{Liza Reviews} The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon

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{Liza Reviews} The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon

The Sun is Also a Star

by Nicola Yoon
Pages: 348
Published on November 1st 2016
by Delacorte Press
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult
Format: Audiobook
Narrator: Bahni Turpin, Raymond Lee, Dominic Hoffman
Length: 8 hours and 4 minutes
Source: Publisher
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Also by this author: Everything, Everything, The Sun Is Also a Star

Natasha: I’m a girl who believes in science and facts. Not fate. Not destiny. Or dreams that will never come true. I’m definitely not the kind of girl who meets a cute boy on a crowded New York City street and falls in love with him. Not when my family is twelve hours away from being deported to Jamaica. Falling in love with him won’t be my story.
Daniel: I’ve always been the good son, the good student, living up to my parents’ high expectations. Never the poet. Or the dreamer. But when I see her, I forget about all that. Something about Natasha makes me think that fate has something much more extraordinary in store—for both of us.
The Universe: Every moment in our lives has brought us to this single moment. A million futures lie before us. Which one will come true?

3 Stars

Since Leah already did an excellent job of reviewing this book (see it here), my review will be short.

I really loved Everything, Everything and I was eager to read Yoon’s new book, The Sun is Also a Star.  I have to confess that I didn’t love it as much as her previous book.

Natasha cynical, pragmatic, realistic, and a science nerd.  She’s from Jamaica, from parents that are illegal immigrants and the family is being deported that day.  She’s out on a quest to find a way to stay in the US when she meets Daniel.

Daniel was my favorite part of the story.  He is the son of Korean immigrants that want his son to be a doctor and never have to be “poor”. He’s on his way to an interview to get into Yale when he meets Natasha and everything goes haywire form there. He’s a poet, a dreamer, an optimist.

Now, the story takes place in a day (less than 24 hours, really).  AND Daniel and Natasha fall in love in that period of time.  Now, being the romantic that I am, I do believe in love-at-first-sight. BUT I think that while somewhat believable, things went to fast for me.

I have to give Yoon kudos for the diversity that lives within the pages of the book and for her portrait of NYC.  It probably hits close to her own situation and it feels like a more personal book from her.  I really like the writing, however this book is not for everyone.  I felt that the “insight” chapters (that’s what I’m calling them, but they are kind of  intermissions within the story form others POVs) like an interruption to the natural flow of Natasha and Daniel’s story.  Are they relevant?  Sometimes. But I felt I could have done without.

After the last chapter, I was about to have a conniption, but the epilogue was this book’s saving grace. That’s all I’m saying about it.

I hope I could say that I loved The Sun is Also a Star as much as I did Yoon’s debut, but I didn’t.

The audiobook for The Sun is Also a Star has three narrators.  Bahni Turpin for Natasha, Raymond Lee for Daniel and Dominic Hoffman for the multitude of other POVs and “insight” chapters in the book.  I really like when books from multiple POVs have more than one narrator, however I just didn’t like Natasha’s voice.  I think the acting was really good, but the not the voice.  Lee as Daniel was excellent and Hoffman was more of a monotone since it was mostly narrating/informing as an objective party.


About Nicola Yoon

Nicola Yoon grew up in Jamaica (the island) and Brooklyn (part of Long Island). She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA with her husband and daughter, both of whom she loves beyond all reason. Everything, Everything is her first novel.


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8 responses to “{Liza Reviews} The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon

  1. It sounds like you didn’t quite love this one as much as you head over heels adored Everything Everything, but that it was still a decent read. Also, one of the main characters is from Jamaica! Finally, someone who has a bit of the same background as me :3

  2. Leah

    I’m sorry you didn’t like it as much as you were hoping, Liza. I also prefer it when a romance takes its time to develop–in fact, I need that to happen over instalove! Now that I’ve had a bit more time to come back down to earth after reading it, I think I might have been reviewing too much with my heart. 🙂

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