{Bee Reviews} The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig

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{Bee Reviews} The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig

The Girl From Everywhere

by Heidi Heilig
Series: The Girl From Everywhere #1
Published on February 16th 2016
by Greenwillow Books
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Romance
Format: eARC
Source: Edelweiss
Amazon | Goodreads

It was the kind of August day that hinted at monsoons, and the year was 1774, though not for very much longer.

Sixteen-year-old Nix Song is a time-traveller. She, her father and their crew of time refugees travel the world aboard The Temptation, a glorious pirate ship stuffed with treasures both typical and mythical. Old maps allow Nix and her father to navigate not just to distant lands, but distant times - although a map will only take you somewhere once. And Nix's father is only interested in one time, and one place: Honolulu 1868. A time before Nix was born, and her mother was alive. Something that puts Nix's existence rather dangerously in question...

Nix has grown used to her father's obsession, but only because she's convinced it can't work. But then a map falls into her father's lap that changes everything. And when Nix refuses to help, her father threatens to maroon Kashmir, her only friend (and perhaps, only love) in a time where Nix will never be able to find him. And if Nix has learned one thing, it's that losing the person you love is a torment that no one can withstand. Nix must work out what she wants, who she is, and where she really belongs before time runs out on her forever.

I received this book for free from the publisher or author in exchange for an honest review.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

3.5 Stars

I don’t know what’s wrong with me to be honest. I enjoyed a lot in this book, but there were too many things that kept me from really loving it. And once again, the romance failed to sweep me off my feet. I shall make a list, because that’s the easiest way to do this kind of stuff. (Thank you Cait for being such a wisdomous leader.)

  • I loved the basic story idea. It’s unique and cool and original. Time-travel, pirates, romance, heists, maps,… It’s a recipe for awesome, really. So major props to that!
  • But on the flip-side… the pacing was off to me. The story was all over the place at times and it kept me from being fully invested.
  • Though the writing was good. For the most part. I loved the interactions between the characters. But the history stuff was a bit boring to me at times. I’m not a big historical fiction fan, so that didn’t help me in this book.
  • I liked most of the characters. I loved Kashmir a whole lot, but I wasn’t completely in love with Nix. I mean… she didn’t have a lot of personality. I kind of wished this book had been from Kash’s POV.
  • The romance was… Ugh. I completely shipped Kash & Nix for the first 15-20%. After that a love triangle came into play and I was out. I didn’t feel like this needed a love triangle (no book does). In fact, I think the story would’ve been so much better without.
  • Though there is a mini dragon and who doesn’t love that? He should’ve been a bigger part in the book.
  • I had to force myself to pick this one up. I enjoyed it when I was reading but once I put it down, I just didn’t feel like picking it back up.
  • To end this on a positive note, there was A LOT of diversity in this book & I loved it. Seriously. So. Much. Diversity.

So yeah. Overall this is a good book but I struggled with the pacing and the romance and the historical part of the book. It’s definitely worth picking up if you’re looking for a diverse, unique book with time-travel, heists, pirates and romance. For sure.


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21 responses to “{Bee Reviews} The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig

  1. Well…I’m glad that you enjoyed this one for the most part…but I’m sorry it didn’t blow you away! I have a feeling that thing with the mini dragon will be a complaint of mine too – you’re not the first blogger to mention it either hehe! YAY for diversity though ♥ We’ll have to compare notes once I do read it 🙂

    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted: Waiting on Wednesday *124*
  2. I really loved the ties to diversity in this book, Heidi did such a great job! I thought the plot was really intricate, especially with all the time travel, but I got the gist of it. Heidi’s plotting is masterfully done, and I think she made it as simple to comprehend as possible (it still was a bit difficult at times). I’m a bit sad about the love triangle too, but since this is a duology, I think book 2 will sort that all out, and I’m pretty sure she favors Kash. I read this book awhile ago, so I’m trying to remember if Blake’s character had some significance to the plot. Oh wait! He was the local who told Nix the story of the ancient warriors. Maybe that’s why he was placed in the book? Who knows…

    Anyway, I think my favorite parts are tied with the setting, the writing, and the father-daughter relationship. I LOVED Slate and Nix’s evolving relationship!! Great review.

  3. These really do sound like some mixed reading feels here! Some things seemed to work, and others just really didn’t so it was a mix of good and bad. But the things you did like are the ones I most look for in a book, so I think that when I finally get around to reading my copy, I should enjoy it for the most part?

    Olivia Roach recently posted: My Hoarding Catastrophe ~ Shakespeare & Co
  4. Yayyy I’m glad you mostly liked it, Bee. ;D AND LIST REVIEWS ARE THE BEST. hehe. Also the dragon should totally have played a bigger part…and I just wish Nix had had a sort of personality like Kash’s?! Why is the funny/thief always the sidekick? I WANT TO READ FROM THEIR POVs.

    • Bee

      Yes they are! I’m going to do more list reviews from now on. Same here! I had the same with my first draft of Three Seconds to Sunrise. Eli was the best friend of the MC. He was the funny (and gay) “sidekick” but now I’m completely rewriting the book from his POV and it’s much better!

  5. I had a lot of fun with tis but I agree on the extra romance just was not needed and Kash needed a bigger role as he is so charismatic. And, that dragon was so cute – more of that was needed as well. I’m glad you tried this and enjoyed some of it.
    Great review, Bee 🙂

  6. Wonderful review! I really love the concept of this but it’s disappointing to hear that the pacing wasn’t that great and the fact that there’s a love triangle (bleh) makes me hesitant to pick this up. I’ll still definitely give it a go though because TIME TRAVELLING.

  7. I agree so much with this review. The book had the potential to be great but the characters were really hard to get attached to. I literally did not care. The pacing was awful, I got no sense of urgency or any sort of climax in the book. Thanks for the honest review.

  8. I definitely liked this more but I see your point about Nix. She didn’t quite jump off the page. I did LOVE Kashmir though. And if the love triangle stays in play I’ll be mad. I hope that it doesn’t though. I hope that Nix knows who she loves (I know I do). Sorry it didn’t wow you. 🙁 Oh and yes, the diversity was awesome!

  9. I’m so happy to see this review! I received the book in the mail a few days ago and can’t wait to read it. I’m a fan of historical fiction so I think I’ll enjoy the historical aspect of the book. I found that the historical settings were my favourite aspect of Passenger (which seems similar to TGFE in terms of the time travel and pirates), so fingers crossed I like TGFE as well! The romance does sound a bit iffy though.

  10. COMPLETELY a 100% agreement about the whole love triangle. It was hella unnecessary, no? I totally wanted more of Kash too, but zomfg the entire book from his POV would be pure literary gold! I, too, wasn’t completely sure about Nix–in fact, I pretty much remained on the fence about her throughout the book–but I’d say that she was better than many heroines I’ve read, so there’s that. Also, the dragon. THAT DRAGON. Great job on the review, Bee!

    Rhea @ Rhea's Neon Journal recently posted: Review: Hold Me Like A Breath by Tiffany Schmidt
    • Bee

      It really was. But then again, every love triangle is unnecessary. xD It really would! Imagine that, all the Kash, all the time. That dragon was the star of the book tbh.

      Thank you <3

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