Dream Bookish Dates: Week 4 – Tristan and Scarlet

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Dream Bookish Dates is a new original feature in which we ask some of our favourite book bloggers from around the world to create their dream bookish date with a fictional character or between two dream date victorianfictional characters. This week, we’re delighted to have the fabulous Holly from Part of that World  with us, describing a dream date between Tristan and Scarlet from The Archers of Avalon series. 

We all have that one favorite book boyfriend, right? The guy that no other will ever be able to surpass in our minds? Well, mine is Tristan Archer from The Archers of Avalon series by Chelsea Fine. He instantly became my number one, and since then (December of 2012), he is still at the top. I’m actually even thinking about doing a reread of those books soon, because I really miss those characters and their story. And of course, I miss Tristan.

Anyway, I felt weird writing a date between me and my favorite fictional boyfriend. Not that I don’t wish I could have one in real life, but because I wouldn’t even know where to begin. So I’m going to give Tristan and his girl, Scarlet, a date made just for them. They deserve it after all they’ve been through together.

A “Bookish” Date!

Scarlet and Tristan are going to stay in on their date. Tristan has it all planned out, because he just loves to dote on his girl. He kicked his brother, Gabriel, out of the house so they could have the place to themselves. (I know where your mind is at, but keep it PG-13! :P). Tristan and Scarlet would rather have a quiet evening inside than an adventurous date or one in a crowd. They’d rather just be by themselves, where they can talk freely and be within close proximity of one another.

Before Scarlet arrives, Tristan sets up the house with a romantic glow. Candles, soft music, nice dining set on the table. They’ve known each other a long time, but he still wants to make it special for her. When Scarlet arrives, Tristan’s in the kitchen making pancakes. Blueberry and chocolate chip, because he knows she won’t be able to decide between the two. He’s done this before, and Scarlet appreciates the sentiment. She wraps her arms around his waist as he stands at the stove and closes her eyes, happiness and love swirling inside of her. Tristan turns and tells her how happy he is that she’s there with him, standing in his kitchen with her arms around him. She tells him that she’s there for the free pancakes. He laughs and places a soft kiss on her lips, one of many during the night.

Throughout dinner, they share pancakes and stories and never stop holding hands. Touch hasn’t been possible for them in so long, and they’re scared to let go of each other. Their talk involves everything from their past to their future. It’s a hopeful, fearful, and happy conversation that leaves them both grinning like fools and so in love with each other. Talk soon trails to what happened a few weeks ago, and ultimately, their use of weapons. That leads to a little competition in which they each say that they have the best aim with their bows. Of course, then they have to prove the other wrong. Scarlet and Tristan have an archery match out back, where targets are still hung in the trees. Scarlet takes out one more than Tristan, though he swears he let her win on purpose.

After a fun night of laughter and smiles full of shared happiness and secrets, the two of them cuddle on the loveseat in front of the fire in the living room. It’s quiet and simple and intimate, the only noise the crackling of the fire and the whispers of a couple who are so in love that they only have eyes for each other. <3

…and now I’ll leave you with your imagination and some eye candy. J

(Tristan Archer. Yum).
(Tristan Archer. Yum).


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