{Effie Reviews} Threats of Sky and Sea by Jennifer Ellision

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{Effie Reviews} Threats of Sky and Sea by Jennifer Ellision

Threats of Sky and Sea

by Jennifer Ellision
Series: Threats of Sky and Sea #1
Published on May 16th, 2014
by Jennifer Ellision
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy
Format: Paperback
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Sixteen year-old Breena Perdit has spent her life as a barmaid, innocent to her father’s past and happily free from the Elemental gifts that would condemn her to a life in the Egrian King’s army. Until the day that three Elemental soldiers recognize her father as a traitor to the throne and Bree’s father is thrown in jail—along with the secrets from his last mission as the King’s assassin. Secrets that could help the King win a war. Secrets he refuses to share.

Desperate to escape before the King’s capricious whims prove her and her father’s downfall, Bree bargains with him: information for their lives. It’s a good trade. And she has faith she’ll get them both out of the King’s grasp with time.

But that was before the discovery that she’s the weapon the King’s been waiting for in his war.

Now, time is running out. To save her father’s life and understand her own, Bree must unravel the knot of her father’s past before the King takes his life– and uses her to bring a nation to its knees.

3 Stars

I’ll start of by saying that I was actually a bit disappointed in this book. I actually expected a lot more of this book. Especially since I’ve seen a lot of people compare it to the Throne of Glass series, but believe me when I say this book doesn’t come even close, in my personal opinion!

I’m not going to go on and on about this, because really there’s no point to that. I liked it, but it wasn’t special. It was a good book, with a really nice, flowing writing style and nice characters.

The story itself, I did think was actually really good, I loved the different names the author gave to its Elementals like: Torcher, Thrower, Rider, Shakers, and more. It’s original and I loved that part of the story. The world-building on the other hand, not so much. We don’t get a lot of explanations on the how’s and why’s of this world, nor do we really get any insights into the world itself, like Egria or Nereidium.

As for the characters: I felt no conection whatsoever with Breena, or Caden or Aleta or Tregle or even Breena’s father Ardie. The villains like the King himself and Lay Katerine, were okay and their roles were pretty clear. But I just couldn’t connect with any of them, at all. And that is what bugged me the most about this book.

However, the Threats of Sky and Sea is a good book, the characters are nice and the story is a bit fast-paced and clear. And the writing style is really good. In the end I enjoyed it but the little flaws in it, did drop the rating to 3 STARS. I’m hoping that its sequel Riot of Storm and Smoke will be better.


About Jennifer Ellision

Jennifer Ellision spent a great deal of her childhood staying up past her bedtime with a book and a flashlight. When she couldn’t find the stories she wanted to read, she started writing them. She loves words, has a soft spot for fanfiction, and is a master of the fangirl flail. She lives in South Florida with her family, where she lives in fear of temperatures below 60 Fahrenheit.

Threats of Sky and Sea, a young adult fantasy, is her first novel.

You can find Jennifer online at www.jenniferellision.com, or on twitter @JenEllision.

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