Review a Book In 100 Words: Fantasy Edition!

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I am notorious for writing extra-long reviews. Some regularly reach over a thousand words (such as my recent review for City of Halves by Lucy Inglis, which you can see here) – which means I’m using up precious time in which I could be reviewing several books at once! As such, I’ve decided to challenge myself to write a whole bunch of reviews in one hundred words or less. This for me is much more difficult than spending hours on one long review, as I find it much eaiser to keep rambling than to cut out sentences. All links go to Goodreads where you can find full summaries and more information on each book.

I’ve decided to start with some fantasy books I’ve had on my review list for most of this year, so here goes nothing!

The One That Everyone’s Talking About

A Game of Thr822993ones by George R. R. Martin – 4 stars A Song of Ice and Fire is a true literary phenomenon. It’s inspired a TV show, spawned a huge fanbase and revived interest in high fantasy both as a genre and a writing style. A Game of Thrones is just as hard-hitting and tough to read as you’d expect: it’s too long, too descriptive and filled with so many characters it’s almost impossible to keep track. However, it’s also emotional, satisfying and thrilling, keeping you hooked even as it jumps from one adventure to the next. Highly recommended.


The Unusual, Undiscovered Gem

18166936 The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton – 3 stars This book is more magical realism than high fantasy, but it’s still a great read. The prose is beautiful – almost lyrical in style – and it’s perfect for describing the bittersweet lives of its main characters, the Roux family. I loved how the author weaves together both history and a sense of timelesness in the narrative. It’s tragic, visceral, vibrant and, at its purest, absolutely stunning. It’s very much YA-adult crossover material. Unfortunately, the book turned out much darker than I’d expected, and there were some plot elements that really didn’t sit well with me. Read with caution.

The One With All The Fairies and Magic

13 Tre6581334asures by Michelle Harrison – 4 stars

There’s something about Michelle Harrison’s signature series that makes me want to recommend it to those just starting to read young adult books – it’s Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr for a younger audience, full of brilliant magical creatures and an efffortless writing style that enchants from the start. My only issues with it is that it’s perhaps not as memorable as other books of this type, as I couldn’t remember the main character’s name or many of the plot events until I decided to re-read it for review – all I could remember was that I’d really enjoyed it!

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5 responses to “Review a Book In 100 Words: Fantasy Edition!

  1. Liza

    Hi Arianne! (*sending hugs your way*) I love it! As you know, we both tend to be wordy with our reviews. I agree that the 100 words gives me enough to wet my appetite 🙂

  2. Pat

    This is a really good idea and the best part is that it works. I felt completely satisfied with your 100 word reviews and even got extra excited to start reading Martin. I think it is extremely helpful in shortening the time one spends writing one big review — the same happens to me — and at the end of it you actually have more to show in the same amount of time or less. Maybe make it a 250 word reviews, just in order to let you give more details about the story or characters you liked, but overall I think it’s a fantastic idea. I would love to read more.

  3. I commend your effort to write shorter reviews! It’s hard, I used to write very long reviews too, but lately it depends and the lengths vary.
    Im currently reading GoT! I’m more than halfway through, and I’m exhausted. But I’m also so intrigued, and can’t wait to see how it continues to unfold! It’s definitely LONG though. It’s weird I normally read books so fast never more than a week or so so it’s kinda buggin me lol 😀

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