{Mirror Mirror} New Books, A Busy Life & Exciting Bookish Things

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Mirror Mirror is our feature that replaces the old Stacking The Shelves posts.

New On My Shelves

~ Ray vs the Meaning of Life: I love funny books and judging by the blurb this sounds hilarious.
~ The Unbinding of Mary Reade: Pirates! LGBT! Yes please!
~ The Art of Escaping: Magic! MC with anxiety! This sounds just wonderful to be honest.
~ The Last Summer of the Garrett Girls: Sister story! I’m so here for that.
~ Someone I Used To Know: Patty Blount’s books always hit me in the feels times 10. I’m honestly not sure if I’m ready for this. Also yay sibling story.
~ Someday, Somewhere: This sounds like a really touching story! Also that cover is so pretty omg.
~ Something of Substance: I received this through a review request. It’s about a girl with anorexia so it could be a gut-punch of feels if it’s done well!

Thank you to The Publishing House, Sky Pony Press, Amberjack Publishing, Sourcebooks Fire, Kids Can Press and author Tia Souders for these!

In My Life

~ Last week I started my internship and it’s been fun! The colleagues are nice and the work is quite fun too. I feel very welcome and accepted, which is so nice. I hope I get to stay at the end of it all but the chances are thin. Also I get to work on an actual PC instead of an old laptop starting this week and I have not one but TWO screens! I feel very professional omg.

~ As for the pregnancy, everything has been going okay! Things are moving along nicely and I don’t have too much to complain about as of right now. Super nervous and excited for the 20-week echo though! Though now my legs turn into swollen saucages at the end of the day and I might have to reduce my coffee intake. *cries* I also have PAIIIINNN at awkward places on the chest area but it’ll be worth it, right? RIGHT??

~ This year I finally got to celebrate Valentine’s Day with someone. That is a first for me! My exes never bothered with it, which was sad. But not this year! I got cute gifts and lots of cuddles and kisses and I felt very very loved. Sometimes this relationship overwhelms me a bit because I’m just not used to feeling like this or having someone feel so strongly for me. It’s strange and intense but so, so, SO good. I’m so lucky omg. My life turned into a Disney movie.

~ Last weekend my boyfriend and I went to the IKEA to shop for our furniture. We’re moving in the second half of March and I’m so excited to finally start our lives together in our own place. I’ll show pictures once everything is moved and decorated so I can show off my new home. I hate moving but I actually look forward to redecorating all my bookshelves and mixing my books with his. It’ll be my fun project and it’s going to be fantastic.

~ I’ve been blogging SO much this week. I made quite a few posts ahead of time so I’m good for another week or two. I also did a massive blog hop and commented on so many blogs that I lost count. I’m kind of proud of myself for this because it’s been SO long since I properly blogged like this and it makes me feel all happy and warm on the inside. Now if only I could get myself to read or write that would be swell.

~ I also tinkered around a bit on the blog and gave it a fresh new homepage! Did you notice? No? Go take a look! I’m in love with it. <3

Notable Bookish Happenings

~ Look at these pretty covers that were revealed! I want all of these okay??

~ Look at this awesome trailer for the Ready Player One movie! It looks fantastic and I need it in my life.

~ There’s a new trailer for The Incredibles 2 and I CAN’T WAIT. Watch it here.

~ A trailer for Wreck-it Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks The Internet was also released and you can watch it over here.

~ Michelle Obama announces her upcoming memoir called Becoming.

~ You can find this week’s NYT bestsellers over here!

~ Marvel’s new movie Black Panther tops the box office 2 weeks now and is heading for it’s 3 week at number 1! So far it has grossed over 760 million dollars worldwide!

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Around the Blogosphere

I’ve been out of the loop with bloggers as of late so I felt like I needed to show some love at some of the awesome posts I read these past few weeks. Sorry if yours isn’t in it!!

~ Avalina @ Avalina’s Books gives us tips on how to get comments.
~ Cait @ Paper Fury tells everyone what bookworms really want.
~ Aimee @ Aimee Always gives advice on how to style book reviews.
~ Rashika @ Xpresso Reads shows us 6 libraries to visit before you die.
~ Shar @ Virtually Read has tips on how to blog when you have a busy life.
~ Tanya @ Girl XOXO made this awesome master list of blogging memes.
~ Sophia @ Bookwyrming Thoughts shows off her pretty new blog.
~ Becky @ A Fool’s Ingenuity explains why she loves this community.
~ Greg @ Book Haven asks if you post reviews right away.
~ Nereyda @ Nick & Nereyda’s Infinite Booklist discusses how to handle blogging when there’s not enough time in a day.
~ Rebeccah @ The Pixie Chronicles asks what happened to NA.

