Review: Phoenix Rising by Lisa Morgan

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Review: Phoenix Rising by Lisa Morgan

Phoenix Rising

by Lisa C. Morgan
Series: Maggie Henning & The Realm #1
Pages: 379
Published on July 17th 2012
by Lisa C. Morgan
Format: Paperback
Source: Purchased
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Maggie has lived the last ten years with a woman who isn't her mother and carrying the label "Daughter of John Henning", a man sentenced to live out his days at Sunnyview Psychiatric Hospital after his conviction of fire bombing a church...

and killing the 8 people inside.

What Maggie learns will change her life. She is the last of a race of creatures known as "The Phoenix", a race of supernatural beings with the ability to wield and control fire.

And she will need that power now...

Revenants- walking, living, skeletal creatures who have waged a war against an unseen, parallel world known simply as The Realm- need Maggie's blood to bring them to a full power...a power that will give them an unbeatable edge and offer the deciding weapon in this war.

Maggie is not alone as she learns not only what she really is, but what it is her destiny to become...

4 Stars

I hate this book. No, I love it. No, I hate it. Okay yeah I love it. Damn firepower awesomeness. My one weakness. And this book is full of it. Plus some (a lot of) love (triangle), cool supernatural beings and all that. Yeah, that’s my thing. But the fire is the best part ofcourse. Man I would love to have that power. Where can I buy a phoenix? Maybe they have one in the pet store…

Okay yeah, this book is good. Really good. Is it the best writing ever? Is it a literary masterpiece? No, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. Sure, there are clichés… (*cough* love triangle *cough*) but I don’t care. This was a fun book to read and as you may or may not have noticed, I have a weakness for fire (or just elemental in general) powers because that just is cool. (Yeah I’m a nerd.)

Cool book. Cool main character with cool firepowers. Hot male vampires, witches, fairies, werewolves and zombielike creatures called revenants. What’s not to love, honestly? I’ll tell you what’s not to love. The twists near the end. You’re most likely going to hate those. Seriously. 

Oh and the fact that Stephanie just kind of disappeared… In the beginning she is in each chapter and has kind of a big role in the life of Maggie, but then suddenly that stops. Sure, she is mentioned by Maggie a couple of times but that’s it. Kind of weird, especially because I thought she would have a bigger part in all of the mess going on. But nonetheless a cool book.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s about 2 am here and I’m going to bed now.

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