{Top Ten Reason Why I Stop Reading a Book}

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So, there’s a break in the TTT topics until August, but since I’ve missed so many, I decided to keep going with other topics and maybe some that I missed.  Today, lets explore the top ten reasons why I stop reading a book (note that I might pick it up later and finish it or it might be a DNF).

I See the Train Wreck a Mile Away 

You know what I mean, right?  It’s the feeling you get when you know something awful is going to happen, and you are helpless to stop it.  Often, the “thing” that happens is unnecessary to the plot or so very stupid.

Nothing is Happening

I have a very busy life and my ‘reading’ time is somewhat limited, therefore if a book cannot keep my interest, then I just stop reading.

I’m Bored

See above.  The difference here is that things are happening, but they don’t hold my interest at all.

Not In the Mood

I’m a mood reader and sometimes I try to force myself to read a book just because I have to review it.  When I’m not in the mood for a certain type of story I have the hardest time getting into the story, so I just stop reading.

Something Unspeakable Happened

There are some things that I just don’t like to read about, like child abuse or carnage (as in war).  If the book is too descriptive about it, I get all anxious about it and stop reading.

It Has Too Many Tropes to Count

True love triangles? Mean girls? Jock bullies? Instalove?  I may be able to deal with one of these, but not all or more of them at once!

Too Much Crazy

When pigs are flying and lava comes out of the MC’s eyes, and the prophecy says you have to give your virginity to the monster, it’s time to stop.

I Have No Idea What’s Going On

If I read for 20 minutes and I have to back track and re-read to understand what the heck is happening, then it’s time to stop.

The Writing is Not For Me

I try to read different books and genres and be open minded about writing styles, but sometimes the writing is just not for me, especially when it’s confusing or too flowery.

I Have No Time for an Unnecessarily Long Book

The book is loooonnngggg and it’s taking forever to finish it and I can feel every single word dragging the story down…

What are some of the reasons why you stop reading a book?  Do we have any in common?



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20 responses to “{Top Ten Reason Why I Stop Reading a Book}

  1. Wow! Cool post! I don’t stop reading books that often- usually I want to get through the book so I can review it:). Mostly, I hope that the book will get better as I go along. (Like the Dangerous Days of Daniel X) If I do stop a book, sometimes it would be because it is too exaggerated or I cannot suspend my disbelief. (For example, Believe by Sarah Aronson). Even if I truly hate the book, I try to get through it because it can teach perseverance and make you more open-minded. Honestly, though, before I had a blog I stopped reading way more books than i do now. I guess I try to be optimistic.

    (I saw on Goodreads that you have Mind Games by Kiersten White marked as a To-read… I thought it was the worst sci-fi book I have read, so don’t get your hopes up)

    • Liza

      Hi Julia! I think it was the opposite for me, I stop reading more books now than before since I have so many 🙂 Thanks for the heads up!

  2. I think boredom is the biggest reason I DNF- though I admit, I don’t do it often. I want to but… Idk, I just have trouble doing it. I have DNFed 5 books. Three were for sheer mind-numbing boredom. One was because the writing was so cringe-worthy I could not handle it. One was because the plot just felt really irritating and frustrating. So I guess those are my reasons, though I would definitely consider DNFing for any of those you listed too!

    Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight recently posted: Where Are They Now? (The 100 Edition)
    • Liza

      You are a champ Shannon! I definitely DNFed more than five books. I guess that I tended to stick to them more before I became a blogger, but now I have so many books to read that I don’t have time to keep reading if it can’t hold my attention…

  3. Nathan

    This is an good topic. I have stopped reading a book if too many “unspeakable s” happen. I can take mature subject matter if it is handled just right, but I have my limits. I stopped reading Mystic Warrior because it involved a serial killing who killed women sadistically for a ritual and a vindictive mercenary. Red Sister looked interesting until I read the sample chapters…it involves the executions of little girls and cannibalism of said girls. No, too much for me, I am avoiding that one like the plague. I stopped reading Dragon Song because for the first four chapters it has no hope and an atmosphere of despair, but I later finished months later. That hopelessness was needed there to communicate to females MC”s plight in her community, but I learned I need hope, however slight, in what I read. I prefer shorter books, books that are more than three hundred pages can be done, but I need to be engaged. I sometimes set books aside if I am not in the mood.

    • Liza

      Hey Nathan, it seems like we share a few of these. I would have stopped reading those two books too, it’s way too much for me as well. Sometimes I stop reading a book because it’s too slow or not in the mood and later finish it and love it 🙂

  4. YES! To every single one of these. lol! I definitely stop reading when “unspeakable” happens. My big one is rape/sexual assault. I can’t do it. Most books are really great about putting trigger warnings in the description but sometimes one or two will slip past me. I hate that. I try really hard not to DNF, but if I’m really not enjoying after about 40% then I usually give up. Great post!

    Julie @ Happily Ever Chapter recently posted: Review & Giveaway: Lucky In Love by Kasie West
  5. This is a really interesting topic, and now that I am thinking about it, I guess I have DNFed for many of the reasons you mentioned. A top reason would be boredom, though there is one book I pushed through because it was a sequel (I then DNFed the entire series). I recall DNFing a book because it offended me. I get that people have different views, but I choose not to read a teardown or mockery of someone’s belief system. I have also DNFed because I was not in the mood. I distinctly remember one book, that was a little dark, and I was feeling dark, so I stepped away in order to keep myself from spiraling. Great post!

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