Discussion: Do You Review Every Book You Read?

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As a book blogger my delight is to spread the word about the wonderful worlds that can be found inside the covers of a book.  I love reading, and as you are now reading a book blog I will take a wild guess and assume that you love reading as well.  I do keep track of all the books that I read through Goodreads, but I don’t review all the books that I read in the blog, although I have to confess to review most of them.   Why not review them all?  These are a few of the reasons why:

They are outside of the niche of Reading with ABC:  I do review (and read) books from other age groups besides young adult, and I sometimes include adult or middle grade book reviews here, but if the book is more geared to school or work, I don’t review it.  I’m not sure what my readers will think if I were to review a business book, for example.

Did not finish (DNF):  I have too many books to read as it is (don’t even ask hubby, I think this is one of his favorite topics!); therefore I’m inclined on not investing time (which is a very limited commodity around here) in a book that doesn’t seem to be going well.  Usually, if I can’t get into the story after a fourth or third of the book, I stop reading.  I might Google it and try to find out more about the ending (just for my own information), but as I said I just don’t have the time to read a book that I can’t get into.

How about you?  Do you review every book you read?  What other reasons do you have not to?  Do you feel compelled to finish every book you start? 


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11 responses to “Discussion: Do You Review Every Book You Read?

  1. I TRY to review everything I read, but I don’t always do full reviews. If I’m really behind on reviews (like I am right now), I tend to do short, one paragraph “mini reviews” and post a few at once. That way I don’t get panicked about being behind on reviews AND I don’t post a millions reviews each week (which nobody would read anyway).

    I thought about switching to only posting reviews for books that make me have VERY STRONG FEELINGS (positive or negative), but I like have a complete record of book thoughts sooooo here we are. It IS stressful sometimes, though, even with the mini reviews.

  2. I don’t normally review adult books, however considering I don’t read that many any more, that’s not really surprising. I do want to start branching out a bit, so when I find the time to fit an adult book into my reading schedule I will probably review it in the future.

    I don’t review DNF books, either. I like the idea of doing a collective post on them like I’ve seen some other bloggers do, but I always forget!

    Other than that, I do try to review every book. I have some that I haven’t reviewed yet (the Lux series, for example) that I’m saving until I have a free day and I need a post 😀

  3. The only books I don’t review on my blog are ones that don’t fit my genre. I designed my blog to be strictly YA and while it has evolved to include New Adult and Middle Grade, I won’t review erotica or adult novels on it even if I may read those books. If anything I may give them a paragraph or two reaction on Goodreads, but typically no.

    If there is a valid reason why I don’t finish a book, I will review it and say why I didn’t finish. I did that for “Poison Princess” by Kresley Cole.

  4. I review every book that i read, my blog is sort of a way for me to record my reading history so it has to go on to be counted, but I don’t tend to read much out of my usual so it’s not a problem. I will occasionally read a biography or something like that but I still review them.
    It depends how much I read of the book before I give up as to whether I review it or not. I used to have to finish every book, but I soon realised that I don’t have enough time to do that, my TBR pile was just ever growing.

  5. I typically try to finish books I read, typically out of curiosity, but I may end up skimming the book and will be sure to mention it if it’s for a review. If I don’t review a book, it’s usually because it is outside the reading range of my blog. It may also be because I already have more than enough book reviews scheduled in the coming days. This sometimes happens during the summer because I have so much reading time.

  6. I try to make sure I review every book that I read, even if I read the book a few months previous! Even though I’m mainly a YA blog, I do review most of the adult books I read, along with the MG books I read as well. I don’t really mention the books that I DNF, perhaps I should do a post on the books I DNF every once in a while.

  7. I try and review almost all the books I’ve read. For example, if I read a book usually I review it within the month. If the book is too old, then I collect them all and do an Oldies But Goodies post, with a mini-review; if I happened to skip over the book in my review list, then I collect them and do a Late Reviews post; if it’s marked DNF then I collect those and do a post.

    Also, I don’t read adult books, but if I do I sometimes review them, but other times I won’t.

  8. I try to review all the books I read but there are some (like Garfield comic compilations) that I don’t. My blog is YA centric yet I will review adult and middle grade on there if I’ve read it. There are a few I haven’t reviewed (this happened mostly early on), and I honestly don’t know how I never did. One I know is because I just didn’t like it, but the rest, I have no idea! 😛

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