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Hey guys. It’s Rachel. The other day, Geraldine @ Coralling Books did the Get to Know Me tag on her blog and I thought it would be a good idea for me to kind of tag myself. Concieted, much? I know but it looked like fun, and I’ve meet so many new bloggers in the last month or so – there’s so many fresh faces out their this year! – I thought it might be a good idea to update my bio a little. And if you’ve known for me for awhile, maybe you’ll learn something new…? Hopefully.

Let’s go!

Vital Stats:

Name: Rachel Something. It’s a secret, shhh. Have I ever mentioned I use an alias…? I don’t think I have. I think it’s a kind of obvious, I think… so I’m kind of keeping this blank.

Nicknames: In real life, most people just call me by my last name, especially at school. Otherwise most of my online friends call me Rach.

Birthday: In August! That’s as much as I’m giving you. Sorry, this tag isn’t as informative as I thought…

Star Sign: Leo… I think? I’m not someone that really follows that stuff.

Occupation: I’m currently a student at high school, in my final year. Next year I hope to head to uni, and I’m currently trying to get a volunteer position at my local library.


Hair Colour: Light blonde. Not super, white blonde, but a medium light blonde.

Hair Length: I just cut my hair! It use to be to my waist length but it was getting to the stage that I just needed to get to give it a fresh start so it’s currently at collarbone length.

Eye Colour: Blue-grey. The most boring eye colour possible…

Best Feature: If we’re speaking physically then probably my hair’s softness. A weird one, I know, but I’m kind of proud of my hair. And my friends always go on about how soft it is. They literally pet it when they hug me… and I’m realizing how weird this sounds as I type this! But it’s true.

Braces: Nope. Thank God.

Piercings: Just my ears – the usual ones. I don’t know what you call them… just my firsts on my earlobe?

Tattoos: Not old enough for one yet, but maybe when I’m older…?

Right or Left: Ambidextrous. I write with my right-hand, I play sports with my left and I cross over in other things. It’s a pain.


ed sheerran

Best Friend: Does it sounds super attention-seeking/pathetic to say that I’ve never had a best friend? I’m usually part of the crowd, but never anyone’s best friend. I don’t actually mind that. It sounds depressing, but I like having a bunch of close friends rather just one.

Award: I was am a super hard-working, academically-driven person so I honestly don’t remember my first award! I’m competitive when it comes to academic achievement, and I always try and get that final, end-of-year award so (and I realise I’m sounding big-headed now as I say this), I’ve been getting academic awards my whole life and I don’t really remember when it started.

Sport: Yeah, did you read the academic-driven thing? I don’t sport. At all… which kills my sport-obsessed family, but *shrugs*. I’ve always been a dancer so if you count ballet, then ballet. But if you don’t, maybe tennis or lacrosse? My mum tried to get me into any and all sports when I was a kid.

Real Holiday: We go to Goowla every three/four years and I’ve been going since I was a baby. I’ve only been interstate (to Melbourne) once, and never overseas. Yet.

Concert: I’ve only been to one concert before and that was Ed Sheeran’s X tour last year. Ed was amazing (damn, his voice is brilliant in real life) but I don’t think I’ll do a concert again. I’m more of a musical/ballet/theater person. I just went to Cats this week, in fact.


Film: If you know me at all, you know how much I love, adore and worship Captain America so my fave movie is the The Winter Soldier (the second CA movie). I am also obsessed with The Imitation Game, X-Men: First Class, and Spirit (the first movie I ever saw in cinema). Oh, and Dead Poet Society – a classic, but a fave.

TV Show: *cackles* The only thing that rivals my love for books is my love for TV shows. I don’t think we have enough time to go through all my faves, but I’m a massive crime show/murder mystery fantastic and it all started with Bones so if I had to choose, the first six season of Bones is probably my all-time fave. (Don’t get me started how bad season seven onward is. I’ll never recover.)

Colour: Blue. But darker blue, not pale blue.

Song: Oooh, that’s another cruel question. I don’t know… like I really cannot answer that.

Restaurant: I don’t have one. We’re not really the going-out-to-dinner sort of family. We only go out for birthdays, maybe two or so times a year? And I don’t really care where we go…

Shop: For clothes, ValleyGirl. For cheap books, Big W. For the bookish-atmosphere, QBD.

Books: That’s just cruel, but: Harry Potter. Laws of Magic. TID. Ranger’s Apprentice. Night Owls. Wolves of Mercy Falls.

Shoes: Slippers for home (that makes me sound so grandma-ish), and thongs for IRL activities.


Feeling: Overwhelmed with school. Ugh. And tired, as always.

