Effie Interviews Author Anne Bishop!

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Before Effie went on her hiatus, she interviewed her favorite author ever, Anne Bishop. I’m so happy and honoured to share it with you guys today. Here we go!

1 – How and when did Saetan Daemon SaDiablo, High Lord of Hell make his appearance into your mind?

I had been playing around in the Realms for a while, getting a feel for the Blood’s culture and meeting some of the characters—or, more accurately, meeting the rough form of who they would become eventually.
But something was missing. I knew what Daemon and Lucivar looked like, and that they were brothers, but their personalities remained illusive.And then the High Lord showed up one day, a man with regrets and emotional baggage as well as a massive amount of power and experience—and all the pieces fell into place, personalities solidified, and characters had their own histories. I knew who those three men were and how they were connected and what was at stake. And I had a story about honor and passion and the price that could be paid for a dream.

2 – You’ve said before that there might be other Black Jewels books in the future, is there any chance of seeing more Cassidy and Jared Blaed Grayhaven?

I hope I’ll have a chance to visit with them again, but I don’t know yet.

3 – How did the Others series come to be?

A lot of little ideas had to click together in the right way, which is how all of the worlds I’ve built come into being. With the Others, the “ah-ha” moment was when I wondered what the world would be like if the Others weren’t humans that became something else but were a different species altogether, supreme predators that had the ability to take other shapes in order to mimic and study other predators. That meant that even when they took the shape of a human, they wouldn’t think like a human.
That collision of world views intrigued me. Once I added the idea of the blood prophets, and Meg, who becomes the catalyst for those world views colliding, the story began to tell itself.

4 – Of all the characters you’ve created, which is your favourite?

Daemon Sadi.

5 – What is your favourite thing to drink while writing?

I take water breaks so that I get up and move around.

6 – What do you do when you’re stuck when writing a novel?

Being stuck usually means there is a piece missing in the story and I need time to think about it. Those are the times when I do simple chores that tidy up the house and yard while I mull over what might be missing.
I also read whatever happens to pull at me or watch a favorite TV show or movie. That sometimes sparks the moment of insight when I know what comes next. If those things don’t work, it means I’m exhausted and need to take a day off and not think at all.

7 – Who is your personal favourite author of all time?

I don’t have just one, and they change as I change. Currently, my favorite authors are Louise Penny, C.S. Harris, Patricia Briggs, Charles de Lint, and Jane Austen.

8 – What is your current favourite book?

I don’t have a favorite book. I think my current favorite series right now the Inspector Gamache mysteries by Louise Penny.

9 – Have you ever thought of writing in a different genre? If yes, which genre?

Fantasy is the broad term I use for the stories I write, but I’ve written stories that lean toward science fiction or horror, and there are elements of romance in the stories I write, and even some elements of the mystery/thriller genre. So I don’t really think in terms of genre. I just write the stories that come to me.

10 – Do you have a favourite (mythical) animal?

The unicorn.

11 – What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

You will invest years in learning and honing your craft, so don’t write because you want to be published; write because the process of taking a kernel of an idea and turning it into a place and the people who live there intrigues you enough that you’re willing to shut off your phone and turn off the TV in order to spend time with these imaginary people and record their journey and the choices they make. In order to write a good story that people will want to read, you will need to write a lot of bad ones as you learn how to use the various elements that go into a story. My advice? Write a story. Then write another one. And other. Making that commitment is the only way to learn your craft.

12 – What’s your favourite movie/TV show

Currently, it’s “A Place to Call Home” and “Penny Dreadful.”

13 – Which one of your books was the hardest for you to write?

The House of Gaian because it was physically and emotionally exhausting.

14 – Can you tell us one thing about Lake Silence?

It is set in the Feather Lakes (Finger Lakes to us humans) in the Northeast Region of Thaisia and has a new cast of characters. The publication date is March 2018.



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  1. Nathan

    I loved the interview, Effie. I do like writing more than watch TV most days, but I have never published or anything.

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