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Hey there everyone! It’s been ages since I did one of these but the theme of this week spoke to me so I thought I’d try it. And it helps that it’s a good way to ease myself back into blogging slowly. I tweaked the theme a bit so it would fit for me, so I’m sharing 5 books that I’m no longer interested in reading for whatever reason and 5 books I put on hold and intend to get back to some day. So let’s get started! Of course, these are all in random order.

Books I’m No Longer Interested In

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by John Tiffany & Jack Thorne

Aside from all the reviews I’ve read about this book, I was never really interested in this book to begin with. First, it’s not even a book. It’s a script. I don’t like reading scripts. Unless it’s worked into a story with different kinds of storytelling. But this is pure script. And I’m just not here for that. Second, because it’s not written by J.K. Rowling. Am not a fan of that either. A HP book not written by Rowling? Haha.. Ha. No. Third, I’m kind of done with HP. I love the original series and it will always hold a special place in my heart, but I’m over it. I want NEW stuff from Rowling. But she keeps milking the HP cow and I’m just not here for that at all.

But of course the reviews haven’t helped this book’s case either. So needless to say I’m probably never going to pick this one up.

Grey by E.L. James

Hahahahahahahaha. Hahaha. Ha. Yeah… Do I even need to explain this book? Better not. I might go on a long rant again and nobody’s here for that, right? I’m just… very nope about this book. Very much very nope.

Soundless by Richelle Mead

I was initially very excited about this book because the blurb was promising and I liked the cover. I’ve never read anything by this author yet and now I don’t think I ever will. Mainly because I haven’t heard a lot of positive stuff about her recent books from reviewers I trust. I’ve heard this book is kind of very problematic and overall just not very good. So that kind of put me off reading it and with all the other options I have when it comes to books, the chance I’ll ever pick this one up are slim to none.

The Crown by Keira Cass

Okay so when I first read the Selection trilogy, I liked it fine. Looking back at it, not so much anymore but back then I liked it. America was annoying, sure and the love triangle was so much overdone already at the time. But I liked it. And after the third book, it was enough for me. I was done with it. The series was done. But then came The Heir. For whatever reason I still don’t understand. And I read it. And I hated it. I skimmed through most of it because I looooathed the main character. I ranted about it even. So I decided not to read the last book, The Crown. And I never will.

Girl In Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow

The reason I’m not reading this particular book has nothing to do with bad experiences with the author’s other works or bad reviews about it. I have heard nothing but good about this book but I’m still not reading it and that for a solely personal reason. The book is about a person that self-harms. And that hits extremely close to home for me. So close I can’t read about it without triggering myself and going down a downward spiral. So for safety reasons, and to take care of myself, I chose not to read this book.

Books I Put On Hold & Will Get Back To… Someday

The Lake Effect by Erin McCahan

I started The Lake Effect because I was part of the blog tour for it. And I initially wanted (and still want) to read it because of the author. Her previous book was such a lovely surprise that I just want to know if this one will be too. And I was liking it when I started it! But the ARC was in PDF format and it lagged a lot on my ereader. So I put it down. I tried reading on my pc but I can’t stare at my pc screen for that long. So I put it on hold… and still haven’t gotten back to it. For some reason. I really need to get myself a copy and read it, honestly.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

I’m scared of classics and when I started it the writing didn’t appeal to me and I wasn’t in the mood for something BIG and TRAGIC like this. So I put it on hold. And… I might get back to it?? Someday???

Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman

Okay don’t shoot me for this one. I was liking it when I started it and I LOVE a good western sometimes. BUT I didn’t have much time to read when I first started this and my mood for it was gone at one point when I wasn’t too far into it. I’m a mood reader and thus I couldn’t read it without being very negatively biased about it. But I promise to pick it up one day!

Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

I’m just intimidated by this one okay?? I can’t help it. I started it but then I got overwhelmed by all the info and scared and I put it in the freezer. (points if you get that reference) I will read it some day though. Probably. Most likely.

Forest of a Thousand Lanterns by Julie C. Dao

Okay so this one I don’t understand at all. I liked it a lot when I started it. It has stunning writing, I loved the voice and I loved the characters. But one day I put it down and just… never… picked it up… again… I don’t know why but I do know I HAVE to read it at some point. Might have to re-read the beginning though…

What book do I need to get back to ASAP? Or which one do I need to give a chance? Have you put any books on hold? Let me know in the comments!


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20 responses to “{Top Ten Tuesday} Books I’m No Longer Interested In Reading / Put On Hold

  1. I didn’t think Cursed Child was as bad as everyone was saying, but I also recognize that I have more familiarity with reading scripts than the average reader and that I am not nostalgically attached to my idea of what HP should be. There are definitely questionable plot points, but I guess I wasn’t personally affronted by them like a lot of people? 😉

  2. Nathan

    I am not sure about Nevernight either. I have the Daughters of Lilith box set…and have not read it yet. I also have not yet read Damaged: Natalies story and If I die young, both by Talia Jager partly because of the difficult subject matter. I LOVED the last book by the author, I just delaying reading. I will read both books someday,but If I die Young involves a girl with a failing heart who needs a transplant and all the issues involved with that, and my Dad has had two heart bypasses. So, it is a little close to home.
    There are some books I will likely never read (even if some of you guys loved them) Red Sister by mark Lawrence, disturbed me with the sample chapters and Poison Tree by Kacey Vanderkarr looked like it was going to go too dark for my tastes.

  3. Sometimes it’s just not the right time to read a book that we might end up loving further down the line, I’ve put books down and come back to them with a completely different perspective plenty of times and I’d much rather do that than force myself to read something and not like it. I hope you enjoy all the books you’re going to give a second chance when you get to them!

  4. I’m with you on ‘the cursed child’ – I don’t like reading scripts or screenplays and I’m happy with the original series and I don’t really want more.

    anything that has to do with ‘fifty shade’ I refuse to read. I read reviews where they say the writing is terrible and that along makes me not want to read this and also isn’t this soft porn? it’s not a romance novel, I don’t think.

    I love ‘the book thief’, such a fun and sad book but totally worth reading. I sort of didn’t want to read this because of the tough subject but once you get pass that idea, it’s a pretty easy read.

    have a lovely day.

  5. Nevernight is tough to get into but once you hit 100 pages it gets really awesome. I also really liked Forest of a Thousand Lanterns.

    Can’t disagree on Cursed Child and Grey though. Why would you be interested in Grey in the first place? D:

    • Bee

      Gahh I really need to get started and read Nevernight already. XD Seems like the books Jay Kristoff writes on his own are always slow starters but they get SOOO good when you get past that. And I wasn’t interested at all, haha. I just wanted to toss it on that shelf because I’m weird like that. I want it to be clear I have NO interest in reading that book so that’s probably why.

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