Single or Taken: Taken, fictionally. Single, IRL.

Eating: Easter chocolate. I should probably stop soon…

Thinking About: My answers to this tag….? And bingeing all of IISuperwomanII/Lilly Singh‘s videos (for the first time) so thinking about subscribing to her channel!

Watching: House M.D., season six and holy shit, it is so, so good! Every episode is blowing my mind. And I’ve cried like ten times already.

Wearing: PJ pants, bro’s old shirt, jacket, two pairs of socks and slippers… it’s cold, and I’m home alone.


Want Children: Nope. Whenever I say that, people look at me like I’m a cold-hearted witch, but I’m just not good with kids. Ironic, I know since I’m not even technically an adult yet, but I always hated being a kid even as a kid. I was that child that went over to their friend’s house and spent the whole time in the kitchen talking to their parents. I’ve always hated being one myself like I said, so I really don’t plan on having kids of my own.

Want to be Married: … again, probably not. Look this seems like a massive debate to get into just for a short answer. And yeah, I’m 17 so without much life experience (as my mother would say), but while I obviously would love to find the person to spend the rest of my life with (dramatic of me, much), I just don’t like the idea of marriage. If we are committed and happy, I don’t see the need to get the government involved.

Careers in Mind: No idea. I’ll go to uni next year, but I’m not sure what for. I love history but I don’t know how to make that a career without becoming a museum curator or archaeologist (things that sound boring/awful on paper).

Where You Want To Live: London. I hate the Australian summer (it’s hot – that stereotype is true), and I love winter so London rainy days? Yes, please! I also love the history of the city, and even just the fact that it is a big city.

Do You Believe In…

God: Nope. I’m an atheist, and a pretty strong one after spending five years at a Christian high school.

Miracles: I wish they could be a thing, but no.

Love at First Sight: Ugh, no. It’s called lust, not love. Don’t try and pretend otherwise.

Ghosts: Nope. Atheist, remember. I don’t believe in anything supernatural.
Aliens: I don’t think green little men with big eyes that like to abduct random people exist, but I do understand that with an infinite amount of universes and planets and all that, that the possibility of extraterrestrial life isn’t something completely ridiculous. I’m open to the idea, not of aliens per say, but the extraterrestrial life. In fact, I think I’m going to do some more research about the idea as soon as I finish writing this post, just so I can form a more solid opinion.

Soul Mates: Again, I wish that soulmates were a thing, but no.

Heaven/Hell: Nope. Atheist, remember.

Kissing on the First Date: … is this question asking me whether I believe that kissing on first dates exist? ‘Cause I’m sure they do. But whether it’s okay – well, I don’t see why not as long as it is consensual and all that.

Yourself: Nope. I’m of the firm belief that I don’t, under any circumstances, exist…. kidding. Mostly.


Did you learn anything about that you didn’t know before – anything surprising/shocking/weird? Let me know what you answered to these questions. Do you have a nickname? What’s your favourite movie? And do you believe in aliens?
Rachel Lightwood


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21 responses to “{Bookish Babble} The Get to Know Me Tag

  1. I was going to say “this was a fun tag, Rachel!”, but now I will say “This was a fun tag, whoever you are” 😉 But seriously, I enjoy reading these, it’s fun to get to know stuff about fellow bloggers! Grey-blue eyes are not boring at all, IMO! It’s funny that you are an atheist after going to a Christian school- I went to a Catholic high school- I wasn’t even Catholic, but long story- and I agree that it definitely didn’t do anything to convince me of anything. I don’t know that I am an atheist per se, but I am not a person of faith either. So… whatever that is haha. Probably something along the lines of agnostic.

    I had to stop watching Bones because it just got soooo bad. Is it even still on the air!? As for kids and marriage… it isn’t for everyone. I was like you- didn’t want kids, didn’t like anything about the idea, and then caught the baby fever- this will happen, because biology, but like, tell it to go away hahah. I still like the idea of marriage I guess, but you’re right, I don’t need the government involved! Won’t that just make for a really costly divorce?

    So your questions! My favorite movie should come as a surprise to no one (The Hunger Games movies, of course). Aliens…. maybe? I mean, not little green men with astronaut helmets. Other life of some kind? Yeah, that’s likely. And I don’t really have a nickname now, but when I was younger people on my swim team (and then eventually everyone) called me Miz- they started calling me Shannon Miz because there were two Shannons on our team, and the first three letters of my name are MIZ, but then they dropped Shannon altogether. But now I guess to most people I am just Shannon, which is half sad and half not? Idk hahah. Anyway, thanks for sharing this, it WAS fun 😀

    • Haha, yep, I’m being all mysterious and spyish not revealing my identity *eerie ghost noises* 😉

      *blushes*. Thanks, Shannon! Everyone’s been saying that this is a ‘cool’ eye colour so maybe I should be complain!

