Mini Reviews: Just One Night and Bride of Snow

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just one nightTitle: Just One Night (Just One Day 2.5) by Gayle Forman

Published: May 29th, 2014 by Viking

After spending one life-changing day in Paris with laid-back Dutch actor Willem De Ruiter, sheltered American good girl Allyson “Lulu” Healey discovered her new lover had disappeared without a trace. Just One Day followed Allyson’s quest to reunite with Willem; Just One Year chronicled the pair’s year apart from Willem’s perspective. Now, back together at last, this delectable e-novella reveals the couple’s final chapter.

I’m not sure how I can convey how good this series is.  Just One Day and Just One Year are some of my favorite books, obviously I was over-the-moon-incoherently-happy when I heard about this novella.  I pre-ordered it right away, and read it in one sitting on the day of its release (even though I was in NYC for BEA!)  Do not fear to read it!  Forman doesn’t know how to do things half-way.

 And she doesn’t have the words to tell Willem what she needs to tell him.
So she doesn’t use words. She licks her thumb and rubs it against he wrist.
Willem grabs her wrist, rubs his own thumb against it. Does the same to his own wrist, just to make it clear.

As you might remember the ending of Just One Year is very non-ending.  So finally, we get to see what happened after Willem opened the door (I’m trying not to spoil this review, but it’s hard.)  This story is told in from the third person POV and we get to see all our favorite characters from the series and understand what they see and feel.

Do you know why Forman is the queen of the feels?  Because, I felt them all!  I felt like crying, laughing, swooning; all at one while I was reading this short story, that it’s more like an epilogue that anything else.  I could read about Willem and Alyson forever and never get tired.

So, in case you can’t tell by my totally fangirling here, Just One Night was pure awesomeness.


Title: Bride of Snow (The Winner’s Trilogy 0.5) by Marie RutkokiBridge of Snow

Published: January 28th, 2014 by Tor


Ignore the stirrings of war. Let the carriage to a royal ball wait. There is a story to be told: of a starless night, a mother and her sick son, and a mortal who falls in love with the snow god, and will do anything to have her…

If you haven’t read The Winner’s Curse, let me just ask: What the heck are you waiting for?  It’s is one of the best books I’ve read this year so far. An incredible fantasy with amazing characters.  Anyway, Bride of Snow is a short story about Arin and his mom, before the Valorian invasion.  It gives the reader a glimpse of what his life was like, when he was a child, years before he met Kestrel.  I instantly fell in love with him and his mother and their relationship.

The Bride of Snow is a Herrani myth and the story that Arin’s mother tells him before going to sleep.  It was fascinating to hear, but really think that the intent of this short story is for use to see Arin as a child in drastic contrast to his life as a slave.  A great addition to the series!



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