Bee Reviews CHASING DAYS by Deirdre Riordan Hall // It’s Not You, It’s Me… I Think

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Bee Reviews CHASING DAYS by Deirdre Riordan Hall // It’s Not You, It’s Me… I Think

Chasing Days

by Deirdre Riordan Hall
Published on March 1, 2017
by CreateSpace
Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary, LGBT
Format: eBook
Source: Author
Amazon | Goodreads

I feel like I should start this review by saying that this might be one of those “It’s not you, it’s me” cases where I personally didn’t like the book but that could be just me?? But at the same time some of the issues I had do not fall under that category… I’m very confused and disappointed so I’ll just tell you my thoughts and see where it leaves us, okay? Okay.

I don’t even know where to start with this one?? Do I first mention what I didn’t like to get it out of the way?? Or do I start positive? WHO KNOWS. Reviewing is hard peoples.

Okay, so while this book sounds right up my alley (YA Contemporary with LGBT themes? Yes please!), I ultimately did not relate to this book. Most of the time I felt too old for it too. As someone who does not live in the US, I personally can’t relate to the craziness before graduation because it’s not as big a thing here as it is in the US. It’s not the same and thus, I cannot relate at all. Which is why I think most of my lack of enjoyment comes from that fact. If you CAN relate to that sort of thing, you’ll probably enjoy this a lot more than I did. But that also makes me sad because I wanted to love this book.

Another thing that irked me was at times the writing, which I liked for the most part but was sometimes very cheesy?? Not in a bad way really… just a bit… out of place. I didn’t feel the parts where I’m supposed to be hit in the feels. Most of that might be because I didn’t connect to the characters and the story was a bit… meh?? I mean, the story as a whole I didn’t mind so much, but the way it was executed felt a little jarring to me? Especially some of the chapter ends?? Some end in really weird places and then the next chapter jumps hours ahead in time or even to the next day and I didn’t feel like that scene that just ended abruptly was done yet?? Again, this might be a personal thing. This is my opinion after all.

Also, and this is not really a bad thing, but at times I felt like I was reading a book version of one of those Disney Channel Original movies. I enjoy those, just so you know. But in book form, it just makes me feel too old?? I’m weird, I know.

Another big thing for me was the main character, Willa. I just didn’t connect to her at all. Which makes me sad. She just made stupid choices and her romance(s??) felt all over the place and I don’t even know who she was by the end of it all. Needless to say I did not get the romance with Grady or Joss or whoever at all. Like, I really have no idea anymore. Also certain things happened and they were NOT okay, at least not for me, and it felt SO unrealistic how Willa shrugged it off and I just did not compute. I didn’t have a character of which I can say they stood out in a positive way. They were all… meh. Not very memorable to me.

THOUGH not everything is doom and gloom people. I did love how sex-positive this book is. I love it when a YA book isn’t afraid to go there. Because it IS a thing teens can relate to. So YAY for that. I also loved Willa’s loving parents. I recently talked on the blog about how I feel books need more awesome parents and this book had that so, hurray! That makes me so happy. I also liked that Willa had nice female friends. That also doesn’t occur enough in my opinion.

Overall I hesitantly say that this book is probably just not for me, but someone who relates more to the things in this book might enjoy it a lot more. I do say MIGHT because I can’t garantuee anyone they’ll enjoy any book. Sadly my opinion of this one isn’t that positive, but I do encourage you to give it a try and form your own opinion.


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2 responses to “Bee Reviews CHASING DAYS by Deirdre Riordan Hall // It’s Not You, It’s Me… I Think

  1. It’s such a bummer that you didn’t really like this one – I hadn’t heard of it before now, but this sounded like it had such promise to be a great read! However, as you pointed out, it can be a big annoyance if you aren’t able to connect with the main characters in the book (or even like them at all), and it can really ruin a book.

    I hope your next book is a better read!

  2. Nathan

    Sorry you didn’t connect to this book. I finally finished Alice Hartley’s Happiness and found it had no characters I could root for. Not one role model. A few who needed a role model, yes, but they all made bad chooses that in the end I could not like. I believe a feminist book can be good, but not that one. It did not work for me, and some books are like that. The genera is good, but for one reason or the other that book in question doesn’t work, and this is sad. I also do like it when authors push boundaries to tackle issues. I hope your next book is better.

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