{Top Ten Tuesday} Books I Read Because of The Hype

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Happy Tuesday, everyone! Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

Welcome back for another Top Ten. This week, I’m looking at the books I bought or borrowed at the library because of the hype around each book. I mentioned before that hype is hit-or-miss with me (usually miss), but when in Rome, right? I’ll also give my quick (Edit: and not-so-quick) take on each book. Enjoy!


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Thoughts: The hype grabbed me for this one. It was…okay. I wanted–no, needed–more magic.

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Thoughts: I had no intention of reading Illuminae because the format was a bit much. It became a book club pick, so I checked it out…and it was pretty fun!

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Thoughts: This is from back in the day when I bought almost every YA fantasy that was being published. Everything about Hush, Hush, however, did not sit well with me. Average girl meets a boy who’s more than he seems but is a complete jerk to her for reasons. Friendship that is instantly dropped for the sake of a boy. The plot strangles out until the very end when the plot finally kicks in. That was it for me with this series.

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Thoughts: This had so much buzz around it, even more when Reese Witherspoon picked it for her book club. I quite enjoyed Such a Fun Age. The social commentary is worth exploring, and it even has an adorable child character.

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Thoughts: Everyone was talking about THG, so to not feel left out, I impulse bought it. Good decision on my part, as the series is one of my favorites.10818853

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Thoughts: What can I critique that has not been critiqued? Fifty Shades is a poorly written ripoff of Twilight, with weird mannerisms from all its characters and an insulting depiction of the type of relationship it thinks it’s highlighting. I have no intention of finishing this series. Mood after finishing Fifty Shades of Grey.

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Source: Library

Thoughts: DNFed at the 100 or so page mark. I…I don’t know where to start. There was just so much going on but nothing was moving the plot forward for me. Shock value content doesn’t help either.

Source: Library (later bought)

Thoughts: Me Before You is a very dividing book because of the subject matter, but I liked it a lot.

Source: Library

Thoughts: This book is universally loved by gamers and nostalgia geeks and everyone except me. I tried to read this on three separate occasions. The first third of the book rehashes the plot several times in different ways, almost like it’s testing the reader.  After being reminded about the plot for the about the eighth time, I DNFed it.

Source: Bought

Thoughts: I bought into the hype big time. I don’t understand the hype surrounding it. It’s an average dystopian featuring characters I never really got to know.

What books have you checked out because of the buzz around them?



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26 responses to “{Top Ten Tuesday} Books I Read Because of The Hype

  1. I totally read The Hunger Games, Caraval, Illuminae, Divergent, RP1, and 50 Shades because of the hype. I actually read Me Before You well before the hype started. It was fun to be in front of that one.

  2. Ah, sorry to hear that RPO wasn’t for you but I totally get it. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it when I started it because the geek speak was so male-centric and also quite intense but I ended up loving the book! And OMG I can’t believe I forgot Black Leopard, Red Wolf! That was one ALL OVER instagram and I gave into the hype after repeatedly seeing how gorgeous the cover is 😂 I’ve heard really mixed reviews about it though. Great list, Leah!

    • Leah

      Thanks, Dini! Yeah, Black Leopard Red Wolf is intense, to say the least. I wasn’t enjoying the dialogue or the constant, gratuitous violence. I had to raise the white flag, LOL.

    • Leah

      There’s only so many chances to give a book when there are more out there waiting to be read. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  3. The first two I got at BEA. Caraval was definitely a hype read, but I let Illuminae sit on my shelf for a year before I finally read it ( you know I regretted it). I may have read Me Before You because everyone was talking about it in my romance groups. So, yeah, hype.

    • Leah

      I regret not getting to Gemina and Obsidio after finishing Illuminae because I’m sure I forgot some things. And hearing romance lovers talk about Me Before You so much is exactly why I read it.

  4. I really appreciate this post because it’s one of the few that talks about hyped books that did not release in the last few years, which means I have *actually* read some of them. I have been typing this so much today, but the more I see a book hyped, the more I’m likely to dislike the book. While I do own both The Hunger Games and Divergent series, I did not like either. To me, they were both just simply okay, but I was hearing so much about them that I begin to like them less. I also picked up the Illuminae Files (randomly at the library) and Ready Player One (because I enjoyed the movie), and I enjoyed both of them. It makes me wonder if I would have liked them as much if I had of read them both earlier when the hype for them was still strong.

    Holliehocks @ My Thing About Books recently posted: TTT: Books I actually borrowed for a (semi) valid reason
    • Leah

      Thanks! I’ve been stung by hype so much that any time I see someone making noise about a book now, I proceed with caution. I did end up enjoying Illuminae; if I had read some of these books earlier, I think I might have liked them more.

  5. Greg

    Illuminae was a hype read for me. I ended up liking it but yeah all the buzz is what hooked me in, I think? Caraval is one I’ve debated getting but just haven’t yet…

    I did finally read the Hunger games series couple years ago and LOVED it.

  6. I think the only book I really read because of the hype was An Ember in the Ashes, and I wasn’t disappointed. Does 50 Shades read like Twilight fanfiction? The book I’m about to query started out as a dream that turned into a fanfiction short story, but I tried to make the characters different, the universe is completely different, and even the genre is different. I don’t mind admitting it started out as fanfiction, but I don’t want it to read like the original, if that makes any sense. I always wondered if 50 Shades did.

    Brooke Lorren recently posted: Books I Bought Because They Were On Sale
    • Leah

      I also have ideas based on dreams as well. 🙂 And there is some excellent fanfiction out in the world. 50 Shades is actually Twilight fanfiction that doesn’t try to hide that it’s Twilight, just name changes and jobs for the characters and nauseating scenes.

  7. Jo

    I love The Hunger Games too, I actually don’t remember why I checked it out, I think my sister had a copy and I just decided to borrow it from her! I really liked Caraval, the second one definitely has more magic though. I wasn’t a massive fan of Divergent, I liked it but I’ve read better books in the same vein, and the rest of the series kind of sucked.

    Jo recently posted: Top Ten Tuesday #258
    • Leah

      The Hunger Games was great, I plan to reread the books before Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. I agree about the Divergent series.

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