      I went to my school as a kind of skeptical agnostic too but with the intention of attending church – all my friends did, it seemed like a good social idea. But man, after being at the school for five years now it has convinced me that I’m definitely not a Christian/Catholic. I wasn’t impressed with most of their hypocritical views of the world so I know exactly what you went through!

      *Cringes* Yep, Bones is still going… it’s getting so, so, so bad but it’s like a trainwreck. I have to keep watching! And gah, that’s scary – the baby fever. It sounds so menacing. But look, I think it is for some people. and not for others. I know that I’ll never be like that myself. I can count on it. But for others, yeah, they would be great mothers. Like I am sure you are!

      Wait, what? You’re a THG fans, Shannon. Well, I never knew! How perfectly shocking. 😉 But yeah, I love those movies too. I see where you’re coming from. Miz is such a cute name! It don’t know why everyone calls each other by their last names but it’s sweet. And ugh, I know the turmoil that is same-name-students. I have three Rachels in my class. Three. It’s a disaster! 😛

  2. I don’t want kids either and I always get hassled by people because of it! Gah! Good for you girl 🙂 And a fellow Atheist. YES. I think blue-grey eyes are AWESOME. Mine are hazel and I find that SUPER boring myself! Oh and I can’t believe your first concert was Ed Sheeran! AMAZING. I SO WANT to see him 😀

    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted: Fandom Mashup #49
    • *hi-fives* We’re in this together, Micheline – atheist & non-kid-loving-peeps! People can be so sensitive about it, can’t they? It’s kind of ridiculous how much they care and the dirty looks are the worse. And *blushes*, thanks. Ed Sheeran was amazing! Honestly. If you have the chance to see him live, I’d definitely recommend it. He’s even more brilliant in person.

  3. Liza

    My birthday is also in August… Great minds think alike and all that jazz. HP rules! Favorite movies? Probably anything Jane Austen. I hope you get to live in London some day Rach!

    • Oh, really? You have to DM me the date. If we’re birthday buddies that’d be fantastic! And yeah, for HP. I loved the Kiera Knightly Jane Austen movie but I haven’t seen anything else. Oops. Thanks, Liza. <33 I hope so too.

  4. Rachel! You don’t exits?! Waaahhh 😉
    Oooh Bones – I am totally willing to tell you about all the scientific mistakes they make in that show. No? Okay… I’ll let you enjoy it 😉
    Cats! I’ve never actually seen it. I love musicals too though, and the theatre!
    Also Captain America! yay!! And I’m an atheist too!
    This was so much fun, getting to know you a bit better!

    • Nope. I’m actually a ghost. Shhhh…. it’s a secret! 😉

      *blocks ears and hums* Nope, I don’t want to hear! Okay, I totally know that want they do it ridiculous. It takes them like two seconds to run tests when I know it would days/weeks/maybe even months but *shrugs* it’s such an addictive show that I don’t really mind!

      Cats was pretty good. Not as good as the original (they changed it for the first time ever), but yes, I love musicals too!

      And what’s this? Captain America & an atheist? *holds out pinkie finger* I think we’re destined to be besties now. 😉

      • Hahaha! Okay, I won’t mention it! And it is addictive, although I’m not completely caught up on it!
        They changed it? I had no idea! I’m glad it was good though!

        Yay! Besties! Musicals, Cap, and atheists 😉

  5. Ah Rachel you definitely sound super ambitious and a good idea to use your Alias! Now I know why we get along so well, I absolutely LOVE Captain America as well, he’s my favourite. I know what you mean to have a group of close friends instead of one best friend as well, I’m like that at the moment too. Great answers lovely!

    • Thanks, Jeann! <33

      Just a little bit ambitious? 😉 And kind of wish I had gone full-out pseudonym but it's a little late for that now... AND NOW WAY! IT'S FATE, DESTINY, JEANN. Us Captain America fans have to unite. He's my all-time fave human being. But quick question - are you a shipper of Steve/Bucky or Steve/Peggy?? I must know! 🙂

  6. I HAD A FEELING YOU DIDN’T EXIST. SO YES. SUSPICIONS CONFIRMED. *nods* Omg I believe in the supernatural though. 😂 It’s too exciting not to…PLUS I KINDA WANT TO BE SWALLOWED BY A MAGGIE STIEFVATER BOOK AHEM.
    and Australian summer IS HOT but I love it. <3 I'm kind of in a miserable mood now that it's getting colder. 😂 Buuuuut, I'd like to see London too someday. :')
    And Easter chocolate is life. 😀
    (This was super fun to get to know you better!!)

