{Effie Reviews} Dark Tide by Jennifer Donnelly

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{Effie Reviews} Dark Tide by Jennifer Donnelly

Dark Tide

by Jennifer Donnelly
Series: Waterfire Saga #3
Published on October 13th, 2015
by Disney Hyperion
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Mermaids
Format: Hardcover
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Also by this author: Deep Blue, Deep Blue, These Shallow Graves, Rogue Wave, Stepsister

Once a lost and confused princess, Serafina is now a confident leader of the Black Fin Resistance (BFR). While she works on sabotaging her enemy and enlisting allies for battle, her friends face challenges of their own.

Ling is in the hold of Rafe Mfeme's giant trawler, on her way to a prison camp. Becca meets up with Astrid and learns why the Ondalinian mermaid is always so angry: she is hiding a shameful secret. Ava can't return home, because death riders await her arrival. And it is getting more and more difficult for Mahdi, Serafina's betrothed, to keep up the ruse that he is in love with Lucia Volerno. If Lucia's parents become suspicious, his life--and all of Sera's hopes--will be extinguished.

Political intrigue, dangerous liaisons, and spine-tingling suspense swirl like a maelstrom in this penultimate book in the WaterFire saga

3 Stars

Welp, Dark Tide was a fun, nice and easy read and I enjoyed myself. Besides that I doubt there’s much more I can add. But I’ll try my best.

The story starts with Sera and how she and her Blackfins cook up an insane plan to rob the treasury of Miromara, right under her uncle’s (and Lucia’s) nose. I must admit I really enjoyed their planning and execution of the plan, along with the bumps they came across along the way. Not to mention how things progressed from there on out. One thing that I enjoyed sooooooooo much this time around was the addition of Becca, Ava and Astrid to the story once again. Their journeys are interesting, especially Astrid and the way of life in Ondalina. And finally I get to meet Astrid’s family too and daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn her dad is such a jerk even in this situation. Unbelievable. The journeys of Ling and Becca are both entertaining as well and Ling’s was the darker (quite literal too) then the others.

As for the characters, I’m actually starting to like them now. I don’t feel tons of love for them, but I like them and it’s a huuuuuuuuuge improvement over my mehness the last two books (and yes mehness is a word! My word! Mine!). Sera, for example, grows a lot more in this book then she did in Rogue Wave and it finally clicked for me. Now’s the kind of character I could totally fell for. Neela isn’t on the pages a lot, but her presence is still felt and I like that about her as well. As for Becca, Ava, Ling and Astrid … it finally feels like I sort of know these girls now. especially Astrid, I don’t know if it’s her tough exterior hiding or the softness that we see coming through the pages that has me liking her so much now. Not to mention the chemistry between her and Des, and I’m sooooooo hoping it’ll become something. (fingers crossed, people). Though I object to the thing between Becca and Marco, that’s just insta-love right there, but I guess I don’t mind too much because it wasn’t such a huge deal.

To be honest I think Dark Tide is better than Deep Blue and Rogue Wave, but that could just be because it has a lot more action and the characters are a lot stronger (mentally and physically) than in the previous 2 books. So why only 3,5 stars? Because it’s still has its flaws, and some of those I just can’t overlook. Like the insta-love moment, the incredibly easiness with which some of the talismans are found, not to mention the predictability of the book from beginning to end. I could guess what would happened for most of the book and I like to be kept guessing.

In short: I enjoyed it but that’s about it. It’s still a good book and my lack of feels during my reading of it, doesn’t mean others will feel the same. So go ahead and give this book a try and see what you have to say about it.


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