About Rachel

My 2016 Reading Challenges!

983931~ I live in Australia but I really, really hate the hot weather. Yes, that stereotype about Australia is right.

~ I love reading (surprising, right?) and always have. There wasn’t a particular series that “got me reading” or anything. I honestly cannot remember a time when I wasn’t reading.

~ The world’s fussiest eater is a title I ashamedly hold. No, really. I almost literally live on a diet of apples, coffee, pasta, veggies and chocolate. And I am a vegetarian

~ I can barely walk outside without burning my skin off. Did I mention I am extremely pale?

~ Marvel movies are my favourite. I love X-Men: First Class and Thor: The Dark World especially, but nothing trumps Captain America, Captain America is my life. Stucky is my OTP and I will go down with that ship like I am Leonardo DiCaprio on the Titanic. Honest to God.

~ My weakness are: cute redheads, hot chocolate, rom com movies, Captain America, good-smelling books, best friend romances, vanilla candles, Stucky, Bucky Barnes, Marvel movies, Captain America and Sebastian Stan.

~ I am only 5ft2.

~ Crime shows (especially Bones) are one of my biggest guilty pleasures. But mention Elementary, Big Bang Theory, Friends, Castle, NCIS: LA, Ghost Whisperer, (… etc.) and I’ll come running.

~ My book boyfriends consist of: Will Herondale, Cole St Clair, Aubrey Fitzwilliam, and Dimitri Belikov.

~ I am a certified Pinterest addict. I literally spends hours on it… it’s not good.

~ I play piano and clarinet. I am not musically inclined in the least though, so if I am playing either of them, I’d suggest you run if you value your eardrums…

~ I am a proud feminist and equal rights advocate. If you are sexist, racist, homophobic or in anyway belittling, rude and/or intolerant,  I refuse to have you in my life. Sorry, but I have don’t the time or patience for people like that.