{Bookish Babble} 25 Bookish Facts About Me

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25 Bookish Facts About Me

I was tagged by the fabulous Cait @ Paper Fury to do this tag so here are 25 bookish facts about me! Enjoy!

1. I grew up with the Harry Potter movies, but I didn’t start reading the books until later! Oops.

2. I didn’t start with the first book, but with the fourth because my brother got that one from our dad and he reads VERY VERY SLOW, so he gave it to me.

3. I didn’t always read Young Adult like I do now. I used to be more of a Chicklit person.

4. I always stuck to the same authors cause why try something new, right? Right? Ahaha, oh old me, you’re so stupid.


5. I have a favorite book of ever for the first time since this year! Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli. No surprise here if you know me at all or follow me on Twitter and/or instagram cause I talk about it all the time.

6. I’m going to my first ever book convention next year! It’s in the Netherlands and it’s their first conventions too. AND I’M MEETING BECKY ALBERTALLI THERE! YAYAY. And also Ransom Riggs, Stephanie Perkins, Tahereh Mafi & others. *party*

7. Chances are looking good I’ll be at BEA next year too. WOOT!

8. My bookshelves are more of a shrine to all things precious to me, really. Isn’t it pretty??


9. I’m also writing books under the name Nelly B. Jones.

10. Speaking off, I participated in NaNoWriMo for the firts time this year. I finished in 10 days!


11. I started writing around the same times I started reading, around the age of 12, I think.

12. I read a lot less books this year than I did last year. Mainly because I had a lot of problems with my family but also because I wrote 2 books!

13. This is the first year where I actually finish writing the 1st draft of a book.


15. Stephanie and I became BFF’s & Sisters for life because of our mutual love of books. I LOVE YOU STEPH! Check her blog!

Wishing Upon A Book

16. I got every edition of Steph’s first book, and they’re SIGNED. You should all read it if you love Fantasy. Or books. JUST READ IT OKAY?

17. I’m actually completely broke & can’t buy new books so I have to depend on books I get from friends, publishers or authors. Which sucks because I miss out on so many great books this way!

18. I used to think I was the only one that loved books as much as I did. But then I found Goodreads and I was like: A WHOLE NEW WORLD! A DAZZLING PLACE I NEVER KNEW!


19. Yes I randomly start singing a Disney song from time to time, mostly to annoy the boyfriend because they get stuck in his head easily and it irritates him. So it’s hilarious. Yeah no this is not a bookish fact really but it is! Because a lot of Disney movies are based on fairy tales, which are books. Right? Oh well.

20. I want to meet every single one of my blogger friends. That includes YOU! YES YOU! I want to hug all of you.

21. When I started my blog I did it for a giveaway and never thought it would grow into what it is now.

22. I used to dog ear my books all the time. SHAME ON YOU PAST SELF!

23. I’m trying to get into audiobooks more but I get distracted easily when I just listen to something and so I miss a lot. SORRY!

24. I may have converted my mom to a booklover, finally! She started reading a lot this year since she can’t work with her millions of back problems so she’s bored a lot. And now she’s reading a lot. Sometimes up to 3 books a week. YAY MOM!

25. One of my blogging goals is for one of my reviews to be quoted on the cover of a book or inside a book. ONE DAY IT WILL HAPPEN. Also, I consider it a huge honor when someone follows my blog and/or adds me to their blogroll.

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16 responses to “{Bookish Babble} 25 Bookish Facts About Me

  1. I always love to read these type of posts Bee. I started reading the HP books around the same time that the first movie was going to come out and I fell in love right away! I also love all my blogging friends and i *hug you back*. Discovering Goodreads and book blogs was life changing for me too.

    Congrats on NaNoWriMo, I knew you would do great 🙂

    Liza @ Reading with ABC recently posted: In Which I Vent… A Bit
  2. Wonderful post Bieke! Thanks for the tag! I loved learning a bit more about you and reading about things that I already knew as well, like your love for Simon vs and Becky Albertalli! It’s so wonderful that you’ll get to meet her next year! And that you might be going to BEA!!! There’s a possibility that I might be going as well. I’m going to a work conference in Florida that starts on the last day of BEA, so I might be able to pop into BEA for the first two days, depending on my schedule.

  3. Eeep! THIS WAS SO GREAT. XD I love tags like this (and i think all bloggers should to them regularly, haha) so we get to know more about the blogger. *nods* STALKERY ME. Ahem. I mean, curious me. hehe. XD
    I get Disney songs stuck in my head a LOT. I think I was singing Let it Go for like 90 years. (Shhh, don’t doubt my maths.) Because my nephew was obsessed with it.
    Yay for meeting so many awesome authors though!! SQUEEEE. 😀 I have never ever met a real life author, unless maybe they were an undercover real live author. I have, coincidentally, not met a real dead author either.
    And also that is awesome that you’ve got your mum into reading! I LIVE IN HOPE. My mum sees no point in YA. Gah. I still am trying to educate her. 😉
    Thanks for doing the tag, Bee!! :D:D

  4. Huzzah for you! These are all VERY interesting facts and I shall nod my acceptance at the fact that I will probably never go to BEA. Moving on, you wrote 2 books in a year holyshithowdidyoudoit give us all the secret! And pfft, boyfriends need to just SHUSH and sing along sometimes, y’know? *tears up* We shall both see our reviews quoted somewhere in some pretty book that we loved. It shall happen someday :’)

    Madiha @ Paper Skies recently posted: Ode to the Shadowhunters + Freebies!
    • ARE THEY? HURRAY! One day you will, though! I hope for you that you’ll get there!
      Secrets?? Ehhhhh I just plan the story out for months and then start writing. I just happened to have two stories worked out this year. XD
      Indeed that’s what he needs to do. AND WE SHALL INDEED!

  5. Congrats on finishing your first draft, YAY for going to a bookish event and I’m crossing my fingers that you’ll make it to BEA next year!! I won’t be attending next year but I did attend the past three years and it’s an AMAZING book event ♥ Thanks for sharing these^^ I love these types of posts…oh and I love that Dean gif 😀

    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted: Waiting on Wednesday *120*

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