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Hi, everyone! I don’t know about you, but I love going to the movies. You’re watching a collaborative effort of thoughts on a visual level.

When it’s a book to movie adaptation, the stakes are a little higher for the book’s fans. How will this turn out? Sometimes they’re great (Jurassic Park is a personal favorite) sometimes they are not (Vampire Academy, anyone?).

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In honor of the film adaptation for It, which looks fantastic and terrifying, I’ve made a list of books I’d like to (okay, desperately dying to) see on the big screen!

I’m including links to the books, why I think it would make a great movie, and some things which may make a worthwhile adaptation tricky. These are all my subjective opinions.



Shadow and Bone would look fantastic on the big screen!

Why it would be a great movie: With its Russian-inspired world, magic system, and the twists and turns, this is one adaptation full of potential. A strong cast would take it to new heights.

Why an adaptation would be tricky: This could easily fall into overuse of CGI. I’d like to see some practical effects where applicable (real locations and creature effects especially). The world building is a MUST; no infodumps, let the history of the Grisha unfold naturally.



Middle grade books deserve adaptations, too. Wolf Hollow would be a worthy contender.

Why it would make a great movie: With its small town setting, mystery, and unlikely friendship between a young girl and a World War I veteran, this would be heartbreaking yet moving, like the book.

Why an adaptation would be tricky: I’d hate to see the friendship and characters changed to make this a romance. For example, making Annabelle, the narrator, a teenager who falls in love with Toby, the World War I veteran. If the story’s not broken, don’t do anything to it.



Gosh, I love Daughter of Smoke and Bone.

Why it would make a great movie: Want to talk visual feasts for the eyes? From Prague to Morocco Brimstone’s lair to the Caged City, this is a visual person and production designer’s dream! The story’s compelling and the characters drive everything forward.

Why an adaptation would be tricky: This would need a lot of practical makeup and effects, especially with Brimstone (Heaven help you if you mess him up!), the chimaera, and the seraphim. The script should balance the romance and the tension between the two warring sides. If you put the romance at center stage, this will not bode well for the rest of the movie.



Word on a film for The Graveyard Book, one of my all-time favorites, has been quiet, but Neil Gaiman confirmed that it is happening. *sobs happily*

Why it would make a great movie: A boy raised by ghosts! A graveyard location! A beautiful story of family and love that pulls at heartstrings!

Why an adaptation would be tricky: This project could suffer from heavy chopping of story. Since the book is written as a series of interconnected stories, it’s possible that some of Bod’s stories could be cut for time.




I have mixed feelings about Anna and the French Kiss (yes to Paris boarding school, no to St. Clair), but this would look good on the big screen.

Why it would make a great movie: Location, location, location. Anna’s fish out of water feeling could be engaging if it’s not over the top.

Why an adaptation would be tricky: While enticing location wise, the success of this romance falls heavily on the two leads. Chemistry is important! Also, if we could take out the fact that St. Clair does what he does, that would be better.


What are some books you’d like to see made into movies? Have some of your favorite books been adapted to film or TV?



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15 responses to “{Discussion} That Would Make a Great Movie!

  1. I totally agree with Anna and the French Kiss, the world could always use more rom-coms! I haven’t read Shadow and Bone but anything Leigh Bargugo writes is visually stunning! I would LOVE if Six of Crows were a movie but they would have to get the characters perfect in order to do the book justice. Great post! 🙂

  2. While I don’t love the Grisha trilogy (I do like it, just don’t love it) I agree if done right it would make an incredible movie trilogy. It would look stunning and would be so exciting to watch! (also it could lead to a Six of Crows spin-off!!)

    I would love to see Heroine Complex as a movie – Asian female superheroes kicking butt on the big screen? Yes please!

    • Leah

      Yes to a Six of Crows spin-off!

      I haven’t read Heroine Complex but I totally will now–I’m always on the lookout for Asian leads.

  3. Nathan

    I loved Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park the Lost World, both the books and the movies as a kid. Perhaps Monica Hughes Keeper of the Isis Light for it deals with genetically altered humans and our own prejudices, set on the planet of Isis. The ending leaves us wondering what if? If Mark could love the girl who happened to look very different.

  4. I watched the original IT miniseries and it left me with many nightmares in my youth. The new one looks more terrifying. VA wasn’t a great movie, but it was ok. That is sort of how I felt about the Beautiful Creatures adaptation (which hardly resembled the book).

    Sam@WLABB recently posted: In a Nutshell Reviews
  5. I would 100% sell my soul for a movie of Shadow and Bone or even a movie series based on the whole Grishaverse, like the Lord of the Rings movies. And I would want as many practical effects too. Sometimes CGI doesn’t look realistic enough and practical effects can do better.

    I would personally want Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan trilogy to be adapted for movies, especially animated ones. But I wouldn’t want it to be Disney or Dreamworks because they tend to change the story a lot to make it more friendly for small children. I think Studio Ghibli would make a good Leviathan movie in traditional animation because they’re just the best.

    Louise ✨🦇 recently posted: How My Reading Has Changed 💭
    • Leah

      Yes! What I wouldn’t give for a Shadow and Bone movie.

      Studio Ghibli would animate the Leviathan world into something gorgeous.

  6. I agree with Shadow and Bone, I would love to see those books become a movie series, or possibly a TV series with the Six of Crows duology as well! Personally I still kind of want a good adaptation of the Percy Jackson series, and I think that would work best as a TV show as well (maybe even an animated one? That would be cool!)

    Nessa Luna recently posted: Behind the Scenes #37
    • Leah

      I think there’s definitely an appeal with Percy Jackson as an animated series. The creators might be more faithful with the adaptation.

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