How To Blog When Life Gets In The Way

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We, bloggers, like to spend our time working on our blog in one way or another. Either we’re reading a book to review, writing a fun discussion post, making graphics and pictures to use in upcoming posts,… We put a lot of time and effort into what we do because we love doing it. And we do it for free, even! Because it’s still just a hobby. For most of us anyway. But sometimes there’s this pesky thing that keeps getting in the way and keeps us from spending time on our blogs. It happens to everyone at least a few times a year and sometimes we wish we could just ignore it and keep blogging.


Don’t get me wrong, life can be an absolute beautiful thing and you can even enjoy it to bits, but I have to admit that sometimes I wish I didn’t have that much of a life so I could go back to just reading and blogging all day long like I used to just a year ago. The last year has been very tumultuous for me and lots of things happened so blogging kind of was put on the back-burner or even completely out of the picture for a while. Here’s a small list of things that happened to me since January 2017:

  • I broke up with my boyfriend and threw my life upside down by moving back in with my parents
  • I fell into a depression once more because of this
  • Even getting a job in March didn’t help
  • Because I lost that job a few weeks later due to a lack of confidence etc
  • This made the depression even worse
  • Which is why I started an intense therapy course for 12 weeks during the summer
  • That was 4 days a week from 9am to 4pm
  • During this course I ran into with an old friend that I’ve known for 13 years ON THE BUS TO THERAPY
  • and we reconnected in the following weeks
  • while that was going on and my therapy came to a close, our friendship slowly became something more
  • which was scary af considering my experiences in past relationships
  • I started school again, also scary
  • And kind of useless now that I look back on it but oh well
  • while going to school and falling in love, I got the bad news that it would be insanely hard for me to get pregnant due to some issues downstairs
  • and then I got pregnant
  • No kidding, I should’ve asked for a second opinion because that gynaecologist was SO wrong
  • my boyfriend moved in with me until we found our own place, which was great for us but caused issues with my parents
  • We’re just different people and it didn’t always go well okay
  • I started interning for school, which was also kind of useless because I haven’t learned anything so far
  • I moved in with my boyfriend, which, again, was insanely scare due to past experiences
  • But it’s going well so far
  • it’s been three days but ssshh
  • I’m “graduating” next week yay
  • In short, I smushed 5 years worth of important events into one year and whew my head is spinning
  • I think I lost my brain somewhere along the way


That’s 1 year and 3 months. Looking back, I totally understand why blogging and reading and writing just wasn’t on my agenda that much and why I needed to take a break from it all. I mean, SO much was happening in my life (is still happening but okay) that I just couldn’t take the added pressure of writing books and making blog posts and reading ARC’s before release. So how can you keep blogging while also having a life? That is the question on a lot of people’s minds these days and I’m here to tell you: I don’t know.

Hahaha okay sorry, just kidding. I’m going to try and give some tips. Well it’s only one tip really. But it’s such a good one!

Set aside some me-time, exclusively for blogging purposes

Now before you go ahead and comment things like “Well of course Bee duhh”, let me explain this one a bit more okay? I have reasons for this tip.

Everyone needs me-time. That is a fact. I know some of you are super-busy with work or school or managing kids and a partner and a household but you still need it. In fact, when you are so busy, you need it that much more. Because we all need some time to decompress and spend some time doing what we love most. Now I’m not saying you can’t love being busy with life because you absolutely can. But spending time doing one of your hobbies is also very important for your health and general well-being. I know I feel miserable after a while when I can’t spend time reading or blogging and writing even though at the moment I am very much enjoying life. So I’ve found the perfect solution. MAKE. TIME. FOR. BOOKS.

Take a look at your schedule and maybe shuffle things around a bit. If you have a partner or a roommate, discuss your issues with them and see if they can manage to do the household or spend time with the kids for a few hours every week so you can spend that time on one of your hobbies. In this case reading or blogging. If you have a great support system around you, they’ll have no problem doing that for you because even they need some time to relax every week. The trick is to just ask. If you live alone and have work, try and spread out all the household activities over the whole week. That way you have some free time in the evening and weekend to blog!

