Review Requests

If you have read our review policy and want to send one of us a review request, you can! Please send us an e-mail with the info stated below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Note: If you’d like to send one of us a physical review copy, you can e-mail us directly for our mailing address.


Bee:  I am accepting review requests!

Liza: I am accepting reviews, but please be aware that I will be very selective since my TBR list is so big.  I also will accept sequels of series that I already started.

Rachel: Thanks for stopping by, but I will not be accepting review request this year (unless they are sequels to review copies I’ve already read). This year marks my final year of high school so I will be busy throughout the year, and do not want to commit to anything that I will not be able to deliver on. Please feel free to contact my co-bloggers (Bee, Liza and Leah) instead if your request fits their separate criteria.

Leah: I am accepting review requests!

To send us a review request, send us an e-mail at quitethenovelidea (a) with all the information requested below. Make sure to let us know which of us you would like to review your book in the subject of the mail.

We try to respond to all requests but if we don’t respond to your request within a week, that means we’re not interested or don’t have time to review your book. Sending the same request twice is pointless.

What should you include in your mail?

~ Title and series name (if applicable)
~ Author name (if different)
~ Your e-mail (if different)
~ Book cover
~ Publication date
~ Formats available
~ Genre
~ Goodreads URL
~ Blurb
~ Why you want (one of) us to review your book

What can you expect from us in return?

~ Our honest thoughts on your work
~ We will post our reviews on my blog, Goodreads, Amazon, etc.
~ Our posts will include book cover, synopsis, buy links, goodreads link and all other necessary book info
~ The link to this post will be shared on various social media sites
~ We will send you the link to our review through e-mail or social media
~ If, for some reason, we cannot read and review your book after accepting your request, we will let you know personally.