{Discussion} The Agony of Waiting (and Waiting) for a Sequel

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I’m not going to sugar coated, waiting for a sequel can be agonizing.  Think about it, in most instances, it takes years to finish a series.  It is a major time (and often) money investment.  I think it’s even worse than waiting for the beginning of a TV series season (breaks between seasons are a few months long) or a series of movies.  Currently, I’m very careful of starting series and even more of continuing them.  I have to truly love a book to continue with a series.  Fortunately, I’m not one of those readers that must finish a series once started.

Sometimes though, it takes forever to get the sequel of a book and others, the next (or final) book is never published, which is even more heartbreaking 🙁  Oh, you need examples? Here’s a few:

I really liked The Shattered Court, but it’s sequel, The Forbidden Heir is taking forever!  Goodreads says mid-2017 and we’re past that now.  The blurb is not even there yet 🙁

Should I stop waiting now?

Granted that I don’t know much about publishing, but it seems to me that waiting for a book for a year is absolute torture, but doable.  Longer than that? Is awful and  unfair, especially when it’s a planned series.  Maybe I should just wait for the whole series to be published before starting the series…

What do you think?  Has this happened to you? Do you have to finish a series once you start?  Do you wait for all the books to be published before you start the series? 



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13 responses to “{Discussion} The Agony of Waiting (and Waiting) for a Sequel

  1. I read Stitch and Shudder too! I almost forgot all about those and honestly cannot remember a thing about them for when the next does come. 🙁 Waiting is horrible and my memory sucks. Sometimes I hold off on an anticipated sequel just because I can’t remember details and then I don’t get to them. Sigh. I’m trying to do more binge reading, especially with fantasy novels with a lot of world building.

  2. Waiting is the wooooooooooooorst. I hate waiting! I don’t totally mind waiting when you know the author is on a one-book-a-year schedule, like Alwyn Hamilton and Sharon Cameron. But when it is uncertain when the next book will publish? Ugh!

    I beta-read The Forbidden Heir and it’s fantastic! This was back in April/May, and I sent feedback, but I’m not sure what’s been going on since. Hopefully it will publish in the next five months. O_O

    Happy waiting! Have a lovely week, Liza. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    Alyssa Susanna (The Eater of Books!) recently posted: Review: Devil's Cut by J.R. Ward
    • Liza

      Lucky for you Alyssa! I read the sneak-peak for Forbidden Heir and now I just want more! November can’t get hear soon enough 🙂

  3. Nathan

    I read the first book of L.J. Smith’s Night Word series and loved it, but I can’t find the other books. I am waiting for the next book in J.R. Stewarts nirvana series and if there will ever be another book after Sisters of Blood and Spirit by Kady cross. Normally, by the time I start a series it is already mostly published and I have no shortage of books to read. But there are some I would love to continue if only the next book would come out.

    • Liza

      Sometimes, when a book doesn’t do very well, the publisher doesn’t buy the rest of the series and that sucks! I hope you get some of these soon Nathan 🙂

  4. I hear you, Liza! I have been waiting for more than twenty years for the final book in L.J. Smith’s Night World series. Every year when there’s no word on Strange Fate coming out, my hope dies a bit more.

  5. I went for a while where I would only start series that were completed for this exact reading. You wait and wait and wait. And when the sequel comes out you’ve forgotten what the book was about.

    • Liza

      That happens to me too Sydney! I keep my reviews spoiler free and then I forget some of the details or some of the characters (especially when there’s a big cast of them)…

  6. A sequel, well series ender, that I feel like I have waited an eternity for, was the final book in the Sweetest Dark series by Shana Abe. The second book was published in 2013 and the latest book just came out this spring. That lag is bad for my memory of the story and sometimes, my enthusiasm. I did buy the ebook yesterday, so I am hoping I still love the world and I get a satisfying ending. I have been thinking about series a lot lately, and I am may start waiting for them to be completed before I read them, because I have been getting burned with delays and poor sequels lately.

    • Liza

      I think that’s the way to go too. Waiting 3 years or more for a book is ridiculous, I forget a lot of the details in a year as it is! Well, I hope you love it 🙂

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