Bookish Babble #3

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This week: Insta-love!

I know that this topic is one of the biggest causes of many the rant-reviews out there. There’s no question that it’s overused by now. Whether it’s in books, movies or tv-shows. And the worst thing is, most of them don’t get it right at all, which makes us hate it so much. Yeah, sure there are some books out there that get it right and make it realistic and believable. And they make it really subtle so that you don’t know that it’s insta-love until you finish the book. And with some of them you don’t care because you believe it and the book is so awesome and the romance isn’t really the biggest thing in the book. It’s not the main storyline. Those are the good ones. But then there are the ones that make you hate the whole thing. Hate it, with a passion. And for some people that is enough the put the book down and make it a DNF.

One of the books that started that trend is, of course, Twilight. No doubt about that and there have been a lot of books that use it. Too much. It makes a book predictable and takes away parts of the book that would’ve made it awesome. The focus is on that instant romance so much that it becomes the story. If you make that romance not such a big part but focus on the events where the story is actually about, a lot of people wouldn’t even care about the insta-love.

My advice? Don’t use it at all. Create a romance that grows over the book, maybe even the series. Don’t focus on it so much, make it a thing in the background that adds to the stories and develops the characters, don’t make it the main thing in the book when the book should be about something else. Most people don’t respond well to insta-love.

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