{Mirror Mirror} BOOKS! BIRTHDAY! PITCH WARS! Also, Comin Con Trailers!

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Mirror Mirror
Mirror Mirror is our feature that replaces the old Stacking The Shelves/Weekly Recap posts.

New To My Shelves!

~ The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco
~ The Women in the Walls by Amy Lukavics
~ The Edge of Everything by Jeff Giles
~ Fear the Drowning Deep by Sarah Glenn Marsh
~ Tell Me Something Real by Calla Devlin
~ The Boy Who Killed Grant Parker by Kat Spears
~ The Memory of Things by Gae Polisner
~ Long May She Reign by Rhiannon Thomas
~ Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow

In my Life

~ On the writerly front, lots of stuff happened in July! I got two fresh new book idea’s which I’m SUPER excited for. But I also did Camp NaNoWriMo and finished my WIP in 2 weeks, thus winning before you could officially win. Hurray me! But this week Pitch Wars started, finally and I submitted my WIP Three Seconds to Sunrise and I’m nervous and terrified and excited all at the same time.

~ I changed my Twitter handle! I still had Istyriabookblog, you know, my old blog and I’ve been wanting to change if for a long time because of that. Now with Pitch Wars starting, it felt like the right time, so I changed it. Now my new handle on both twitter and instagram is @nbeewrites! Sorry for any confusion this may have caused! I made an extra account on Twitter with my old handle to redirect anyone still looking for me on that one

~ I Beta-read 3 books this month too and I loved all of them! Especially a certain blogger’s Beauty & The Beast retelling. SO SO SO GOOD YOU GUYS.

~ Might seem unimportant, but I got a new cell-phone from my mom for my B-day! Hurraaaah! It’s a gorgeous Samsung Galaxy J3 and the quality of the pictures is delicious. As you’ll notice in my next point.

~ I celebrated my birthday last week! On the 31st I turned 26 and honestly, I feel a bit different. But not really. Anyways, I went to the beach the day before with my mom & dad. The weather was quite perfect for a day at the beach! I had mussels, which is kind of the one food you HAVE to eat when you go to the beach here and I made a new friend! He’s a seagull and his name is Francis. I made pictures, so here you go:

~ Comic Con happened and with it came a whole lot of fabulous trailers. Here are my favorites linked for your convenience: Wonder WomanJustice LeagueKong: Skull IslandFantastic Beasts & Where to Find ThemSuicide SquadDoctor StrangeLego Batman

Youtube Spotlight

I have 3 vids to spotlight this month because reasons. So let’s go over them, shall we?

~ Kid Zr0 is an Aussie band and I loooove what these guys are putting out on Youtube guys. They’re AWESOME and you should check them out because of that.

~ Okay, so I watch this guy on Youtube all the time and I adore him. Last week he uploaded a video where some guys songified some of his videos and this was the result. This song is so damn catchy, it’s still stuck in my head. Check it out!

– Okay so you guys might know I’m a huge fan of the Disney movie Hunchback of Notre Dame. Their songs are SOOOOO good. So when I saw these two guys do their cover of Bells of Notre Dame, I watched it immediately and it’s AWESOME. Jonathan Young & Caleb Hyles do a kickass metal cover of this fantastic song. Give it a listen:

That’s it for now! What’s up with you this week?


Bee (born as Bieke) is 27 years old and from Belgium. (No she won't send waffles.) She's a strange, nerdy and anxious creature floating around somewhere on the ace spectrum. Oh, and she also writes books as Nelly B. Jones. Or tries to anyway. You can also find her on Novel Ink.

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14 responses to “{Mirror Mirror} BOOKS! BIRTHDAY! PITCH WARS! Also, Comin Con Trailers!

  1. Liza

    Well, happy BD again! Sorry for being MIA, too busy with work and now one-handed now 🙁 New phones rock! I know that you didn’t like the camera on your previous one.

    Thanks for all the trailers and I cant wait to read another B&B re-telling 🙂

  2. Leah

    I was approved for The Bone Witch, too. I’m so excited because it’s my first approval from Netgalley. 🙂 Great haul!

  3. You got some fantastic looking books this week. I am a little green with envy *goes to find them for myself* I hope you enjoy all your new reads and your new phone. It feels good to upgrade to a new one. Have a great week!

  4. Nathan

    I haven’t heard of Pitch Wars, but I wish you luck. So your 26, your actually a little younger than I am. Your hair is a lighter shade of brown than mine is. I liked this Aussie band.

    • Bee

      Pitch Wars is a sort of contest. 🙂 You can submit your manuscript to mentors (authors & editors & such) who then help you work on your MS for two months and then it gets pitched to agents on twitter. 🙂

      Yes, haha. xD And thanks. People always tend to compliment my eyes. x)

  5. Omg I’m laughing at that Aussie band.😂 I hadn’t heard of them but THEY LOOK SO AUSTRALIAN. WHAT YOBBOS. bahah. Ahem. The lead singer is barefoot, isn’t it?!😂 Ahem. Sorry. They do have nice voices!
    Happy birthday!! 😀 YOU ARE OLD HAHAHAH. Ahem. Actually not that much older than me so I’ll shut up now. Also congrats on your new phone! EXCITING.
    And also I got approved for The Bone Witch too!! EEEEEP. I AM ALL THE EXCITE. I have my fingers crossed i’ll be approved for Long May She Reign too afjdksaldj.

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