{Blog Tour} (Beta) Review: Skin Deep by Megan D. Martin

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{Blog Tour} (Beta) Review: Skin Deep by Megan D. Martin

Skin Deep

by Megan D. Martin
Series: Eternal Forces #1
Published on November 2013
by Dragonfairy Press
Genres: Erotica, New Adult, Paranormal, Romance, Urban Fantasy
Format: eARC
Source: Author

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What would you do to have the body of your dreams?

Kiera hates being overweight and hides behind thick layers of clothing. One night, her friends present an opportunity that seems impossible to believe. With a single spell, she can have the thin physique she's always coveted.

But all magic comes with a price: no sex or she'll revert back to her old body. Kiera accepts the cost. It's not like she has men lined up at her door. Obeying this one tiny rule isn't difficult at all—until the night she meets Cain, a were-tiger and a soldier with the Eternal Forces.

When a slew of unexplained murders forces Kiera and Cain together, they'll have to face the horrors of their pasts. Will Kiera realize she is worth more than her outward appearance? Or will she make the wrong the choice and lose everything—including her life?

I received this book for free from the publisher or author in exchange for an honest review.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

3.5 Stars

It’s not every day that you stumble across a book in this genre that gives such a beautiful message. Honestly, this book made me feel confident about my not-so-perfect shape. Next to that we have a pretty original and cool story.

Keira hates the way she looks. When her friends give her an opportunity that seems to good to be true, she doesn’t hesitate. With a simple spell, she gets the body she’s always wanted. The only downside to this story is that she can’t have sex or she’ll go back to her old body. That’s not a cost for her since she doesn’t have any men lined up at her doorstep anyway. Until she meets Cain, the ridiculously handsome were-tiger and a soldier of the Eternal Forces. When a couple of unsolved murders forces Keira to live with Cain, they have to face their own pasts. Will Keira realize that outward appearance isn’t all that or will whe make the wrong choice and love everything?

There are a couple of things I want to talk about. First of all, this is a beta copy so I get that there are few typos and I don’t care about that, but there’s just something about the writing in the beginning that irked me. I don’t know what but it seemed so awkward and going to fast. But once I was used to the writing style I got through this book pretty fast so I guess that was just me.

Second thing is the romance. It felt like insta-love or insta-lust or whatever. And I didn’t like it. Probably because I didn’t like the characters all that much either. Keira is way to obsessed with the thought that nobody can love her if she isn’t size zero. I get where she comes from, but please… Do you have to put a spell over yourself and go through all that trouble to realize that the thing you always thought was a lie? If you’d just gone out or something, you would’ve met someone too. And Cain… Oh my god I really don’t like him. He’s not my type of guy and the fact that he was sweet to Keira in the end, doesn’t make up for the fact that he was a player for the biggest part of the book.

Okay, rant over. Sorry about that. Those are just two things I didn’t like and that’s just me. Someone else may not have a problem with those two points at all so don’t let my opinion keep you from trying out the book. The story is cool and original and I liked that a lot and fans of the genre should definitely read it. And it gives an awesome message about inner beauty.



My female is perfect and if she doesn’t know it, then I’m going to make sure she remembers every day of our life.


“I fell in love with the woman who told me no,” he took a step closer, “the woman who kept me guessing until the very end. I loved you even before I knew how perfect you really are”—he gestured at her body as he leaned into her, letting his lips brush against her earlobe—“inside and out.”


Have you read a book before that gave a beautiful message you didn’t expect because of the genre?


About Megan D. Martin

Megan D. Martin is a multi-published author, mother, student and editor. In her spare time she enjoys decorating her house with strange things that do not match, playing her old school Nintendo Entertainment System, and buying fish for her many fish tanks.

You can find Megan on pretty much every social networking site that exists.

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