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I get quite a bit of email.  It used to be that I could “ignore” it for a day, no big deal, but now it is somewhat overwhelming now.  The email account for the blog is in Gmail, but I use Microsoft Outlook.  It is the same software I use at work and I’m very comfortable with it. It also allows me to attach emails directly to my calendar appointments and to create tasks and notes.

On the go, I also have my blog email in my iPhone, iPad, and Kindle Fire.  I do try to check it several times a day and reply to what I can.

ms outlook calendar

I think all my email can be broken in these categories:

  • Comments – I love that all the comments to my posts generate an email and it includes a link to the commenter’s latest post that I click on to reciprocate the visit.
  • Review requests – These come from authors or publicists.  I do have to confess that I do check out all requests, but do not reply to the emails unless I do want to review the book.
  • Contact form email – The “Contact” page on the blog generates all sorts of inquiries and generate an email to me.
  • Friends / Publishers – These emails always warrant a reply 🙂
  • Subscriptions – These are emails that I do want to get from bookstores, newsletters, and other sites.
  • Blogs I follow – Email subscriptions to the blogs I follow (about a dozen maybe?) I keep up with other blogs by my Bloglovin’ feed.
  • Social media – Twitter, Goodreads, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.  I do have to check on these, comment back, for follow back 🙂
  • Blog tours – Awesome blog tours come along all the time and I have to decide which ones I can participate on.

The trick for me is to organize and prioritize email.  I have folders so I can save the emails that I want to keep.  I also try to review first the emails that I know have timelines, for instance, blog tour announcements or assets.  I then review, and answer comments in the blog.  Next, usually I check out the blogs I follow by email and after that, I do everything that’s left.  It is true that I might not have time to open every single one of them every day, but I do try my best to not let them sit there for more than three days.

ms outlook email

How to you monitor your email? Do you use it to screen your comments?  Do you have different email accounts for your blog? Do you reply every day? What type of email account do you have?  Do you keep a separate calendar?



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18 responses to “Discussion: {How do You Monitor your Email?}

  1. I monitor my email pretty well? I have two emails – one for comments, friends and personal things. I am also subscribed to a lot of websites with articles and those go there. Another is solely for blog tours, review requests and general blogger related websites. I am subscribed to my favourite three blogs, and I get them too! I don’t know how, but I manage. The worst thing is when I am gone for a few days on holiday and then BAM, email overload 😛

    Olivia recently posted: Plotting Your Story (Guest Post)
    • Liza

      That’s a great idea! I have one email and everything goes there: blog subscriptions, requests, my feed, Goodreads, comments… This is probably the reason why I am so overwhelmed!

  2. I usually just check my e-mail from top to bottom, so most recent first. This might not make much sense, but on each day I make sure to check all my e-mails, so it works out. Sometimes when I don’t want to or can’t reply at the moment I leave the e-mail in my inbox, e-mails in my inbox are either unread or read e-mails that still need some sort of action or reply. I have one personal e-mail account, one blog account and one work account. My personal account and blog account I receive in one inbox, which makes it easier.

    Lola recently posted: Sunday Post #110
    • Liza

      I kind of do the same thing (or try), sometimes is so much that I don’t get to it all and then the oldest emails get to be too old. I do try to scan the email so I don’t miss anything really important. Thanks for your input Lola 🙂

  3. I am terrible at organising my email. It’s probably my biggest blog issue at the moment. I get a lot of emails every day and I do try to at least read them all but sometimes I get behind on them and it is really hard to catch up. My blog is a hobby which I barely have any time for so to be overwhelmed with emails can make it even harder. I get email notifications from my commentluv system too and I thought it would be easier to reply that way but I still manage to fall behind with those too. Email is stressful. I mostly read them on my phone whenever I get a second so it’s hard to reply sometimes. I need an assistant!

    Charlotte @ Books and Baby etc. recently posted: The Deadly 7 by Garth Jennings
    • Liza

      I know how you feel! Comments are a wonderful thing, but all the email that they generate is hard to catch up to. All the time it takes to clean all the email is time I’m not posting, reviewing and reading and it makes me feel guilty 🙁

  4. My emails are a distaster! I wake up and both my inboxes are full, what makes it worse is that stupid gmail like to send my emails to spam AND send my incoming messages to spam (even from people I email a lot). I’m thinking of getting something else, I’ll have to look into Outlook.

    • Liza

      I never liked the way Gmail works so I try not to use it directly from their website. Spam is a big issue with Gmail. Here’s some great advice from Ashley when this happened to my comments: “Sometimes I find that Gmail just gets a bit quirky like that. You can set it up so that they never get set to spam. Here’s how:

      * Go to Gmail settings
      * Click “Filters”
      * Click “Create a new filter” at the bottom
      * Enter this in the “From” field: wordpress@readingwithabc.com
      * Click “Create a filter with this search”
      * Select “Never send it to spam”
      * Click “Create Filter”

    • Liza

      I gave up handwritten manuals once I got my first smart phone! They are a life saver! I use my work calendar for both work and personal matters and then I keep the one for the blog separate.

    • Liza

      I’m too controlling and anal to do that! I must check it every day even if I can’t find the time to reply or take care of all the email 🙂

  5. Ugh email. It’s been tough for me lately. I used to ALWAYS have a clean inbox with zero unread messages. Those days are over.

    Now, I constantly have things to do and emails to check. I use gmail and the Streak add-on for all my management.

    It’s tough for me because I get enough emails that I could spend HOURS just checking them.. But I have other things (work) to do. So I really need to prioritise them at the start of the day and only answer the most important. Then I focus on work.

    By the way, it looks like your mobile theme (WPtouch) isn’t compatible with the Stop Spam Comments plugin. I wasn’t able to comment on my phone because of it. 🙁

    • Liza

      Blog email is a lot less crazy than my work email (that I’m never able to clean up!)

      I will deactivate the plugin, thanks for letting me know!

  6. Very interesting topic, Liza! I’m so attached to my email. I check it several times a day, my personal and my blog. I make sure to sort everything into their assigned folders and I go through and mark all things that require immediate attention! I make sure to get everything replied to within the week, but I’ve been struggling lately. I do read them all though. My email also delivers my comments which I read, all off, despite my troubles lately with catching up on replying. BUT I read them all immediately and gah, it makes my heart beat and all. Wow, now I”m just getting emotional, and in your comment section as well haha!

    • Liza

      Hi Jess, I think technology makes it so easy for us to obsess about things like email, comments and such. I do check my several times a day. I also monitor and use my email to reply to comments. You’re right, everyone of them makes my heart sing 🙂

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