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Cinderella ~ a  Discussion with my best friend!

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So today is going to be a bit different! Instead of giving my thoughts and alternatives and such, I’m making a discussion post out of this because I saw this with my best friend in the world, Stephanie. Here we go!


Bee: I really loved the story! It’s pretty much the same story everyone knows, but it does take some new turns and it has a lot more depth than the original animated movie.

Steph: And it was just gorgeous on top of that. All those little knick knacks from the Disney version that you could definitely see in the movie.

Bee: I know! It had that good old Disney magic! Kenneth Branagh did a fantastic job directing it. He also directed the first Thor movie AND he played Gilderoy Lockhart in the second HP movie.

Steph:  I have no idea how you can remember all that. But yeah, Branagh did an amazing job directing Cinderella. I wouldn’t mind him doing Beauty and Beast as well.

Bee: That job goes to Bill Condon! This movie did make me even more excited though. I loved the Disney movie, but it didn’t have as much depth. We got more background on both Cinderella and the prince. Hell, the prince actually got a name, haha. And I’m just that awesome. (Actually, I looked it up on wikipedia…)

Steph: Ah well, then we’ll see how it’ll turn out. True, it didn’t, especially Prince Charming from the 1950s version, he had like 2 maybe 3 sentences all together? And Cinderella’s mom was so sweet, I loved that we got to meet her too. And as far as the name goes for the Prince, it’s not really a name, more like a nickname his dad, the king, gave him. But it beats just calling him Prince Charming, LOL. Ha, I knew you couldn’t have remembered that!

Bee: Haha, I didn’t. But I do know Bill Condon has experience with musicals (Dreamgirls, Chicago,…) and since Beauty and the Beast will be a musical, it should be a good fit. Prince Charming? I just always called him the Prince…. Speaking off the Prince, let’s go over the characters!

Steph: Like I said, we’ll see how Condon does. Prince? I always called him Charming, I thought it fit better. And all right we will.

Characters & Actors

Bee: I loved this cast! Lily James was a perfect choice for Cinderella! I love that they chose a lesser known actress for the role. Someone more famous would’ve been distracting I think. Same with the Prince. Richard Madden was so dreamy! Such pretty eyes. Most people probably know him as Robb Stark from Game of Thrones (though I don’t watch that show, lol)

Steph: You can say that again! Lily James was utterly perfect as Cinderella, it was like she was made for that role. And I knew I recognised Richard Madden from somewhere! Then again, I haven’t watched Games of Thrones in a while, and yes, his eyes are absolutely gorgeous, you could drown in them. *sigh* And you gotta admit that Cate Blanchett played a great, mean Lady Tremaine. The same goes for Helena Bonham Carter, that woman is simply made for weird roles, LOL. I loved seeing her as the Fairy Godmother.

Bee: Cate and Helena are the only ones that are really well-known in this movie and they were both awesome. They always are though. I also loved that they included the mice! Though they don’t actually talk (which is a good thing because that would’ve been weird…), they do communicate with Cinderella. That could’ve easily gone wrong in a live action, but they did it in a very good way. Also, I loved the cat, Lucifer. xD

Steph: I know, right?! Those mice were so adorable, especially in the way that they communicated with Cinderella, and you gotta love Gus-Gus, even for a non-talking mouse, he was funny. Remember that scene where Cinderella made them a nice little table with a cup and then Jacqueline hitting Gus-Gus paw when he made a grab for the cheese? LOL, priceless! I think, they could’ve made Lucifer funnier, like they did in the 1950s Disney movie, but yeah, he was a great addition to the movie as well.

Bee: They could’ve yeah, but at the same time it’s good this way. In the original film the mice and Lucifer played a much bigger role but this one was really about Cinderella. OH, I also loved the stepsisters! They did a great job of making me hate them, haha.

Steph: I guess so. Ha, those stepsisters were dumber and a lot meaner then in the Disney movie, and I loved it! They’re truly horrible and it did make it easier to hate them both, you’re right about that.

Bee: True, lol. I loved what they did to the King and the Grand Duke too! To avoid spoilers, I won’t give specifics, but they changed a few things from the original and I really liked them. Also, I cried 3 times during this movie and that wouldn’t have happened if the actors didn’t do their job good enough.

Steph: No spoilers, really? Ah phooey, oh well than I’ll just nod my head and agree. I still hate the Grand Duke though, oh and you have to remember the Captain! He was great too! You cried 3 times? 4 times for me, some scenes were just so emotional, you couldn’t not cry.

Bee: 4? Huh, what’s the fourth then? Nevermind, I think I know. I did tear up more than that, but I actually cried 3 times. Shall we go over effects and costumes? We need to talk about them!

