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It’s time for another somewhat personal post so if you’re not into those, that’s okay! You can just go read another post instead! But to those of you who are interested, I’m going to talk to you about a special event that happened to me last week. I have a lot to say and show so let’s get this thing on the road!

March is the month where something really important happened in my life. I moved in with my boyfriend. Considering my horrible past experiences with this, it’s a really big step on my part. I took a leap into the unknown and set aside my fears so I could live with the guy I love. Okay, it helps that I’m pregnant, but still. It was a huge, terrifying step to take, leaving my parents’ house again. This time it’s different though. Because when I left last time, it didn’t feel right. The place I ended up at wasn’t my home and it would never be home. My ex-boyfriend made sure of that. It was always his home. I was merely a guest. Not even that. I was the maid.

But not this time. This is my home. It feels like my home. HE feels like home to me. I belong with him. It feels 100% right. I love the way it looks and am looking forward to spending the coming years here with him. He makes me feel like we’re equal in this relationship. He makes sure I know how much I mean to him and how much he loves me. He makes sure I know this is OUR place and that I feel 100% at ease in it. So it can be my safe place in this huge, scary world. So it’s my quiet place. And that alone is SO different from before.

Honestly, this is everything I ever dreamed of. Which is probably why it’s so terrifying. But in a good way, this time.

So let me tell you about our first night together. (NO NOT LIKE THAT TSSS what is wrong with you honestly…)

The original plan was to move in on the 20th. Mom would go shopping for us since I couldn’t join her due to work and she’d make sure the last of our stuff was moved to our apartment since it’s ridiculously close to hers. (No kidding, she lives in the same building, just a different entrance. It’s the mirror image of our apartment so moving was so easy it’s almost stupid.) And then after my boyfriend and I got back from the special 20-week echo, we’d go straight to our new home and have dinner together. But we were ready earlier than planned and I hoped we could stay a day earlier, on Monday. Mom said to wait one more night because we didn’t have the necessary groceries in the house yet and she didn’t have time to go shopping already. So I was left disappointed.

And she knew. And my boyfriend knew. So they planned to surprise me behind my back. We had already arranged to go have dinner at his parents’ place after work so mom could pick us up there and we could bring over the TV and his playstations. When we got home to deliver those things, I found a vase with beautiful flowers in it on the counter, with a welcome home card and bread next to it. I quickly scanned the apartment, the cupboards, everything and found everything already in place. They had done everything already. So we could start our life that evening instead of the day after.

I was nearly in tears, guys. IN TEARS. Happy tears though, no worries.

So by then it was already almost 10pm and after we set up the TV and the playstations, we went to bed. To our big, two-person, very grown-up bed. The first time we would be sleeping in one of those together instead of a one-person bed and a tiny foldable bed. To probably nobody’s surprise, we ended up just cuddling for a while – tired after a whole day’s work – and eventually fell asleep in each other’s arms. In our bed. In our home.

It was perfect and I’m in love with my new home. It’s everything I could’ve asked for and never dared to dream of. My heart is exploding with love and happiness and I don’t know how to deal with it properly to be honest. It’s SO new to me. But I guess that’s a good thing. Now I can enjoy the quiet before our daughter is born and disrupts the peace!


I’m going to show the two most important rooms to you guys. Because nobody is interested in the bathroom, toilet, hallway and storage room. If you are, please let me know and I will provide pictures of my toilet if you so desire. Also, I will show Emma’s future room when it’s finished in a later post!

The living room & kitchen

Obviously this is the biggest room we have and it’s where I hold my greatest treasure: my books. The bookcases are going to be replaced by simple black ones so they fit with the rest because these ones are OLD and crooked but they’ll do for now. Obviously some things still need to be done. My boyfriend’s books will join mine soon and there are still some of his things left to unpack, but it’s mostly done new. And the blanket on the floor was for building one of the cupboards. It’s not a carpet. Just FYI. Hurray for IKEA cardboard boxes, right?

The bedroom

Look at that big beautiful bed between all the book posters and stuffed animals! (Ssshhh obviously the posters still need to be hung up but you can picture it already, right?) This room is mostly done, save for some things still left to unpack.


That’s it! A huge thank you if you read all of this and are still here about to comment on my perfect home and then you can tell me about the last important thing that happened in YOUR life!


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