{Mirror, Mirror} Rachel’s Disappointing Week of Reading

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Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror is a brand-new feature that replaces the old Stacking The Shelves/Weekly Recap posts. Bieke decided to make her own original feature because it was more than just a STS or recap post.

In My Life:

  • Well, the biggest thing is probably the fact that Quite the Novel Idea went live! This is a secret project that Bee, Liza, and I have been collaborating on for the last two weeks or so. We’ve gotten so much support and love from you guys about the change so we thank you all so much for that. I think there’s always that teeny little seed of doubt in your brain before you announce such a big change like this, but there’s been nothing but encouragement from everyone. I think I can speak on the whole team’s behalf when I say it truly means a lot!
  • I’ve been staying at my Granny and Pa’s place for most of the last two weeks. We’re getting scorching weather down under and it’s consistently been over 35 degrees for at least two weeks now! My house’s aircon died back in November so I wasn’t coping at home. Luckily Gran’s aircon is wonderful and I can think and read and blog without breaking into the sweat, mostly. The only bad thing is I haven’t had access to my books and the wifi is a little dodgy, but could be worse. #firstworldproblemsmuch?
  • The Clean Slate Readathon finished. I didn’t do nearly as well as I hoped but I still managed to knock out some books I’ve been meaning to read forever so that was worth it.
  • I’ve been to the library almost every second day for like the past three weeks! It’s getting kind of ridiculous, It’s just that graphic novels are so short and I fly through them in less than an hour so I constantly need to go back and get the sequels/swap them for something.


On the Blog:


In the Blogosphere:


What I’ve Been Reading & Watching:



I wasn’t able to enjoy The Scorpion Rules nearly as much as I wanted to (which was my polite way of saying that I loathed it with every fiber of my being). Until Friday Night was also disappointing. I thought West was an arsehole honestly, and I didn’t appreciate the way Maggie’s mutism was handled. Everyone warned me that Burning Midnight would be super meh but I didn’t think it was too bad. Chew, Vol 3: Just Desserts! was fun but I still had problems with the world-building. Swamp Thing, Vol 1 was the first pf Brian K. Vaughan’s graphic novels that I wasn’t a fan of! It had a great premise, but the execution just wasn’t that good… *pouts*.



At my Granny’s place there isn’t much to watch, to be honest. We rewatched Saving Mr Banks because we haven’t seen it since we saw it in cinemas, and it’s such a gorgeous movie. If you adore Mary Poppins, this is a much watch movie! I also marathoned The Princess Diaries duology when it was on TV… and then immediately rewatched the second one again. #sorrynotsorry It’s seriously one of my favourite movies…



What I’m Current Reading & Watching:



I Was Here was annoying me so this afternoon I started one of Bee’s favourites, A Darker Shade of Magic – it’s too soon to tell what I think of it, but I”m excited! I’ve also been reading Frankie & Joely since the beginning of the month and just cannot get into it. It feels like a modern To Kill a Mockingbird. You know, two kids in the country doing nothing much at all? Boring!



I’m kind of obsessed with New Girl at the moment! I haven’t seen it before but I’m watching season 4 as it airs and loving it. Schmitt is gorgeous! And damn, I’m swooning over Ryan so bloody much. *fans myself dramatically* I’ve also been trying to watch the new season of Tattoo Fixers (such a guilty pleasure show of mine) but since it’s an English show, I just cannot find it anywhere. *pouts* I’ve seen the first two episodes at least, and I’m already not a fan of the girl who replaced Lou.

Rachel Lightwood


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24 responses to “{Mirror, Mirror} Rachel’s Disappointing Week of Reading

  1. I’ve heard fantastic things about A Darker Shade of Magic, so I hope you’re enjoying that one! The humidity in QLD at the moment is absolutely insane, you just literally get sweaty sitting down with the aircon on! It’s so crazy. I read Burning Midnight too and that ending was CRAZY! Hope you had a good week Rach, and thanks for linking my post!

    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence recently posted: BIRTHDAY ANNOUNCEMENTS REVEALED!
    • I definitely am, Jeann! Bee knows how to pick them. I’ll have listen to her more often! And it’s cooled down this week in SA, but it’s been getting crazy humid down here too…. which never happens. I don’t know what is what with this weather lately. It actually rained today, even though it was hot. Ugh! And Burning Midnight’s ending shocked me. I wish more of the book had been like that.

      And you’re most welcome, Jeann!

    • It wasn’t an awful week, Olivia. And there’s worst things then library runs! It was just the books I read that week that weren’t so great. Oh well though – that’s all in the past now. And yess to the Princess Diaries movies! I love the fist one, but I’m still a massive, massive fan of the second movie.

