Review: Unintentional Virgin by A.J. Bennett

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Review: Unintentional Virgin by A.J. Bennett

Unintentional Virgin

by A.J. Bennett
Pages: 143
Published on September 19th 2013
by Amazon Digital Services
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Netgalley
Amazon | Goodreads

Karma Points is cursed. Cursed with a stupid name and the inability to lose her virginity. She's on a mission to lose her virginity before she turns twenty if it's the last thing she does.

One night, her good friend Eva brings her to an underground club where Karma meets a tattooed bouncer. He’s far from the clean-cut type she normally falls for, which makes her think this finally might be the night she crosses the threshold of womanhood.

Excited, she goes home with the bouncer named Jax and as always, her dreams crash down once again. Jax cannot believe she is willing to give away her virginity to a stranger she met at a club. As the only son with five sisters and a widowed mom, he can't morally go through with it, even though he's never been more tempted in his life.

Unwilling to let her walk away he strikes a deal. Karma has to spend three weeks dating him and then decide if she wants to have sex or walk away.

I received this book for free from the publisher or author in exchange for an honest review.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

2 Stars

I said it before, and I’ll say it again. You have read this book before! It’s pretty much the same recipe as most of the other New Adult Contemporary books. And sometimes that’s okay because the book is awesome. And other times…. it just doesn’t work. The blurb was okay, the cover was pretty, but I had my doubts with the title. So I thought: “Let’s give it a fair shot!” Well…

Karma Points hates her name and can’t lose her virginity, so she goes on a mission to lose it before she’s twenty. She goes to a club one night and meets Jax, a tattooed bouncer. She goes home with him, but he doesn’t want to take her virginity. So he strikes a deal with her. She has to spend three weeks dating him and then decide if she wants him or not.

Okay, when I tell it like that, it sounds pretty stupid. The book is very short, it’s only 140 pages or so on my e-reader. The writing was… I don’t know. It wasn’t bad, but I just never really got into the story. Partly because the story sounds pretty stupid. Who is that obsessed with their virginity that you want to lose it to a stranger? Doesn’t make any sense to me personally. I did like Jax, who is I think the only positive thing in this book. He’s just a nice guy, he has sisters and his mom to take care of and he doesn’t want to take advantage of a girl and all that. He’s sweet and I liked him!

But. Yes, I have to talk about it. Karma Points. First of all, I didn’t connect with her. She has a weird relationship with her mom and dad. Her mom left and she’s crazy. Her dad is gay and should be a lot tougher with her. And well… I just can’t really relate to her. Second of all. That name. It’s so stupid! I wouldn’t even do that to a fictional character! Every time her name was said full out, like ‘Karma Points’, I couldn’t help but laugh. And I’m not supposed to, but I couldn’t not laugh. And the same goes for the title.

So all in all, this book is… meh. A standard recipe that failed a bit in my eyes. I read a lot of positive reviews, which is part of the reason I picked it up in the first place. Would I do it again, not looking at those reviews? No.  Maybe you like it more than me, I hope you do.


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3 responses to “Review: Unintentional Virgin by A.J. Bennett

  1. You’re right the name sounds stupid. I’m sure the author tried to create something different and funny but it didn’t work.
    This genre has a lot of similar storyilines someone should try to write somethign different.

  2. Jassie

    I had the same reaction as yours! I won this ebook before and I had those doubts too but I kinda suck it up and let myself read it. It was an overall ‘meh’ for me too 🙁 Also, I do agree, Jax was just the character that made me read it — he was kind and all those good stuffs but it still wasn’t enough for me to really like the book. Karma wasn’t an invigorating character, I mean, the book might have a lot more potential if Karma was, I really can’t think of a term, enjoyable? Not that term. But I wish Karma had a lot ‘more’. I also didn’t connect to her which I really felt bad because even if you have similar kind of stories, I was really looking for something new about this book. The blurb and cover said too much then the story itself lacked. 🙁

    The positive reviews made me read this but this book was just not for me. *sighs*

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