyes at them and then buying them. I’m trying to do better about that! Because honestly some of the books just aren’t worth buying based upon my personal preference re: plots or genre. BUT, I’M SO GUILTY OF DOING SO ANYWAYS. And then my brain has the audacity to be like, “BUT, WHY?????????? WHY DON’T I LIKE THIS????” And things get messy up there. I’m babbling. Moral of the story is one of my goals for the new year is to stop buying books because of pretty covers.

    • Leah

      Oh, thank you so much for the kind words, Jessica! They really mean a lot. 😀

      Next year is a new year for us to resist all the pretty covers. *fingers crossed*

  2. Greg

    I love a good historical fiction! Something about the real world element, if done well, just adds something. and thrillers *nods*. I read so many of those now lol. Also mixing YA and adult titles- agree with that also. Wouldn’t want to give up either one!

    Social media- so true! 🙂

  3. Graphic Novels were also on my TTT list! I love just staring at the art and it’s also a great way to break up reading a bunch of novels back to back. I can relate to you so much on the pretty covers being tempting. I have a bunch of unread books on my shelves I would have never picked up if it wasn’t for their pretty cover. Some cover designers are just too good at their job. Also I LOVE thrillers, always have. Half of the books I’ve read this year fall within the mystery/thriller category. I’m glad you are discovering the genre 🙂

    Nikki @TheNightisDarkandFullofBooks recently posted: Top Ten Tuesday #18 || Things I’ve learned I Love and Hate in Books
  4. Nathan

    My reading habits have changed over the years. When I was younger I was really into sic-fi, some historical fiction and hated contemporary. What could I possibly love about a book set in a modern city? Today, I read less sic-fi, mainly I think because I am afraid of being disappointed. I have discovered just how many diverse genres are out there. I love contemporary set books now! I read YA books/ issue books once again and I still read the odd historical fiction. I have recently discovered psychological thrillers and am trying my second one. I am nervous about this. I also used to never read romance and now I realize it is good to read a book with that plot sometimes.

    • Leah

      I’m trying to improve the blogging. I feel like my creativity has kind of dried up but I’m going to push for something to discuss here and there.

  5. Aoife

    I’m exactly the same as you RE social media and reading. It really has taken up so much of my time, it’s scary!

  6. Rissi JC

    Social media IS a commitment. I fell away from Twitter SO much in the last two years, but in the last month or two, I’ve been trying really hard to recommit myself to replies there, and to reply with more promptness on my website too. It’s been FUN, but yes, it takes time and commitment. I’m 100% a cover snob, and love what you say about breaking up with long series… they just take TOO MUCH dedication. 😀 Thanks for the Finding Wonderland visit.

    • Leah

      Instagram and Facebook got a stranglehold on me. I start scrolling and that’s it for me. 🤦🏻‍♀️ 😂I’ll only go with a series now if it’s a graphic novel.

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