Life can be busy but it is possible to have a busy life and still have time for blogging if you really want to. And if the pressure of it all gets too much, take a break. Tell your readers you’ll be on a short hiatus until things calm down. They will understand and wait for you to come back patiently. Or impatiently. But they’ll wait either way.

It’s okay to take a break. But it’s also okay to ask for help managing it all.




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19 responses to “How To Blog When Life Gets In The Way

  1. My gosh! I love reading these type of posts. It allows us to really get to know you as a person. I wish you all the best with your pregnancy. Sorry if I’m being too forward but do you happen to have endometriosis? I have it and I got the similar diagnosis.

    I’ve been also dealing with depression ever since I was a teenager but I’ve only started doing therapy last year. Not sure that’s the right decision for me but I need someone to talk to about my problems so it will do for now. What seems to work is me finally getting into bullet journaling. It helps me manage my time better and make me push myself to do the things I would rather skip.

    • Bee

      I don’t have that, no! Thankfully, it seems very painful.

      Yeah I did bullet journalling for a while too last year but ahaha I sucked at keeping it up so I gave up. xD But yay that it’s working for you!

  2. Oh boy, what a year! Congratulations on your pregnancy, though! I hope my issues with my gyno end up like yours. 🙂

    It’s so funny that you say me time = book time. Seriously since I’ve said I was going to stop working so much overtime, all I’ve really been doing in those early hours instead is 1.) Reading The Magician; 2.) Writing (and erasing) my novel; and 3.) Blog posts/mostly comments. Because even though it’s sorta “work”, it’s also fun for me (to a point). I like my bookish people.

    I hope you are taking some serious spa/relaxation time! Is morning sickness killing you? When I was pregnant last spring I actually had to STOP blogging because when I wasn’t working, I was puking. Warm showers, prenatal massage, and sherbet lemons were THE BEST.

    You are going to be a rock star this year. *high fives*

    Amber @ The Literary Phoenix recently posted: Stories from around the world.
    • Bee

      Aww thank you Amber! And I’ve been okay with morning sickness so far actually. I’m lucky when it comes to that, for sure. And bookish people are usually the best people.

  3. Sammie

    So much good advice in this post! Congrats on your upcoming graduation, and I hope everything goes well between you and your boyfriend. Moving in can be scary, and it doesn’t always get easier (it’s been TEN YEARS and I still can’t convince my husband that dirty clothes go in the basket for, wait for it, dirty clothes). You just sort of have to learn to not stab people every time they annoy you, and things go fine. 🙂

    This me-time thing is something I need to remember and work on. It’s only Monday, and I already feel hopelessly behind with everything I had to do this week. Where did my weekend go? *flails*

  4. Nathan

    Wow, a lot has happened to you. Your doctor was wrong about the odds of becoming pregnant, but I think you will be a good mother. You have a good heart. I am late getting to this post because, well life. I wrote my exams and finished a course, good news. Bad news, Dad is in the hospital now with chest pains and nausisa. You can’t take heart health lightly so I have been spending the last few days with him and have been to tired to fit in blogging or much reading. So scary times again.

      • Nathan

        We now know he has congestive heart, early stage and hopefully we can do something. He also has Norwalk and now so does my brother. It is a good thing we are chatting on this blog and not real life at the moment…
        But he is feeling a little better.

  5. Wow, I can see why you didn’t have time for blogging. I’m probably going to take a post-writing break at the end of April. My brain is so tired! I think I’d like to focus on redesigning the blog instead of creating new content. That should be scary and interesting.

  6. Wow-what a year you’ve had!! But I hope you can also see what you accomplished!!AND overcame! That is a strong person! Depression is a serious issue, I was depressed for a good while. But I changed my life to make me happy-even when others didn’t understand it. I am now happy! Everyone needs me=time-for anything-it does help to unwind yourself!! I truly hope this next year is alot smoother for you.

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