{Bookish Babble} To Cover Buy Or Not To Cover Buy?

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We’ve heard the adage, “Never judge a book by its cover.” I think this is very true. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not immune to a beautiful, jaw-dropping, where-have-you-been-my-whole-life cover. I even have a Goodreads shelf dedicated to pretty covers!

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Of course, that’s the point of a pretty dust jacket: it’s supposed to be eye-catching and make me want to open my wallet and call that book mine! It’s first impressions that count. And if the story grabs my attention, too, it’s a match made in literary heaven.

A few years ago, I would have purchased a lot of books based on their covers alone. Now I realize saving money is good, BUT that’s not to say I still haven’t answered the siren song of a beautiful book.

Here are some of my favorite book covers. I’ll be focusing on YA and MG sub-genres for this post.

Young Adult


Leigh Bardugo’s books have made some fantastic first impressions with their covers, but my favorite is Crooked Kingdom. The crow in juxtaposition with the city is breathtaking.

How do I love thee, An Enchantment of Ravens? Let me count the ways! This is what I’m talking about with a fantasy gorgeous fantasy cover. Not only was it created by a renowned fantasy artist, but it catches your way with shapes and colors and that crow. This is one of my favorites of the year, both on the inside and the outside. My review for this beauty is coming soon.


There’s something about the watercolor theme for The Names They Gave Us that I find so beautiful. The colors, the tree (which plays a role with the story) and the tiny stars make it seem dreamlike.

This is a mismatch made in heaven! Not only is Emma Mills another author you should all check out, but all of her book covers have been wins.


Be still my heart! I am in love with Speak Easy Speak Love: it’s whimsical and eye-catching, something I would expect from a Shakespeare retelling.

Science Fiction

Amid Stars and Darkness is a wonder. I love the use of cool and warm colors, but I’m not really crazy about the girl floating through like that.


Middle Grade

There are so many MG books with eye-catching covers. These alone would be serious cover buys.


Confession: I bought Foxheart for the cover. After reading the summary though, I knew I made a fine choice.

This takes me back to my childhood, to simpler times and the magic of being a kid.


The cover for The Thing About Jellyfish is whimsical yet sad.


This cover is simple and so lovely to look at. It’s a little similar to Orphan Island but darned if I don’t like it for the title font and that feather in the water!

Do you cover buy? What are some of your favorite book covers? 



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22 responses to “{Bookish Babble} To Cover Buy Or Not To Cover Buy?

  1. What I usually do is first read the book on my Kindle and then buy it. Like I did with Lolita. But there are some books I do buy for the cover like Strange the Dreamer. I try to be careful when buying by covers because I made a mistake once which left me scarred :'(

    • Leah

      Good covers are a joy. I had to seriously rethink my knee jerk reaction to cover buy alone, but some of them I can’t NOT buy! 🙂

    • Leah

      Middle grade covers are downright incredible! I love the creativity that goes with them, some I never would have imagined. I always have to stop by the MG section of any bookstore to look. 😀

  2. Nathan

    I read the summery of the book first and if online the sample chapters a bit as well as look at the beautiful cover. I was disappointed by Alice Heartley’s Happiness. Beautiful cover, but couldn’t root for any of the characters. I do LOVE the covers of the House of Night series and the stories. I gorgeous cover is wonderful, if the story inside can match it. Otherwise it is valuable only as visual art.

  3. I’ve decided this past year that I don’t have the money to cover buy any longer. I’ve had too many duds. And since I don’t keep anything that I don’t enjoy at least a little, it was becoming wasteful. Now I have to at the very least have read the synopsis.

  4. I love all the covers you’ve featured here, I think my favourite is the Crooked Kingdom cover. I’ve loved all the covers for Leigh Bardugo’s books, and I love how they all tie in with one another. I also really like the cover for When We Collided by Emery Lord, it’s so simple but I found the colours really eyecatching.

  5. Ha! I am a total cover-ho and actually have a hard time reading a book with a bad cover. There is this bookstore thing, where they wrap the book in brown paper and write a brief description on the outside. No! Just no. I could never do that. I must see the cover. For the most part, my cover selecting method has been successful, and you have shown some really beautiful covers up there.

    Sam@WLABB recently posted: Review: The Art of Feeling - Laura Tims
    • Leah

      The Names They Gave Us’s cover makes me so happy!

      The Raven Cycle does has some incredible covers. (I’ve still gotta read them!)

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