Review: Breakfast Served Anytime by Sarah Combs

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Review: Breakfast Served Anytime by Sarah Combs

Breakfast Served Anytime

by Sarah Combs
Pages: 272
Published on April 8th 2014
by Candlewick Press
Genres: Contemporary, Friendship, Young Adult
Format: Hardcover
Source: Library
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A coming-of-age debut evokes the bittersweet joys and pangs of finding independence in one unforgettable summer away at "geek camp."
When Gloria sets out to spend the summer before her senior year at a camp for gifted and talented students, she doesn’t know quite what to expect. Fresh from the heartache of losing her grandmother and missing her best friend, Gloria resolves to make the best of her new circumstances. But some things are proving to be more challenging than she expected. Like the series of mysterious clues left by a certain Professor X before he even shows up to teach his class, Secrets of the Written Word. Or the very sweet, but very conservative, roommate whose coal-industry family champions mountaintop removal. Not to mention the obnoxious Mason, who dresses like the Mad Hatter and immediately gets on Gloria’s nerves — but somehow won’t escape her thoughts.
Beautifully told by debut author Sarah Combs, this honest and touching story of growing up is imbued with the serene atmosphere of Kentucky’s natural landscape.

4 Stars


I’m not sure if you’ve even heard of Breakfast Served Anytime but it’s definitely a book to check out if you like the kookier books. The reason why this gem made my TBR list is because it’s about a socially awkward nerd/genius-type person. Love and Other Foreign Words, anyone? I love the quirky oddball books but I do have to say that I understand why some people couldn’t get into this book. You have to be prepared and enjoy the oddity that is this book. 

This book is about Gloria and her personal journey at Geek Camp. Glo left her behind her best friend, Carol, to pursue this camp and in a way, pursue herself. She, like so many of us, fell victim to being the sidekick in her own life but this camp allowed her to be the superhero. From the second she stepped foot on campus, she was confronted with people out of her norm. Her roommate is someone she viewed as too much of a girly-girl but they actually struck up a friendship. The three classmates in her Secrets of the Written Word became her sounding board, they allowed her to be wholly her. It is really beautiful, people! 

It kind of reminds me of Belzhar in the sense that the plot doesn’t really matter, it’s what you take away from the story that matters. 

If you read Sarah’s author bio below, she tries to describe this book and it adequately sums up my thoughts: “It’s about finding your tribe and about how life-altering that can be for a young woman who’s in the midst of finding out about herself.” WHAT. That is this book.

I think that a lot of people can gain something from this book.


Overall, I really enjoyed it.

About Sarah Combs

Sarah Combs leads writing workshops at a nonprofit literacy center in Lexington, Kentucky, where she lives with her two young sons, two pacifist bird dogs, and her husband, whose acquaintance she first made at a geek camp not unlike Gloria’s.

Of Breakfast Served Anytime, which is her first novel, she says, “When people ask me what my book’s about, I sometimes falter — it’s about a zillion things, after all! Geek camp and mountaintop removal and the importance of respecting views different from your own and flashlight tag and almost-romance and motherlessness and book love and wonder and strange blue butterflies! But I think the truest answer I can offer is that it’s about finding your tribe and about how life-altering that can be for a young woman who’se in teh midst of finding out about herself.”

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  1. I’ve had this book on my TBR pile for YEARS, but I’ve seen hardly any reviews for it. I think you’ve given me the push I need to finally go get myself a copy, as it sounds like a book I’ll love.

    Hollie recently posted: A Brand New Look

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