Getting ready for Cress! Reviewing Lunar Chronicles novella’s

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When I saw that these three novella’s/short stories were up on Wattpad to read, I couldn’t resist. I love everything from Marissa Meyer and since my review for Cress will be up tomorrow and I did the double Re-Read and Review for Cinder and Scarlet, I thought, why not make short reviews for these three too? So here it is and I hope you check them out!

The Little Android


The Little Android is a retelling of The Little Mermaid set in the world of the Lunar Chronicles. It’s about an android Mech6.0, who saves the life of a handsome engineer. Her body is destroyed and her mechanics discover a glitch in her system and want to replace her, but the android goes to Cinder for help.

I really liked this little story! If you’re familiar with the fairytale (not the Disney version), you know how it goes and you know it doesn’t really end that good, but it’s still such a great story, as I expected from Marissa Meyer. For me, she’s the queen of Fairy Tale Re-tellings. I don’t have to tell you the writing is awesome, because that’s just how it always is. The Little Android is short and sweet and a great, original spin on one of my personal favorite fairy tales. I, for one, would love to see more fairy tales retold by Marissa!

Published January 27th 2014.
Available to read on Wattpad here. Add it to your shelves on Goodreads!



Glitches is a prequel to Cinder and it’s about Cinder’s first day at the Linh’s home. She meets Adri, Pearl and Peony for the first time and she finds an android that was broken because it has a glitch. She’s called Iko and Cinder fixes her. Then her ‘dad’ gets the plague and leaves and she starts talking with Iko. That’s all there is really, but it was so nice to see how they all met each other!

If you love this series, you should definitely read this. It only takes half an hour at most to read and it’s available for free on Wattpad! Plus it’s written by Marissa Meyer. That alone is a reason to read it. I’m glad I got the chance to read it and get to know Cinder that much better. And it was so lovely to see Peony again and we meet her ‘dad’ briefly. I still don’t like Adri or Pearl lol.

Published December 5th 2011.
Available to read on Wattpad here. Add it to your shelves on Goodreads!

The Queen’s Army


The Queen’s Army is a prequel to Scarlet and it’s about a boy named Z (who I think is Wolf from Scarlet?). He is chosen to serve in the queen’s army. They can’t decline and to be chosen is supposed to be an honor. The boy is modified, trained for years and he learns to fight to the death.

I think Z is Wolf and if not, I think his story would be very similar. I really feel for him and I loved getting to know his past and where he came from. Again, wonderfully written by Marissa and I hope we get one of these from Cress too! That would be awesome. So read it if you have loved all the other books and novella’s in the series so far. I love all the covers too by the way! They’re so gorgeous!

Published November 23rd 2012.
Available to read on Wattpad here. Add it to your shelves on Goodreads!

Have you read these three yet? If you haven’t, do so now! It won’t take much of your time and they’re absolutely worth it.



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