About Effie


~ Currently 26-years-old.

~ I was born on Friday the 13th, which according to ancient superstition makes me a bonafide Witch! Beware of my Spells and Curses!!! *cackles*

~ I am completely in love with books (no duh), which means I read … a lot.

~ As shocking as it might be, I am also a very passionate Nintendo 3DS Pokémon Shiny Hunter. (Basically I just play the game, walk around and try to find Pokémon that sparkle. YES, SPARKLES!)

~ I am a Lifetime Member of Star Stable. Because horses are my favourite animals and this way I can still ride horses (even if it’s only in the virtual world now).

~ I am asexual, and yes people, we do exist.

~ I work full-time as a train conductor for the Belgian NMBS company.

~ I am severely allergic to pain. Can’t stand it, don’t like it and avoid it at all costs. Seriously, I’m such a baby when it comes to pain. It’s the biggest reason why I don’t have any piercings or tattoos. (even though I would LOVE a tattoo)

~ Anime is also one of my things. I love, love, love, love anime. My favourite animes of all time are : Naruto, Naruto Shippuuden, Seven Deadly Sins, Vampire Knight, D.N.Angel, Fairy Tail and the original Gundam Wings.

~ I go coco bananas for food. Feed me good food and you have a friend for life. Though I admit I’m a bit picky about food. Just for the record: good meat and sugar DO NOT MIX in my book. NO matter what my American friends say. 😛

~ I used to HATE eating cooked, boiled or steamed veggies. Now I’m slowly but surely learning to eat them again. Slooooooowly…

~ My best friend in the whole wide world, who loves me just for being the nutcase that I am, is also one of the owners of this blog. Yes, I am talking about you, Bee.

~ I have a big weakness for movies. Especially for Marvel  and Disney live-action movies. In fact anything Disney is LIFE!

~ Don’t have any particular taste in music. I listen to about everything, except Shlager and full-on rap songs.

~ My current favourite song is Dear Future Husband by Meghan Trainor.

~ When it comes to my taste in books, I prefer to read Young Adult and New Adult fantasy books. I adore Fantasy books especially, don’t care what it is about, as long as it’s fantasy I’ll give it a try!

~ I have almost zero interest in most things female, like doing my hair, make-up and/or fashion dress-up. The closest I’ll get to dress-up and make-up is when I cosplay or see a Disney princess dress.

~ Almost forgot, I also write my own stories in my free time. I used to have a contract with a small publishing house in the Netherlands, but certain things happened and now I’m very leery of publishing houses of any kind.