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I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot after Star Wars: The Last Jedi hit theaters and was flooded with split reviews. People either really love it or really hate it. On the more extreme side, I’ve seen people verbally attack others for not thinking Last Jedi is perfection. Heaven help you if you say online, “I didn’t like The Last Jedi“. In fact, heaven help you if you don’t like something popular. You’ll most likely have your intelligence, lineage, and everything else questioned. Yikes.

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I’ve always prided myself on not caring when someone doesn’t like something I do. Unfortunately, I recently recommended a TV show to a co-worker and she told me she “didn’t get what the show was about.” I was crushed. But I quickly realized I was being silly.

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We all can’t like the same things. We’re allowed to express what didn’t work for us. We can be excited about things. And if those expectations aren’t meant, we can be disappointed in them. This goes as reviewers and the general public. And don’t let anyone dissuade you otherwise.

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Just because someone doesn’t like something you do doesn’t mean you can’t not like it. Somewhere along the way of talking about different topics, this mindframe sprang up. Many reviewers I’ve come across have this worded in some manner before their reviews or Best/Worst lists. These are personal opinions, and it’s tough when you see someone “question the validity” of a review. Those are the reviewers’ thoughts, and they shouldn’t have to be guilt-tripped into changing their thoughts, and it’s rude when someone says the review got it wrong.

So I confess: I didn’t like The Last Jedi. Most of it felt like filler, and all the crucial plot points introduced in the previous film are brushed off for other plot points, which are  then left hanging. These are my thoughts. Agree or disagree, I’m okay with that.

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9 responses to “{Discussion} I Didn’t Like ___, and That’s Okay

  1. I think there is a difference between encouraging someone to read or watch something and forcing them to like something. It’s a matter of personal taste. I have talked books and movies with my friends and we have had awesome discussions about why we like it or why we don’t like it and our opinions aren’t always the same. I just don’t understand how someone can be pissed off when someone doesn’t like the same thing as you do.

    • Leah

      Very true. Unfortunately, it seems like a majority of people have decided to take it personally when you don’t like something they do. It’s sad that reviewers and consumers have to give the “just because I don’t like something doesn’t mean you can’t,” like you don’t enjoy something to spite them. To each their own.

  2. I hate when people try to push something on me. My ex did that with Star Wars. I fell asleep during every single one that I was forced to watch. I am disappointed when I’ve recommended something to someone because I know them well and think they would like it, but I don’t get all bent out of shape about it. I just feel bad I got it wrong and they didn’t click with it like I did. It is OK for people to feel how they feel, and telling someone what they are or aren’t allowed to feel really ticks me off.

    • Leah

      I think that happens to all of us who have made recommendations. We’re disappointed that it didn’t work out. Taking it personally is a whole different animal though. When people lose their minds over someone not liking something they do, that’s unfair.

  3. I will admit, when I see a scathing review for a book I enjoyed, my heart aches a little, but I do not comment on the review, because everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It’s not my place to be the thought police and tell people what they should and shouldn’t like. I have my opinions and put them out there, but I know not everyone will agree with me. I’m with A.J., people need to calm down.

    Sam@WLABB recently posted: In a Nutshell Reviews
    • Leah

      That’s a very good point. Tone in a review is everything. Constructive criticism can be beneficial; going on a tirade calling the book is stupid (or worse, bashing the author) is something I can do without.

    • Leah

      Yes! Social media is the outlet for some of the meanest comments I’ve read. It’s so sad that people think they can attack others if they don’t like something popular.

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