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Hi there gorgeous people! Arianne and I want to share with you some of our favorite book blogs and we hope that you share yours with us to!  Here we go:

Liza’s Picks


Cuddlebuggery – I love Cuddlebuggery because of the great snarky reviews, the updates about the publishing industry, because they always seem to know what is going on, they try to help new bloggers,  and because they do the most hilarious and unique interviews ever! Also, because I know Steph 🙂


Allodoxophobia – Christina and Mellissa are so sweet and very active in the blogosphere.  I swear that Christina is a reading machine and she meets so many cool authors too.

irish banana

The Irish Banana Review – If you need to know anything about anything, events, books, publishers, etc. Hannah is your girl!  She is so generous with her knowledge and even her books. Gabrielle and Hannah are very active as well. I love their discussions, reviews, and advice.  (*waves hi!*)

nose graze

Nose Graze  – I’m convinced that Ashley is Wonder Woman!  Really!  She runs Nose Graze, and her design and hosting business, plus she goes to school. Oh, and she created Book Blogging community too. I don’t think the days are long enough for all she does.  Anyway, her blog is full of reviews, discussions and WordPress advice.  (I might be a bit biased since she designed my blog and help me move to WP!)

Eater of books

The Eater of Books – Alyssa Susana is really active as well.  I have no idea how a full time student has the time to read this much for pleasure AND post so often.  My hat is off to you.  Alyssa’s reviews are always helpful and we seem to have similar tastes too.

book nerd canada

Book Nerd Canada – I like Giselle’s review, design, her discussion posts and vlogs.  She is very active in Twitter and other social media too.


The Bawdy Book Blog – The ladies at this blog are very active too.  I like that they review all types of books (age groups and genres) and also audiobooks, which I love.  I love their advice and discussion posts. Jennifer is a member of our YADC group and as great in person as she is in the blog.


Fiktshun – Rachel has two blogs besides Fiktshun and she is also one of the faces behind Rockstar Book Tours.  She reviews a ton of books, her discussion posts are great, and she shares blogging advice and even shares her mistakes.  Rachel also has a lot of original content and challenges.

mosty ya obsessed

Mostly YA Book Obsessed – Nereyda is awesome!  I love her unique way to unite fashion and books.  Her reviews are always spot on and she also loves audiobooks.  Nereyda is also part of YA Bound Book Tours and has another blog about fashion.  I really don’t know how she does it all!

jenuine cupcakes

Jenuine Cupcakes – Jen is another member of YADC and an incredible baker (really, her cupcakes are quite famous around these parts).  She is an editor at YA Books Central, a busy mother, and aspiring writer.  Of course, she also reviews a LOT.

You know what?  After writing about how much all of these bloggers do, I kind of feel sorry about myself! But honestly, check them out because they are all AWESOME 🙂

Arianne’s Picks

I’ll be honest with you, guys: the first draft I made of this list had about a thousand people on it. I’ve managed to bring it down to my top five, but in my eyes all book bloggers are awesome, so it was by no means an easy decision!

Oh, The Books! has only been in existence for a few weeks, but already it’s become one of my favourite book blogs out there. Asti, Leanna and Kelley have such a refreshing, cool and sophisticated approach to book blogging – I can’t help but keep dropping by to check out new posts and get involved!

Weaving Pages: Rita is INSANE. Absolutely crazy! But she’s our Crazy Rita, and we love her anyway 🙂 She adores books, writes reviews and can make you grin on the most miserable of days. Thanks for being awesome, Rita!


Lit Up Review: you’ve probably guessed that I have a soft spot for blogs run by teams – and by teens! Lit Up Review is the place to be if you’re a reading teen – it’s run by awesome people, with smart, incisive reviews, incredible writing and a blog design that’s absolutely to die for!

The Mile Long Bookshelf: Amber has been book blogging since before most of us even knew blogs existed! She’s a cornerstone of the UK teen book blogging community and recently founded the particularly wonderful Blog Notes Project – which you can get involved in! Just click the link for all the details.


YA Highway: I have no words to describe how amazing YA Highway is. Whether you want author exclusives, writing advice, book giveaways or just plain fangirling, it’s got a post that’s made just for you. If there’s anything at all up in the world of words, you can bet that YA Highway will have the scoop!


BONUS ROUND! Zoe’s Book Blog is run by one of the most fantastic people on the planet. Unfortunately she’s had to put blog posts on the backburner for a little while – though you can still find her talking books on Twitter and she has possibly the best excuse I have ever heard for going on a blog hiatus: she’s off promoting HER BRAND NEW ALBUM!! Sir Lucas and the Moon is an awesome record, made even more special by the fact that Zoe has serious songwriting skillz (oh yes, so serious they deserve a z) and is already pursuing her wildest dreams before she’s even left her teens (sadly, I don’t think my own rhyming is worthy of an album quite yet).

I hope you adore these bloggers as much as we do! Who are your favourite book bloggers? Share the love in the comments below!



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17 responses to “Our Favorite Blogs and Bloggers!


    I haven’t had a chance to comment yet, but I had seen the post and loved it!! Anyway, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR INCLUDING ME. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH *hugs you crazily* I love quite a lot of the blogs on this list but there are some that I’ll have a look at when I try to conquer my bloglovin’ feed… WISH ME LUCKK! XD

    Rita xx

    Rita @ Weaving Pages recently posted: Top Ten Bookish Things That I'd Like To Own
  2. I loved this, it has introduced us to book blogs that we had no idea even existed. I will surely be checking them out.
    Our blog, Booktuation, has only been active for a few weeks as well but we have a lot of work to do on it, in order to get it to the same standard as the ones mentioned above. We are trying though.

    • Liza

      I’m glad you liked the post Chloe! Thank you so much for your kind words. Some of the blogs mentioned here have a lot of advice posts for new bloggers. Also, feel free to send me an email if you have any questions, I’ll be more than happy to help 🙂 Oh, I also started following you in Bloglovin’.

    • ariannebookblogger

      Aw, thanks for commenting, Amber! You shouldn’t be so surprised to find yourself in such great company – you were one of the first people that came to mind when I started drafting the list!

      I’m glad you like it here at Reading with ABC, by the way! The design is all down to Liza but you may see one or two of my co-blogger posts floating around on the main page 🙂

  3. Aw, thanks for the mention Arianne! Kelley, Leanne and I were sort of nervous when leaving our personal blogs for Oh, the Books! because we weren’t sure if people would even like it, so anytime we see someone commenting on our blog or recommending it it helps us feel like we did the right thing!

    And I’m super excited because there’s quite a few blogs I didn’t already know about (it’s crazy how no matter how long you’re in the blogosphere or how many times you search for new blogs there are always some you miss! ><). I'm off to go blogsporing now! 😉

    • Liza

      Arianne and I both follow Oh, the Books! (I followed your before then Asti). I find all the personal posts really interesting. Thanks for stopping by and for having such an awesome blog 🙂

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