A Q&A for Bee

Hey guys! Before you go, I want to share with you all that I’m thinking of doing a Q&A here on the blog. So if you have any burning questions for me that you’ve wanted to ask for ages, now is the time! Drop them in the comments or shout at me on Twitter and if I get enough questions to make a post about it, I’ll answer it in there! If not, I’ll just answer you on Twitter or in the comments. Thank you!

Suggest a Discussion

How was your past week? Did you get any awesome new books? Did something incredible happen to you? Tell me all about it in the comments and don’t forget to share a link to your latest post so I can come visit you!


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27 responses to “{Mirror Mirror} New Books, A Busy Life & Exciting Bookish Things

  1. Danielle Hammelef

    Wow! You have so many blessings this year already! Good luck with the baby and new place. Valentine’s Day sounds just what you needed and I’m so happy for you.

  2. Aww, I’m glad this year’s Valentine’s Day went well for you and hope it continues to do so in future years! No complaints about your life being a Disney movie – you’ll get your happily ever after! 😀

    I popped on your site the other day and freaked out a little… but that was probably my phone, haha. The computer looks much nicer, though! ^_^

    Best of luck on your pregnancy – I hope it goes well! 😀

    Sophia @ Bookwyrming Thoughts recently posted: Fangirl Friday: HP Hogwarts Mystery, Becoming, Fahrenheit 451
  3. So glad to hear you feel so welcomed at your internship. I WISH I had two screens! I’m so jealous. I’m glad your pregnancy is going well – and yay for your new house!! I also hate moving – the packing is what really gets me. We’re kinda busting at the seams right now. I am silently hoping for a new house soon, but I know it won’t be happening. I can’t wait to see what it all looks like!

  4. I felt the same way with my past relationship; I was not used to being so loved by someone. I’m happy for you. 🙂

    Thanks for the new look on the blog. You and Liza are blog masters.

  5. Sammie

    Ha, so, funny thing. I’m sitting here looking at Muse of Nightmares thinking that title is everything and the cover is beautiful and I must own it, but I should probably read the first book, well, first … And it turns out I bought it for myself after Christmas. So yay past me knowing what present me wanted. 😀 I’ll have to watch out for the sequel. I’m really looking forward to reading The Unbinding of Mary Reade, too, for all the same reasons you are! (Though, if I’m honest, female pirates probably would’ve been enough to do it for me because … well, pirates.)

    Congrats on your internship and best of luck with your pregnancy! It’ll be worth it, I promise! I mean, until the sleepless nights hit and then the terrible twos and they learn to talk and then you wonder why you ever wanted them to talk before and then they start talking back and you wonder why you ever wanted them to be witty and opinionated and before too long they’re seven and you’re looking at them and wondering why they had to be so darn much like you instead of just listening and behaving like no child ever before has. Not that I speak from experience or anything. So … yeah … it’ll be great. 😀

    • Bee

      HAHA oh dear. Your past self is very smart then. BUT YES. PIRATES! Female ones at that. Just give me all the pirates in YA. And oh god that sounds wonderful… does it really go that fast? Omg..

      • Sammie

        Faster than you think, indeed, but every stage is a new and wonderful discovery. 🙂 I look back on my daughter being a baby with fondness, and I love the pictures and we laugh at the videos, but I’m excited about her age now and everything still in front of her. So maybe I’m a weirdo? But I don’t really ever think, “Gee, I wish you were a baby again.” So enjoy each moment when you’ve got it, but don’t be sad when it’s over because there’s a looooot of new moments coming your way to look forward to.

  6. You have so many exciting things going on. I hope your pregnancy gets easier, and the swelling in your legs goes down. I have two screens at work two. I don’t know how I ever worked with only one. I am looking forward to Someday, Somewhere and The Garrett Girls too. Both look like books I would appreciate.

    Sam@WLABB recently posted: Discussion: Why I Read YA
  7. So many goodies! I am looking forward to The Art of Escaping and though I hadn’t heard of it until now, Ray vs. The Meaning of Life sounds really interesting and fun, too. Glad your pregnancy is going well and wishing you a lovely weekend!

  8. Nathan

    It is good to hear your internship and pregnancy are both doing well and life is on the upswing. You have several good books to read. I am busy with an essay and studying for an exam. Not much else to say.

  9. I love the new covers of Muse of Nightmares and The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy! Can’t wait to read them! I’m happy to hear that your internship and pregnancy are going well! Have a wonderful week!

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