Steph: Yeah, exactly, that scene. All right, let’s talk Special Effects and Costumes!

Special Effects & Costumes

Bee: THE DRESS! It’s a character on its own, seriously. It’s sooooo pretty! It flowed so beautifully on the dancefloor and I want it. I really, really do.

Steph: And it was such a pretty blue colour! I’ve never wanted to own a dress as much as this one. I’m jealous of Lily James that she got to spend hours walking around in that thing. Let’s not forget the carriage!! It was such a splendid piece of art, with such an intricate golden design. And it was so much fun watching the Fairy Godmother transform that pumpkin (carriage), Mr. Goose (driver), the mice (horses) and the lizards (footmen). Not to mention that gorgeousness of the dress transformation! And the SHOES!!! I want those shoes! I’ve been wondering since last night, if they really are as comfortable as the Fairy Godmother said.

Bee: The effects were beautiful! The whole kingdom looks so amazing! And they’re magical shoes, so of course they are. On that note, this explains why the shoes only fit Cinderella. They’re magical. It’s just one word and I could’ve avoided wasting all that time wondering why they don’t think about the fact it could fit anyone. Hah. XD

Steph: Really, it took you this long to figure that out? If they weren’t magic, the shoes would have indeed fit another girl. Magic is magic for a reason, LOL.

Bee: Ahum… Anyway, I loved all of the costumes! Lady Tremaine and the stepsisters looked horrendous, like they should, haha. Though I must admit those leggings from the men were distracting.. T_T

Steph: Well I didn’t think Lady Tremaine and the stepsisters’ costumes were ugly or anything, they were just over the top and a bit outlandish what with the colours and details they used. Those leggings distracting, you say? Yes, they were , I’ll give you that one.

Music & Score

Bee: This isn’t a musical so I don’t have that much to say about this part, but I feel like it should be addressed anyway. The score was beautiful and fit the movie beautifully, but what I loved most were the few songs they did use. First it’s a song called Lavender’s Blue (listen to it here!), which is the only song actually sung during the movie. It’s really pretty and I loved that one a lot! The other two were from the credits. The first was a song called Strong, sung by Sonna Rele (listen here!) and the other one is Lily James’ version of A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes, which is soooooo good! (You can listen to it below!) At the end, apparently is also Helena’s version of Bibbity Bobbidi Boo. Hah, I love it! (Listen here!)

Steph: I think it’s actually a good thing, that it isn’t a musical this time around, there have been Cinderella live action films that were more musical, than movie, take Cinderella (1997) for example, with Brandy, Whoopi Goldberg, Bernadette Peters and Whitney Houston. It was good movie, but it was too musical and it distracted more than added to the movie. As for the songs, I LOVED every single one they did use in the movie as well. Lavender’s Blue was so adorable! And you’re right Lily James’ version of A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes is beautiful, I could listen to it all day.


Bee: Overall I really, really did love this one! It captured the Disney magic, the cast was fantastic and everything looked so very beautiful! I highly recommend this to fans of Disney movies, especially the classic animated version of Cinderella!

Steph: I completely agree. This was one of the best Disney live action movies, I’ve seen in years and like Bieke, I would recommend to every Disney fan out there, who loves the classics!

Extra: Frozen Fever short film!


Bee: We were lucky enough to be able to see the Frozen short called Frozen Fever before the movie! I’m happy they included it. It was very cute and funny and the song was great and Elsa’s new dress was amazing! I loved it!

Check out this clip featuring Lily James’ version of  A Dream is a Wish your Heart makes!

Have you seen this movie or do you want to?



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8 responses to “{From Page to Screen} Cinderella ~ Discussion with my best friend

  1. I love this post Bee!! Sorry I didn’t post sooner, but my phone is giving me issues when I’m trying to post comments using it 🙁 I took my daughter to see this and we both absolutely loved it! We both shed tears a few times as well! Afterward, we were in a happy daze and kept telling each other “Be Brave, and Be Kind” we both agreed the dance scene with that beautiful dress was our favorite part 🙂

  2. Oh, I adored that they still kept the magical Disney element of it all but at the same time giving the characters more background. 🙂

    AND YES, HOLY CRUD GIRLS, RICHARD WAS THE PERFECT PRINCE CHARMING! He was, well, perfectly charming. 😉 And I do agree that they made the perfect pick for Cinderella, too. She was a blend of innocent and passionate. Helena Bonham Carter is Queen. I adored her as the fairy godmother!

    THE DRESS! Man, what I would do for one of my own. <3 Other effects were AMAZING as well. Loved the carriage especially. 🙂

    So glad you guys enjoyed watching this movie as much as I did!

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