{Effie Reviews} Priestess Under Fire by Samantha Blake

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{Effie Reviews} Priestess Under Fire by Samantha Blake

Priestess Under Fire

by Samantha Blake
Published on October 29th, 2013
by Smashwords
Genres: New Adult, Urban Fantasy
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased
B&N | Goodreads

They say may all your dreams come true.

Bridget led an abnormal life to begin with: she worked at the Boiling Kettle cafe full time, read Tarot, and even sang in her best friend's metal band, but nothing could have prepared her for what she found in the alley that night.

Bridget hoped they didn’t.

Now the monsters from her nightmares creep in the shadows all around her. Her friends think she’s going crazy and there are goblins in her living room rubbing their stench into the fabric of her couch. Plus, it turns out she might be a Witch. The smell of a Witch repels most demons which should count as a boon--except the man she’s got a crush on just happens to be a demon.

Now they’re searching for her.

As if crush-shattering powers and unwanted house guests weren’t enough to deal with. Turns out Felix has a lot of siblings, and one of them wants her dead. He’s sending demon servants to try and capture her. The only thing Bridget’s learned so far in the world of magic is names have power. The Demon King has already taken her family from her. Bridget has one advantage.

He doesn’t know her name.

3 Stars

I bought a copy of this ebook months ago and now I finally found the time to read it.

Now first off, I liked the story. It’s about Bridget, who’s an orphan and lives on her own. Her best friend plays as a guitarist in a band (which I found awesome), she works in a little café owned by the most temperamental man you’ll ever meet and she has no clue that a lot of those around her, are not what they seem. And after a run on with a demon named Larry. Bridget discovers that her boss is a demon, she’s hunted by the Demon King and everyone has been keeping secrets from her, from the start.

The story is very intense and fast paced, and you really need to pay attention when you read otherwise you could get confused. I really loved the descriptions of the demons transforming to their true forms. But I did have some trouble with the fact that in my opinion, there’s some information missing which would have made the story read a lot smoother.

As for the character, I did not really connect with Bridget, despite the fact that she’s a really nice main character if a little naive and sometimes impulsive. But all in all she’s really likeable and I’m sure a lot of readers will love her, I’m just sorry I didn’t feel the connection.

Then there are Conlan and Felix, Bridget’s best friend slash band member and her boss, respectively. I liked both of them, eventhough they were both so secretive, mostly Felix though. And I know this is gonna sound crazy but I really enjoyed Felix’ temper, it’s so damn explosive that it makes me grin each time he blows up at someone. It’s mean, but I don’t care. And Conlan, gosh, I like him but I wish I had known more about him, even now I still don’t really quite understand who are what he is (in the supernatural department, that is) and it frustrates me.

As for Ansil (The Demon King and our resident evil villain) and Evander, younger brother to both Ansila and Felix. They were both amazing in their own way. I can at times really enjoy the evilness and general cruelty of a well-thought villain. But I still loved Evander the most out of those two, because he’s so cunning, smart and would have been a magnificent main villain, if given the chance to evolve to that stage.

With all that said, I really liked the story but I still felt there were pieces missing that would have made it great, so I’m giving it 3 stars, which I think it wholeheartedly deserves! Just like I believe that people will really enjoy this book. It’s a fine debut novel, that’s definitely worth a read!


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