I Love Getting Comments On Posts & Here’s Why! + Asking For Help!

Posted February 23, 2018 by Bee in Discussion / 38 Comments

Everyone loves getting comments on their posts. One of reasons we blog is to chat with other people about books and the comment section of posts is a way to do that! People also love hearing others’ opinions on their posts. This creates a wonderful bookish discussion AND can even lead to friendships in the end. That’s why I love comments too. I love knowing what other people think about what I have to say. I like knowing their opinions. I love interacting with other bookish people. That’s one of the reasons why I started my blog, now more than 5 years ago.

The bookish community is one I love and cherish and one I’m so glad I found. When I was growing up, I believed I was the only person in the world that loved books this much. But then I found goodreads and a whole new world opened up to me. Suddenly I was no longer alone. That meant SO much to me as a girl who was always bullied at school and didn’t have any friends. So I started reviewing and blogging and I actually found friends! Imagine that! I’ve met some of the most wonderful people through blogging and made some fantastic friends that I love dearly. My life would be a lot sadder without them, seriously.

But I wanted to talk about all of this with you today because there’s something that bothers me lately. And it feels stupid to complain about it because the problem probably lies with me, but I wanna talk about it anyway.

I notice that I often don’t get much comments or even none at all. I see all those awesome bloggers around the blogosphere and they get tonnes of comments and here I am… with most of the time not even getting a handful. I don’t blog for fame or anything. I would like to be a well-known blogger, but it’s not what I started blogging for or why I still do it. But as I mentioned before, interacting with other bookish people is very important to me. So I can’t help but feel a bit hurt about this. And I’m not blaming anyone, honestly! I know I don’t have much time to comment on blogs or comment back. That’s on me. I should try and make time. But I don’t know HOW to get people to comment more. I’ve recently come back from a very long blogging break and I fear that people might have forgotten about me…

So this is me asking for help with the matter. Do you have any tips for me to get more comments? Anything I can do extra or just a simple trick? I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking you guys. So please, leave a comment and help me out?

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38 responses to “I Love Getting Comments On Posts & Here’s Why! + Asking For Help!

  1. Honestly, the key is visiting other blogs. If you aren’t able to make time to do that, there’s a good chance that your commenting numbers will go down. That doesn’t mean you have to visit EVERY person EVERY time they visit you, but if you show people you’re present, they’re more likely to stop by on days you don’t return the favor. 🙂

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction recently posted: Anderson’s Children’s Literature Breakfast Recap & Giveaway
  2. Greg

    I agree with Shooting Stars Mag, the biggest thing for me has been commenting a lot on other blogs. Sounds obvious I know ha ha but that usually helps because people are so good generally about returning the visit, and then the ones that are interested come back for more. But it is time consuming, no doubt. You kinda have to like doing it, I think. 🙂 Your blog looks fabulous though, I like your color scheme and layout. Easy to read, which always helps!

    Nice post!

  3. Yeah, I kinda go through the same thing. I don’t always get many comments and I try to be okay with it because I know sometimes people don’t have the time to do so, even if they are seeing the posts still. But sometimes that little bit in me worries that people aren’t seeing my posts. I myself try to comment on other blogs when I can but I can go days without an opportunity to do so. But I do notice when I do have the time to leave comments that is when I get more myself.

  4. There seems to be quite a few comments on this post! Yay! I don’t always get comments on my posts which does make me sad, but I just try and remember what I’m blogging for and that’s to get my love of books out in the open! 🙂 I would recommend doing a few link ups as well if you can and visiting other blogs that have linked up.

  5. Eve

    I’m with everyone I don’t think there is a specific secret. I know that I tend to do better with comments on my page when I regularly post (and link back when I mention the review in another type post) and I do a couple weekly posts that encourage others to find your page and encourage discussion and sometimes they stick around and check out other posts just like I do when I find their pages! But yeah just taking the time to go through and comment to others and post is the best thing for me. I find if I go to someones page I always try to leave a comment on the post I’m on even if I don’t have time for a full huge thought on that “book/topic” but something because I took the time to read and enjoy the least I could do is say hi! Good luck! I like that you brought this up. It’s something I think we all struggle with at times as bloggers but don’t always know how to bring it up and ask for help 🙂

  6. I think the biggest way to get comments is to comment on other people’s blogs. A lot of bloggers, like myself, find new blogs or comment on blogs that comment on their blog. It’s a good way to get to know people, the back and forth, and form friendships. I hope you find some way that works for you though!!


  7. I don’t know if there’s any secret to getting comments. Sometimes I will have a post that gets tons of views and no comments. Or one comment. You can comment around and that will obviously drive more traffic to you. But I don’t think anyone really has a strategy for getting consistent comments or comments from people who are truly interested in their blog and not just commenting back as a quid pro quo situation.

    It’s also possible that how you have comments set up would affect who wants to comment. The way you have it is convenient because it’s open to people who blog on various platforms. But maybe some people don’t want to type in all their information? I know that when I comment on a blog that makes me verify my humanity multiple times, I usually only comment once even if I meant to comment on several posts. It takes up time. Maybe some people like to comment strictly on their own platform so they don’t have to do anything but type the comment and hit reply?

