{The Last List Blog Hop} Q&A & Giveaway: Tear You Apart by Sarah Cross

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Hey guys! Today I’m participating in the Last List Blog Hop, organized by the lovely people from Cuddlebuggery! To help out the authors from Egmont Publishing, that recently closed its doors, we help promote them in this Blog hop! I have for you a Q&A with author Sarah Cross and a giveaway!

{The Last List Blog Hop} Q&A & Giveaway: Tear You Apart by Sarah Cross

Tear You Apart

by Sarah Cross
Series: Beau Rivage #2
Published on January 27th 2015
by Egmont USA
Genres: Fantasy, Retelling, Young Adult
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If you want to live happily ever after, first you have to stay alive.

Viv knows there’s no escaping her fairy-tale curse. One day her beautiful stepmother will feed her a poison apple or convince her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Henley, to hunt her down and cut out her heart before she breaks his. In the city of Beau Rivage, some princesses are destined to be prey.

But then Viv receives an invitation to the exclusive club where the Twelve Dancing Princesses twirl away their nights. There she meets Jasper, an underworld prince who seems to have everything—but what he really wants is her. He vows to save her from her dark fate if she’ll join him and be his queen.

All Viv has to do is tear herself away from the huntsman boy who still holds her heart. Then she might live to see if happily ever after is a promise the prince can keep. But is life as an underworld queen worth sacrificing the true love that might kill her?


Hey Sarah! Welcome to my blog, so happy to have you! Can you tell me a bit about how you started writing?

Hi Bieke! I started writing when I was in elementary school. Horror-lite novels were really popular then (R.L. Stine, Christopher Pike, etc.) so a lot of my early stories involved the grim reaper or random criminals jumping out of the bushes and saying things like “Time to die!” to the main character. (The good thing about starting young is that you then have all of this really bad writing to look back on.) I also used to draw a lot of book covers for books I planned to write, except by the time I was finished with the cover I’d realize the story barely had a plot and I’d move on to something else.

Your books are mostly fairy tale retellings, what fairy tales do you base your stories on? The originals or the Disney versions?

I base my retellings on the earlier, darker versions (sometimes several variants), but there are Disney references and Easter eggs sprinkled throughout. I love contrasting the darkness and weirdness of earlier fairy tales with the sparkly wish fulfillment of the Disney versions. And since Kill Me Softly and Tear You Apart are modern mash-ups, the characters who are cursed to live out these fairy tales are aware of all the various incarnations of the stories, and that influences how they feel about their curses. From the Sleeping Beauty prince who loves watching the prince save Sleeping Beauty in the Disney cartoon, to the cursed Snow White who doesn’t understand why her curse is so enviable when, clearly, the prince in her fairy tale is a necrophiliac. Although that same Snow White has a Disney-style wishing well in her backyard and a bedroom full of woodland creatures.

Do you have any favorites? Fairy tale, Disney movie, retelling,…?

Favorite fairy tale: Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Steadfast Tin Soldier”
Favorite Disney movie: Sleeping Beauty
Favorite retelling is probably Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber.

You also have a superhero story called Dull Boy! How did you come up with that story?

I’d been a fan of superheroes and comics for a long time, and one day the phrase “all heroism and no play” popped into my head (like, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”) along with a first line in a superpowered teen boy’s voice, and I just sat down and started writing it. The first line ended up changing, so I don’t remember what it was, but that’s the origin story.

Do you have any future projects you’re working on?

Always! Nothing I can talk about just yet, though.

What do you do when you’re not writing?

Lately I’m really into anime. The last series I finished was Space Brothers (which made me want a pug), and now I’m cycling between a few different shows (Natsume’s Book of Friends, Aldnoah Zero, Chaika the Coffin Princess).

Do you have any tips for aspiring authors like myself?

Don’t give up. That’s the most important thing. There’s no foolproof recipe for a book that everyone will like, and you could write a book that disregards every piece of writing advice I might give and have it sell a zillion copies. But “don’t give up” always applies. I don’t mean you should never quit a project–sometimes letting go is the best thing to do–but don’t give up on your dream.

Thank you Sarah! Now on to the giveaway!


~ This giveaway is US ONLY.
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~ Cheaters do not prosper.
~ The package will be sent by the publisher. Neither they nor Istyria book blog are responsible for packages getting lost in the mail.
~ The winner has to respond within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen.

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About Sarah Cross

Sarah Cross is the author of the fairy tale novels Kill Me Softly and Tear You Apart, the superhero novel Dull Boy, and the Wolverine comic "The Adamantium Diaries."


About Sarah Cross

Sarah Cross is the author of the fairy tale novels Kill Me Softly and Tear You Apart, the superhero novel Dull Boy, and the Wolverine comic “The Adamantium Diaries.”

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  1. Emma A

    I think it is so sweet of all you guys to host this blog tour for these books. It really warms my heart to be a part of a community that is willing to do something like this!

  2. Cheryl Rogers

    The cover reminds me of a caramel apple til you look really close! Thanks for offering a giveaway.,

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