{Bookish Babble} Uncertain Sequels & The Suffering They Bring

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OH MY GOD it feels like it’s been ages since I did a BB-post. I am so sorry if you feel like I’ve abandoned you. Truly. Here’s cake to make up for it. *shoves cake in your faces*

So what am I talking about today? SEQUELS!

Ah yes, we all love book series. (Good ones anyway.) Because we bookworms (or dragons, whatever you want to be) tend to fall in love with worlds and characters and when it’s a standalone, that’s it. We’ll never see these things and people again in a new way. But when it’s a series, we’ll get to stay around them a bit longer. YAY! And even though the wait for a sequel is torture most of the time because AFDJLKFJD THAT CLIFFHANGER IN THE LAST BOOK. Right? Right.

But do you know what’s even worse? What a sequel isn’t certain, but the story is obviously unfinished. *gasp* So today I’m talking about those books. The ones where the sequels aren’t certain yet and thus make me wait in agony for something that might never come.

Will there be a sequel? Cause I want (need) one!


These books were all great. I loved them a whole lot. But the stories weren’t finished after I turned the last page! And sequels aren’t confirmed yet so I am not okay. I need more. I need closure! And while I recommend all of these books, the lack of a sequel might turn you off because the stories aren’t really finished. BUT there is a flip side to this sadness because sometimes uncertain sequels become certain.


‘t Was kind of uncertain for a while, but sequels are happening!


Yes, this category just happens to contain only books by Schwab. That doesn’t take away from the fact that sequels were kind of uncertain there for a while. BUT they are coming. HURRAH for that! Vicious #2 was announced on Publishers Weekly and part of a four-book deal for Schwab. She has sneakily told us on Twitter that she’s working on The Returned, the third book in the Archived series. HAPPY DAYS. Now if all those other nice people could just start working on their sequels, I’d be a happy little booknerd.

Do you know any uncertain sequels that I haven’t mentioned?


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24 responses to “{Bookish Babble} Uncertain Sequels & The Suffering They Bring

  1. Yes, I hate when a publisher cancels a series midway through. The story is left unfinished. I’ve read a few books like that. I have had authors who went and self published the series finale to finish everything off. I also have a few series that I’m waiting years for the next book in the series. Now I just hope that I can remember what happened in the previous books when the new ones come out. Great post.

    Melanie Simmons @mlsimmons recently posted: Croc’s Return Audiobook by Eve Langlais (REVIEW)
  2. Yes! Sometimes I’m nervous to start a book because what if the sequel isn’t coming? I saw Shannon mentioned Victoria Scott’s Fire and Flood series and that is the perfect example! I need my resolution! That’s great Vicious is getting a sequel since I wanted to read that book!

    Jessica@Lovin' Los Libros recently posted: Weekly Wrap Up: January 25-29
    • Bee

      Vicious is one of those books that can stand on its own, but because it’s SO good and the characters are SO amazing, you really want that sequel. πŸ™‚

  3. OHHH YES. So many! I feel you on Blackhearts. I think I would have felt so much better about it if there was a sequel for certain. What exactly am I supposed to do with that ending!? The Fire & Flood series by Victoria Scott- two books, a cliffhanger, and where oh where is the third!? Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts. Same thing- two amazing books, no conclusion. And just throwing it out there that I’d sell my soul for a Rites of Passage sequel.

  4. Oh man I just finished The Archived and the whole time I was reading it I was like I wonder if this is going to be just two books or three! I’m about to start The Unbound so we’ll see how I feel about a third book being added in! So far I am excited but not excited for the wait! I am really stoked that Vicious is getting a sequel!

  5. Liza

    This happens a lot with indie books too Bee πŸ™ They start a series and then run out of money and I don’t have closure (like the Stitch trilogy).

    Other sequels take forever to get published and it’s excruciating! I’m still waiting for The Shattered Court #2, Fire & Flood must have a third book, it just has to, Raven Boys #4, to name a few. Great post!

  6. YES MAGGIE STIEFVATER’S 3RD FAERIE BOOK GOSH DARNIT. *cries* I’ve been waiting 7 years. And I honestly don’t think she’s ever going to write it. But how can you write two books and then not finish?!? (I mean, I guess there’s the possibility that the publishers don’t want it, not that she doesn’t want to write it. BUT STILL PUBLISHERS. YOU JUST CAN’T STOP A TRILOGY BEFORE THE ENDING OMG.) And I’ve read a lot of books with open endings? And while I’d like sequels, at the same time I’m okay with that, because I like the idea of a book not “finishing” once you close the last page. XD I like the idea of the characters’ lives continuing. If that makes sense? Although when I read Walk on Earth a Stranger it had no sequel announced…but CLEARLY was a series beginning. I hope that changes. D:

    • Bee

      How did I know to expect a Stiefvater book from you? XD Yeah, The Archived series is like that. The publishers never picked up the 3rd book and I’m like WTF?? Because that series was so succesfull. The Megan Curd books were self-published, so there’s no publisher stopping her. =/ Some series clearly are written to be the first in a series because the stories aren’t finished yet and that’s really irritating when a sequel isn’t announced. =(

  7. Warm Bodies and The Girl with all the Gifts are two that come to mind-it looks like Warm Bodies may have a sequel now, but it keeps getting pushed off. I wonder if it was supposed to be a single, and then with the popularity of the movie, the author decided to write a second book? But, I’m not holding my breath that one will ever be published sigh… And there needs to be a sequel to The Girl with all the Gifts, seriously what was the author thinking, making this a single?!

  8. Funny, I was just writing my review for Blackhearts earlier today and I ranted about the exact same thing. It bothers me so much when a book ends the way that Blackhearts ended but don’t have a sequel contracted. I just feel like maybe they should have an ending that isn’t so open that you’re left feeling annoyed when the sequel hasn’t been bought yet? I don’t know, I’m just so bitter about this. The only series that I have that’s like this is the historical YA by Alyxandra Harvey. Books 1 and 2 were AMAZING but book 2 ended in the WORST POSSIBLE cliffhanger ever and whenever I ask the author, she keeps telling me to ask Bloomsbury for the book, which means it’s probably not happening since it’s been a while now. D:

    • Bee

      I don’t know that series, but yes that’s annoying! It’s the same for the next book in the Periodic series by Megan Curd that I mentioned here in the post. The third book should’ve been released two years ago but the author isn’t even writing more as far as I know. And it’s a shame because I LOVED both books. =(

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