    • Dammit, Cait! That was meant to be a secret. Shhhhh…. 😉 Oh really? I wish I could believe in the supernatural – I mean a world with vampires & ghosts & werewolves would be pretty damn exciting – but I just don’t. 🙁 But if there’s ever a chance to be in a Maggie Stiefvater novel then I’m in. We’ll have to fight for it!

      And ugh, Aussie summers are the death of me. I LOVE THE COLD. I’m embracing it by wearing jumpers and slippers when it’s still 25+ degrees out there. Just get cold already. Dreaming of London = my life. It’s calling to me. I need to go.

      And naww, thanks Cait! <33

  7. Nathan

    I am also glad you did this tag Rachel!
    I had blonde hair when I was young but it went brown, and it isn’t as soft as yours sounds to be. It can be hard to know what you want to do for a career. I have thought paleontologist since I was 5 but I wonder now if that will work as a career. Maybe for you historian or field archaeologist? The paperwork may be boring but I have taken few anthropology courses and the history is not boring. A little blood thirsty it seems a ways back…
    London does have a lot of history. Did you see the National Geographic article on it a few months back?
    I feel for you being an atheist and a stronger one after being at a Christian school. I read the bible and find I have issues with several parts of it. It also gives some pretty bad, dangerous advice at times. Your brave to come out and say your an atheist.
    It is great to get to know you better, Rachel!

    • Thanks, Nathan! I think my hair was a little bit lighter as a kid myself, but I don’t want it to darken too much. I’m way too pale to pull off dark hair. Thanks for the career tips. I actually would rather be doing the paperwork than digging up fossils. I’m much more of a writer/possible office worker than a go out in the dirt and dig stuff, but thanks. 🙂

      No, I didn’t! I don’t think I’ve ever read National Geographic before. *hides in shame*

      Being at a Christian school – and sitting down and reading the Bible – was actually what made me the atheist I am, Nathan! It scared me, honestly, and I knew that I could never support what was in that – let alone believe in any of supernatural stuff – so it wasn’t for me. I don’t think I need to ‘come out’ as atheist – it isn’t something to be hidden or ashamed of.

  8. Woah, we’re so similar!! I hate kids too, and people always call me cold and selfish. I’m only a teenager too, but I can’t stand them. They’re just so germy and annoying! And I don’t want to get married. Like you said, there’s just no point. If you really love someone, you’ll be dedicated to them enough already, and don’t need a legal document to prove it. I saw Ed Sheeran at his X tour too! He has such an amazing voice live *heart eyes*
    It was great getting to know you more! 😀
    Denise | The Bibliolater

    • I’m so glad someone else gets it! I hate that look people give you when you say you don’t want/like kids. It’s like I’m the Grinch or something. I’m only a teen too, but gah, they drive me insane. I mean, sure they’re cute but nope don’t want any for myself. And yes, I cannot believe you get the marriage thing too! It’s sweet and a nice idea but in reality it’s just ridiculous – if I love someone, I’ll stay with because I want to. Not because it’s going to cost me a lot of money not too anymore. And oh, Ed was beautiful wasn’t he?

      Thanks, Denise! <33

  9. YAAAS so glad you did this tag, Rachel!!
    BLUE GREY IS AWESOME WHAAAT – its a mixture of two colours and one of those two colours isnt brown – very unique! Lots of recessive alleles there (biomed major me speaking haha)
    And ahh Bones omg i love Bones so mch – but you are right – season 7 onwards is so meh! AND HOUSE IS LIFE OMG HIS SARCASM 😀
    And omg i totally feel re being atheist and an even stronger one after being at a Christian school. For me, I only spent two years at a Christian school, but argh those years.
    It was so awesome learning more about you through this tag, Rachel!

    Geraldine @ Corralling Books recently posted: Conversations: Diverse Books
    • Thanks for convincing me too, Geraldine! <3

      Haha, maybe for a biomed major blue-grey are interesting, but umm they're so pale and dull...? Least brown eyes can be bright and like golden tinted and stuff. Blue-grey? Pffft, like dirty snow and rain water mixed. Ewww.

      Oh my, you're a Bones fan? *tackle hugs*! Fandom buddies! I love that show more than life. But season 7 was just... let's not even talk about it. 😉 And House is 100% snarky goals. Love him.

      Yeah, school a little tortuous. I thought it wouldn't be a big deal when I started going there, but yeah, it's gotten worse. Glad you understand!

      And thanks! That's what I was hoping for so goal = achieved.

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