    • I’m a bit out of wack with New Girl since I’ve only seen season four, but I love the characters. I definitely have to go back and watch it from the start. Schmidt = <3! And I'm glad that someone agrees with me that the Princess Diaries movies are better than the books. I feel terrible saying that, but it’s true. And blegh to I Was Here. Not the best Forman book at all.

    • People don’t like Anne Hathaway!? I cannot believe that. She’s such a fantastic actress – so funny and sweet and talented. And yess, Princess Diaries are such great guilty pleasure watches!

  2. Liza

    It’s the opposite of hot here Rach! We had a freezing week (under zero degrees Fahrenheit most days) and then a huge winter blizzard from Friday until early Sunday. *sigh* It’s like winter decided to finally make an appearance and make up for lost time.

    I love the Princes Diary movies and I never get tired of them. I’m a big Forman fan, but I haven’t’ read I Was Here yet, and neither have I read Darker Shade – but I have both of them! Which one is better so far?

    • I wish we could swap then, Liza! Well, I’ve never been to the snow before and the coldest it’s ever been is like 5 degrees (Celsius) here so I would probably freeze and die… but it has to be better than melting into a puddle and turning into one giant blister all at once. Right?

      Those movies are so fantastic! I honestly love Anne Hathaway so much. And Julie Andrews, of course! Oh, definitely try Darker Shade. I Was Here was not my cup at tea, at all. It’s quite dull and the characters were super flat. The first 20 or so pages of Darker Shade that I’ve read already surpassed the entirety of I Was Here!

    • You have to try it, Grace! It’s hilarious. Goofy and silly and kind of ridiculous, but so, so funny. And the perfect binge watch. Each episode is only 20 mins so it’s easy to fly through a season.

    • Thanks Irena! I think I did okay quantity wise, but that’s no good if the books I’m reading are a drag…? Maybe next week. And you have to watch Saving Mr Banks if you love Mary Poppins! It’s hilarious and adorable and super sweet all at the same time.

  3. I hope you enjoy A Darker Shade of Magic! Everyone raves about that one, so I’ll have to give it a go soon! I’ve heard not so great things about Until Friday Night, so I’ve been hesitant to read it. I don’t like when the male MC is a huge jerk and I’ve heard that West takes the cake.

    I hope you have a better reading week!

    Jessica@Lovin' Los Libros recently posted: Weekly Wrap Up: January 17-22
    • I hope I do too, Jessica! Bee would be so disappointed if I didn’t, but I’m enjoying it so far so I think I’ll be okay. West was such a jerk in Until Friday Night so if that annoys you even the slightest bit, I wouldn’t recommend trying it out. He’s not the type of romantic interest I like to read about… at all.

      Thanks, Jessica. I do too!

  4. Sorry to hear about your rough reading week. Rachel. 🙁 That’s never fun. I hope your upcoming week will be 100% better! I’ve heard about how hot it is in Australia, so I’m really happy you were able to go to your grandparents where the AC works. It’s really hot here too, though not as warm as in Australia, but my AC broke too, but thankfully it got fixed this week.
    Happy reading and have a lovely week, Rachel! 🙂

    Nick recently posted: The Weekly Recap (175)
    • Thanks Nick. It wasn’t very fun but since then I’ve read Of Beast and Beauty so I’m in a much better mood! I’m so glad your AC was able to be fixed. Australia’s heat is pretty legendary, but it’s so not so great if you live here. It’s cooled down a lot this week though. It actually rained today! Which is so weird for summer…

  5. Okay I LOVE TKAM so so much (my dog is even named Atticus) … buuut, I hated Frankie and Joely. XD So I hear ya there. It was so boring. -_- And OMG THE HEAT. WHY IS IT SO HOT!?!? Where I live, it’s massively humid too, so life is just existing in a puddle of exhausting right now. (Why is heat so tiring?! Seriously.) hehe
    AND OMG I LOVE SAVING MR BANKS. That movie. <3 All the writer feels and understanding.

    Cait @ Paper Fury recently posted: Is It Possible To Read “Too Much”?
    • Oops…? It’s just that I read TKAMB for school and I thought it was trying too hard to make something out the boring story that it was,,,? Totally not helping there but Atticus is such an adorable name for a dog so I’ll distract you with that… And just ugh to Frankie & Joely. Not sure if I’m going to make it through… and no, no, no with this heat. Like I get that it is summer and we’re in Australia so it’s expected to get hot but can you please calm it down a notch? I’m NOT COPING OVER HERE! Like at all. And yay for a fellow Mary Poppins/Saving Mr Banks fan! I swear we’re practically the only two ‘youngins’ (damn, that makes me feel old just saying that) that have seen that movie but it is SO GOOD! <3

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