    • Bee

      That’s an interesting theory! I never thought about it like that but it could be true. I always choose the simplest comment system that everyone will understand because I personally hate having to log in somewhere to be able to comment. XD

  8. I love that you’re addressing this. I’m a very new blog, and I don’t use Twitter or Facebook to generate any traffic… I literally just write and then attempt to post artsy bookstagrams LOL – I’ve got a TON to learn!

    I might get 1-2 comments on each post I write. I started the blog as a way to interact with other book lovers so I absolutely feel ya on the being a wee bit disappointed piece. I find that usually if I comment on someone’s post, they’ll reach out and comment on my most recent post. This is awesome because I am generating some discussion! But like a lot of these other people have said in their comments, not everyone will choose to respond to you.

    I feel like the only way for me to start really good discussions is to being following the blogs I enjoy, and interacting with them regularly so that they recognize my name and *hopefully* choose to follow me back 🙂 You’re not alone, sister!

  9. OMG, I know the struggle!

    In my opinion, it requires a lot of hard work to get the needed attention (meaning not only comments but views and followers in my case at least) and sometimes I just get demotivated.

    I’m working on it now and I know that you’ll get the comments you deserve 😀 I personally try to comment every time I post something new 😀

    Yuli Atta @ Damaged Pages recently posted: 7 Reasons I Love High/Epic Fantasy Novels
  10. I love getting comments too!! Although I have noticed in the last 12 months my comments have really dropped off…which I mean, I don’t want to complain about because obviously I get a lot more than the average blogger.😭But I feel like maybe less people comment these days?! Which is sad, because the discussions and friendships to build are SO much fun. Anyway my #1 way of getting comments is doing lots of comment-backs! It’s how I built most of my audience tbh. 😂 Although it takes soooo much time.

    I hope you get tons of comments now that you’re back!! <3

  11. I feel you! I have never got much comments but after I took blogging break in 2017, it has gotten even worse and now I am happy if I can get 2-3 comments per post. I am grateful even for those 2 comments or for whoever who stops by and reads my posts. But as you said, I like interacting with other readers as well and keep hoping for more comments to come.
    But I can say that there is only one sure way to get more comments and it is commenting on other blogs every day, it is only way how to “promote” your blog in hopes that you will attract some new readers who like your content, keep coming back and start commenting. It helped me in the past but it is very time consuming…

  12. One way to get comments it is to comment first yourself – most bloggers do comment back, maybe not instantly but from personal experience I can tell you that I comment back to any comment I get even if I do it a week or two later.

    Also, link up with some other blogs and make sure you check all the blogs that are linked up! What I noticed is that even if I comment to all the blogs linked up, not all of them will comment back, but 80% of bloggers do so it’s worth it!

    Don’t give up! You might not get tons of comments in the beginning, but if you put in the effort to visit and comment on other blogs, then you will be rewarded with comments and maybe even meet some lovely bloggers that might become your friends.

    Andreea recently posted: Otaku Sunday #10: A Short One
  13. I don’t get a ton of comments, but I have a nice squad that visits often. I started doing more link ups, which got people to start visiting. I love Top Ten Tuesday, Can’t Wait Wednesday, and the Sunday Post. I am also participating in the Discussion Post Challenge. I will hope the linky, and some of those bloggers have become friends of WLABB. I usually spend an hour a night blog hopping too, and a little bit of time on Twitter each day interacting.

  14. Nathan

    I homeschool and book blogging has allowed me to communicate with people who love to read and who are expanding my horizons, and find friends. I would be lonelier otherwise. After I started following book blogs I realized I needed this. My family doesn’t read the same types of books I do. I have never forgotten you, Bee, so you don’t worry about that. I read all posts, when I can and comment when I feel I have something to say. Don’t have a lot of advice on how to get more comments. You have the Pride Month posts, so why not try a few recommendations for some other groups? Purple Day for epilepsy awareness is coming up next month. Your more well read than I am, you could try listing books you feel others should read to become more informed/ empathic. I hope this helps.

  15. Danielle Hammelef

    I don’t always comment on blogs I read, but I do try to share them. I love reading about books and authors and book events so blogs like yours are fun for me and the only place I can talk books as my family and friends don’t read. I do love when bloggers respond to my comments, so I know what you mean about loving comments.

  16. Well what do you know, I actually wrote a post about this several weeks ago! Have you read it? It’s all about how to get more comments. It’s quite long xD I don’t want to link drop, because your blog might think I’m spamming, but just scroll back on my blog a little and you’ll find it 🙂 it was like a month ago. But the trick is… a lot of blog hopping. And also, maybe try a link up? Go read the post, you’ll find some info there 🙂

  17. not getting comments is every blogger’s fear and dread but I’m okay with that some of the time, I can’t lie and say I blog for myself because I really sort of don’t.

    sorry, I have no tip on getting more comments. I have read severals posts about it but most of them involves social media which I don’t do. I do like the idea of using twitter to promote your posts but I haven’t try it. the only thing I can do is leave comments on other people’s blog and hope they will visit me.

    have a lovely day.

  18. My blog doesn’t get a ton of comments, but it gets pretty many. It’s probably because I spend so much time reading other people’s blogs. I wake up between 5 and 6 every morning and spend a few hours reading blogs before work. I probably wouldn’t get any comments if I didn’t do that every day.

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